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China is thus becoming a world superpower of technology

China is thus becoming a world superpower of technology

What would it be like to add points to your account when you do good deeds and decrease points when you do bad deeds? Points are added when paying your taxes and arrears on time and the practice of decreasing points when entering a restricted area or crossing a lane on the road is being practiced in our neighboring country China.

This is called the social score there. In China, it is managed by machines. These machines are an interesting and controversial example of artificial intelligence.

In China, the machine is rating people's behavior. If the temperament is good, the government will provide facilities and if it is bad, it will punish. Looking at this practice of China, it is certain that China will soon become a superpower of artificial intelligence in the coming days.

However, the competition between the United States and China to become a superpower is an ongoing issue. But the main path taken by China in its journey to become a superpower is technology. For this, not only in the field of artificial intelligence, but also in the field of voice recognition, facial recognition, big data and robotics, China is at the forefront in the world.

For example, China has built its own indigenous aircraft. He has also built a bullet train running at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour. The model of which has already been prepared for export.

Companies like Apple, General Motors (GM), Toyota, Volkswagen are opening their industries in China. They are also operating a research center.

In China, all this is happening under Made in China 2025. In 2015, the Chinese government set a 10-year target. The aim is to make China a superpower in industry and technology within ten years.

China has made it clear that it wants to change its image by exporting cheap clothes, shoes and toys. For this, China is investing heavily and putting pressure on foreign companies to transfer technology directly or indirectly.

How is this possible? In fact, there is a binding rule that any foreign company entering into the Chinese market must form an alliance with a local company. In addition, China buys ownership of foreign companies as part of its strategy.

For example, you may have heard of the Mercedes Benz. The Chinese company Gili is the largest shareholder of the German car maker Dambler. In addition, there are many legal entities in China that force foreign technology companies to stay permanently in China.

For example, Apple is preparing to open the first data storage center in China in collaboration with a local company. For which he has to follow all the rules of the Chinese government. From this all the information of the company is obtained by the Chinese government.

China is placing special emphasis on artificial intelligence. He is also increasing his artificial intelligence in the army. Wars and weapons can be controlled from a distance with the help of artificial intelligence. China is also developing AI-based missiles. Which can automatically detect the target and work on its own without human assistance.

There are many such companies working in AI in Shenzhen, China. Some of them are also working to make the health sector more modern. According to the Chinese media Xinhua, China has been developing software based on the central algorithm since 2007, which will be able to make decisions with great speed and accuracy during wartime.

Look at the drone technician. The United States has refused to give its drone technology to any country. But China has announced the exact opposite, rushing to export its drone technology to other countries. China plans to supply military technology to countries not close to the United States.

China is now the world's largest drone exporter. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, China has sold its drones to Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Burma.

After all, how is all this possible for China? The answer is simple. Chinese startups get tax breaks, government contracts and office space. The Chinese government is working with big companies. Like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent.

Similarly, China has become the largest market for artificial intelligence startups. China also has the advantage of data and cheaper labor.

Another thing is that China is an important supply chain in the world. All materials are made in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The chip inside the mobile you have in your hand is made in China. Here the materials are assembled. China has access to technology around the world.

China does not consider exploration important to gain technological power. He focuses on the use and accessibility of technology wherever it may be. Recently, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps for data security reasons.

China has come a long way in the cyber challenge game. Even countries like the United States have accused China of plagiarism and taken action against such companies.

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