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15 billion usernames and passwords leaked, didn't you?

15 billion usernames and passwords leaked, didn't you?

Agency. More than 15 billion account usernames and passwords have been leaked online, according to security company researchers. The researchers said that passwords and usernames were leaked from network administrators 'accounts to bank accounts and streaming services' accounts.

Digital Shadow's cyber security researchers spent 18 months studying and analyzing how hackers gain access to accounts and steal account details.

All those usernames and passwords are for sale in the underground forum. A report released by the Digital Shadow Photon Research Team on Wednesday states that more than 100,000 data theft cases have been detected over a two-year period. Credential (username and password) theft has increased by 300 percent during the period.

Most of these credentials belong to consumers of various services. Those credentials are currently selling for an average of. 15.43 on the forum. Some are said to be being distributed free of charge by hackers.

Investigations have shown that the hackers got their hands through credential phishing, credential stealing malware and credit card scammers.

The report also states that users do not know when the credentials are stolen. Such hacked credentials were shared many times. Even though many credentials have been duplicated, there are still five billion real accounts for sale in the underground.

The most expensive of the credentials for sale are administrators. Such credentials can also give access to systems within the organization. The value of such credentials is one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. The average value of these credentials is, 3,139.

Bank login credential theft is now being sold at the most expensive price in the accounts of such service recipients. These credentials are currently on sale for 70.91. From such bank login credentials, hackers can also access the victim's bank account. Using it, hackers can also take credit cards, loans and other financial packages.

The value of hack accounts of similar antivirus programs is placed second. It is currently priced at २१ 21.67, which is less than the statutory annual subscription.

Media streaming services, VPNs, file sharing accounts and social media credentials are now selling for $10. Researchers have pointed out that the main reason behind the leak of credentials of all these accounts is the use of weak passwords.

One of the best ways to keep your online account secure is to have unique and unique passwords for all accounts. A password manager can help you with this.

Similarly, multi-factor authentication is another good solution. You may receive alerts while using it if someone tries to log in to your account using your password.

But with 15 billion account credentials out there, your chances of being hacked are high. If you have any doubts, it would be wise to change your password once.

Password Manager in Firefox Browser, thus protect your privacy

 Mozilla recently unveiled the Firefox lockbox. Which was accessed in Firefox's password manager.

However, due to the fact that saved passwords can be viewed, new passwords can be added or old passwords cannot be edited, it was not fully viewed as a password manager.

This effort laid the groundwork for Mozilla Firefox's full password manager. Firefox Lockwise Password Manager is now available.

In Firefox Lockwise, you can create a new password as well as edit and delete it. You will also be able to see your password. But to copy, you have to use manual method.

Firefox lockwise does not include password generators. Due to which, when you have a new password, you have to create a unique and strong password yourself.

Firefox Lockwise's mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. But those versions cannot have a new password. In which only the password can be seen.

How to use Firefox lockwise?

Firefox Lockwise has been made public with version 70 of the Firefox browser. If you are using version 70 before Firefox, upgrade your browser first.

After upgrading to the new version, you need to log in to your Firefox account. To do this, click on the menu button in the upper right corner and go to Sign in to Firefox.

Create access to Firefox lockwise from the Firefox menu

After logging in, Firefox synchronizes all data, including your password. It won't take that long. When this process is complete, click on the menu button again and click on Login and Password.

You can open a new tab and type in login in the address bar. This way you can access Firefox lockwise from anywhere.

Once Firefox Lockway opens, you can search for any password by typing the name or username of the site or service.

Searching for passwords in Firefox

How to make a new entry in Lockwise?

Click the Create New Login button to enter the new password in Firefox Lockwise. Then type the URL, username and password you want to put in the next window and save.

Make a new entry in Firefox Lockwise

After making a new entry, it will be synchronized with your Firefox account. It is readily available in Lockheed Firefox.

How to enter master password?

 No one lets your browser save passwords. Why Because doing so is unsafe. If you find it difficult to keep a password every time you visit the site, then Firefox browser can be a fast option.

Which includes a feature to secure such logins. The master password in it keeps your website locked. Which only opens after you enter the master password. Without such a master password, Firefox refuses to access the login saved in the browser.

This is the simplest and most effective way to keep your browser safe by logging in and saving credentials. But, how do you set the master password? In fact, it is very simple. Let's see for a moment!

The first thing you need to do is open Firefox. Now click on the menu button. Click on Preferences from the menu button. Click on Privacy and Security.

After doing so, a new window opens. Click the checkbox to use the master password. Prompt by verifying your new master password. Make this password very strong.

Even better if you create a master password using the password manager. Which you can't even remember. Now close and re-open Firefox.

If you open Firefox now, you will be asked for a master password to access any details used on any service or site. Sometimes a prompt to ask for a master password may not appear immediately.

In this case, you have to wait a while. Even if the pop-up does not appear immediately, none of your other passwords will be available until you enter the master password.

Now remember, how effective is the Firefox Master Password? If you are sensitive and concerned about your security but do not want to type your username and password every time, then you must use this master password feature.

If you do not have a master password, anyone with access to your Firefox web browser can view your password.

Here are 6 secure password management options

Sometimes passwords can be a real pain. Here are some tips and tricks to keep our account secure, including complex and unique passwords with numbers and characters. But our brains can't usually remember all such passwords. So what is the solution?

Here we are going to suggest you some secure and universally accepted password managers for solutions with options. Of course, there are other good password managers. However, here is a list of the best password managers available to stay safe in the Internet world.

LastPass (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome)
LastPass is a fun password manager. Which is available free of cost with premium features. Once the master password is set, LastPass allows you to import saved login credentials - usernames and passwords from Firefox to Chrome, Edge, Opera and Safari.

This can save you the hassle of having to remember your password by deleting the information on your computer. Other free features at LastPass include two-factor authentication, credit monitoring and auto-fill features to facilitate online shopping from multiple identities.

It also stores your encrypted information on your cloud server so that you can easily use LastPass on any computer other than your PC. LastPass also works as a password generator to create unique passwords.

While LastPass is a topic of choice for many because of its features and interface, we also need to remember that at some point in the past, it even faced security sensitivities.

Dasslin (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Dassel is comfortable and simple. Empowered by two-factor authentication. With the help of this, many passwords can be organized in one place in just a few clicks. If there is a problem with your account, it will send an encrypted password to the emergency contact.

The software also lets you store passwords locally encrypted, meaning it automatically syncs passwords to your devices. Dassel is also a digital wallet. From which you can even buy online from various vendors.

However, that facility is not yet available in Nepal. You can also set the app to automatically reset your password if the site where your account is hacked. Although Dassel is free, there is a fixed annual fee for the commercial version.

1 password (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

Another very famous and reliable password manager is 1 password. The Watchtower is designed to provide users with a strong password generator feature as well as username and password storage (including secure sharing), as well as direct information on website thefts.

In this software's digital wallet you can securely login and save credit card information in the form of sticky notes and network passwords. Even the developers are convinced that it is safe. They even announced a 100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Ekta.

With one purchase you will have the facility to sync locally. However, you can also use the software to sync your computer with your Dropbox, iCloud and other methods. But the biggest problem is that there is no free version.

If you want to use it, you must be willing to pay a fee of  3 per month. However, there is an option to use one password with limited syncing option as a one-time purchase.

Keeper Security Password Manager (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Keeper Security has been providing password solutions at the enterprise, business, family and personal levels. Which is establishing it as the largest password manager to date.

It uses two-factor authentication and allows you to securely store your information. Keeper has a number of practical features that have garnered rave reviews from individual users.

One is version history - it can restore even the initial version of your record if needed in case of any problems. In addition, you can access your password through five different contacts as emergency access.

Keeper has been offering data storage with more flexibility compared to some other password managers. Accordingly, in the app, you can store passport information, driving license number and other important records in the custom field.

Sticky password (Windows, Apple, Android, iOS)

Sticky Password is a free password manager developed by AVG Antivirus developers, the premium version of which includes additional cloud features. It generates strong passwords as well as easy-to-navigate AES-256 encryption, especially for mobile devices.

Sticky Desktop (limited to somewhat limited to mobile) to accommodate a wide variety of Pal Moon, Yandex and Sea Monkey browsers.

Is It also has the option of cloud encrypted syncing to protect sensitive data on wireless connections. Sticky supports both Face ID and Fingerprint for login passwords.

Intel's True Key
True Key focuses on biometrics as an alternative to master passwords. It emphasizes face and fingerprint instead of password for sign in. Like other great password managers, this app provides new passwords when logging in to a new account and protects your information.

This software automatically helps you by signing out and even resetting the old master password. Both of these features can be adjusted to suit your needs. It also has the option to store information including addresses, credit cards, membership, license numbers.

Problems with apps crashing on iPad and iPhone

Agency. Now there is a problem with the app crashing on Apple iOS devices. There have been widespread complaints from iPhone and iPad users.

Various popular apps and services like Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder, Wedge and Draft Kings are starting to crash. Similarly, the mobile game Marvel: Contest of Champion has also been affected by this kind of problem.

A similar problem has been seen in the Facebook login. The Facebook developer site said in a post that the company was aware of the problem of app crashes due to a growing error in iOS SDK and was also conducting research.

But this has not affected the Android version of the app. One of the best ways to avoid this is to use a VPN on your smartphone.

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