Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hamro keyboard is bringing a feature that is automatically written in Nepali letters

Hamro Keyboard is bringing a feature that is automatically written in Nepali letters

The popular Nepali app is going to bring a new feature to automatically write what is said in our calendar. Intending to make Nepali language writing more comfortable and effective, our calendar is going to bring such a feature in our keyboard app.

Managing Director of the company Santosh Devkota said that an internal test of the feature is underway. "We are working to make it public in the next decade," he said. Google's voice typing API is being customized on our keyboard. '

According to Devkota, it can work 60 to 80 percent purely. This feature is being added to our keyboards especially with the aim of not requiring additional keyboards for voice typing.

Devkota understands that Google's voice typing has not been as effective as other languages ​​due to the lack of community support for the Nepali language. "We've missed out on community support," he said. "It's not much different from Google's feature, but we're customizing it in our own way and bringing it to our keyboard."

Although Google's voice typing will support dozens of languages ​​including English, Nepali, Hindi, our keyboard will only focus on the Nepali language. "If there is no problem, we are thinking of keeping English as the default," said managing director Devkota.

Ncell's new easy SIM, data bonus on balance expenses

Private mobile service provider Ncell Private Limited has brought an attractive new starter pack 'New Easy SIM' under its new theme 'Plus'. Customers who get this SIM will get data on bonuses on the first recharge and every Rs 100 balance cost.

The company has stated that new customers can get this SIM for only Rs 99 including tax. Under this scheme, you will get bonus data for one year from the first recharge with the SIM.

With this new SIM, customers will initially get Rs 20 main balance, 200 MB data, and 20 minutes on-net talk time. Thus, the data and talk time received as a bundle with the SIM will be valid for seven days.

The main feature of this new SIM is the additional bundle of services and facilities available with the SIM. Customers will get 500 MB of data (250 MB All Time All Network and 250 MB Forge Data) as a bonus on the first recharge of Rs 100 or more by midnight the day after taking the SIM. The validity of this data is five days.

Also, customers will get a bonus of 200 MB of data (100 MB of all time all network and 100 MB of Forge data) bonus for the first year when they spend the main balance of Rs 100 each. For example, if customers who get this SIM spend Rs 100 on voice, data, or SMS services, they will get 200 MB of bonus data.

The bonus data will be valid for three days, Ncell said. Ncell's Chief Commercial Officer Pradip Srivastava said the new pack was launched for all mobile data users in line with the company's commitment to providing customers with an excellent data service experience and its benefits.

Under the new theme 'Plus', Ncell has started offering attractive 'Nonstop YouTube Plus' offers for its Forge customers, 'Endless Chat Plus' for those who need more voice services, as well as booking of 'Wire-Free Plus WiFi' service.

The company believes that the 'Plus' theme will ensure customers access the service at any moment, with innovative and specialized services.

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