Sunday, July 12, 2020

Ncell has started pre-booking of Wirefree Plus WiFi

Ncell has started pre-booking of Wirefree Plus WiFi

Consumers in Nepal will soon be able to experience quality wireless internet and WiFi connectivity without any hassle with attractive bundled service. Ncell Private Limited has announced that it has started booking for Wirefree Plus WiFi service under its new theme 'Plus'.

Ncell has stated that for the first time in Nepal, it is going to bring quality and reliable wirefree plus WiFi service suitable for both domestic and business purposes based on the latest technology. Customers interested in availing this service can book at Prabhu Pay, Prabhu Kiosk and the nearest Prabhu Remit counter.

The main feature of WireFree Plus WiFi service is the attractive bundling of various services. Under the bundling service, customers will be able to take advantage of 2 SIM cards, 5 GB data in each SIM, 425 minutes talk time and mobile content within the Ncell network, music in Hungama, expensive music and other expensive content. The company is taking pre-bookings in three groups - Gold, Platinum and Diamond - bundled with wireless WiFi devices, SIM cards and big data volumes. Customers can avail packages of 30 days, 90 days, 210 days or 420 days under any group as per their requirement. The package fee starts from Rs. 799 (excluding tax) valid for 30 days.

Depending on the time limit of the package, the customer has to pay a one-time customer fee of Rs.500, Rs.2,500 or Rs.3,500. Customers are exempted from this fee for packages with a time limit of 420 days. According to the customer acceptance package, the services available under these packages will be received every 30 days on a cycle. Unused or remaining services within 30 days will not be added in the next 30 days.

Enthusiastic about the Wire Free Plus WiFi service, Ncell's Chief Commercial Officer Pradip Srivastava said, "Our aim has always been to keep our customers satisfied by providing the best service and facilities as per their requirements." We want to ensure that customers get a better service experience through the connectivity solutions we provide. This WireFree Plus WiFi will give customers a new experience of wireless data connectivity. We believe this service will connect more people to the Internet and connect them with the opportunities that connectivity brings. ”

Initially, the service will be available in more than 40 districts of the country from Kanchanpur, Baitadi, Dadeldhura in the far west to Morang, Sunsari and Dhankuta in the east. Under the special scheme, these pre-bookings are brought for a limited period only. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, customer service will provide customers with a new Internet service experience.

Under its new theme 'Plus', Ncell has launched an attractive 'Nonstop YouTube' offer for its Forge customers. The 'Plus' theme aims to ensure that customers have access to the service wherever they are, with innovative and specialized services. If the commercial flight resumes, Ncell will resume the service from the third week of Shravan.

Microsoft's new feature, which allows up to 1,000 people to make video calls at once

With the collapse of the Corona epidemic, the popularity and demand of video calling apps and platforms is increasing in the world.

While the video calling app Zoom is gaining historical popularity, Google and Microsoft are trying to compete with it.

Microsoft has added some new features to its video conferencing software Microsoft Teams. With the new feature, Microsoft Teams will now be able to connect up to 1,000 people simultaneously to video conferencing.

The new features of Microsoft Teams are:

Together Mode - This feature allows the user to know which person is speaking when making group video calls with multiple people. As soon as you see the speaker on the screen, it will be easier to listen to his thoughts and communicate effectively.

Video Filters - This is similar to the filters in Instagram and Snapchat. Before starting a video call, the user will be able to choose their favorite filter which will make the lighting level and look of the user's screen attractive.

Live Reactions - This feature is an emoji received during video calling. With emojis, users will now be able to express their feelings during video calling.

Chat Bubbles - This is a feature similar to that found in Facebook Messenger. With the advent of this feature, you will no longer need to go back to the chat screen to view any new messages during video calling.

In addition, the most important feature added to Microsoft Teams is the ability to make up to 1,000 video calls at a time. Not only this, if you want to do video conferencing on a large scale, you can connect 20,000 people at once through the View Only feature. Agency

This is the most expensive memory drive in the world: capacity 100 TB, price 40 thousand dollars

American data storage company Nimbus Data has launched the world's most expensive storage drive.

The 100 terabyte storage capacity solid state drive (SSD) is priced at 40,000 US dollars.

Nimbus Data, which holds the world record for being the largest manufacturer of solid-state drives, has now made the price of the drive public.

The name of the memory storage drive is Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC100 SSD. It also has end-to-end data protection technology, so the stored data will be safe.

According to the company, the storage drive is specially designed for industrial and military purposes. The company claims that it has maximum reliability, high density and minimum energy consumption. The drive is said to have applications such as cloud storage, big data, digital imaging, artificial intelligence and technical computing. Agency

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