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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Nepali youth discovered Instagram's 'bug'

A 21-year-old Nepali youth discovered Instagram's 'bug' and won a $ 6,000 prize

Cyber ​​security researcher Saugat Pokharel has discovered a bug (security vulnerability) on Instagram. The 21-year-old discovered on Instagram that the user's deleted photo and direct message had long been on the company's server.

According to Europe's new data policy, in 2018, Instagram provided users with the facility to download their data. Taking advantage of the facility, Saugat downloaded his data. The downloaded data also included a photo he had deleted a year earlier and a direct message.

According to Instagram's policy, if a user deletes a photo or direct message, the deleted message and photo must be removed within 90 days. This means that the company's servers do not have such data.

However, in the data downloaded by Saugat, a photo older than 90 days is still on the server and that photo was also downloaded.

"The data that I deleted a long time ago has not been deleted by Instagram from its servers," he told TechCrunch. The bug was fixed last month. '

"Investigators have long reported that even deleted data stays on the server and that the information is downloaded when the data is downloaded," an Instagram spokesperson said. "The problem has now been resolved." There is no misuse of such data. '

Following the discovery of the bug, Instagram offered a reward of 6,000 US dollars, or 720,000 Nepali rupees.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Instagram to beat Twitter as news source

Instagram to beat Twitter as news source

Instagram, a social networking site that doubled the number of users who saw themselves as a means of receiving news in the past year, is on track to overtake Twitter as a news source, according to research.

The Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020 shows that the trend of using Instagram for news has doubled since 2018. It is even stronger among the youth. According to the study, around a quarter of people in the UK between the ages of 18 and 24 used Instagram as a source of news to learn about the corona virus.

But social media has also been found to be one of the least trusted news sources. Only 26 percent said they believed the news about the corona virus being shared on social media. The same average belief was expressed in the news shared through Facebook Messenger and other chat apps.

59 percent trust both the national government and the news agency. More than a third of those surveyed are using Instagram, and two-thirds of them are now under 25.
Similarly, 11 percent use Instagram for news, which is one point less than Twitter.

"Instagram is becoming more and more popular among young people," said Nick Newman, lead author of the study.

Climate change, the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, and the coronavirus have been the subject of much-talked-about news in recent months.
Instagram is owned by social networking company Facebook. WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook.

The survey, conducted in 40 countries, also looked at the credibility of news and news organizations. Only 38 percent said they believe the news in most cases. Less than half of those surveyed, or 46 percent, said they believed in the news source they liked.
After the Kovid-19 epidemic, the credibility of news organizations increased to 59 percent.

A Reuters study showed a significant expansion of Instagram as a news source, suggesting that Facebook's decision to buy the network was one of the most lucrative in history. Newman, the study's author, said that between April and May, the number dropped by 11 points, despite more confidence in the media and the government than ever before.

Although not formally part of the study, recent surveys have shown that the "moment of national unity" is over. In addition to analyzing credibility, the study also discusses the "silent majority" who say they view "neutral" news.

Since 2013, the report's authors have stopped asking this question because of a growing tendency to express opinions and to be open-minded in news writing. In the nine countries studied, participants said they would like to hear news from a 'no-brainer' news source.

Such views were most strongly expressed in Germany, Japan, the UK and Denmark. These countries have strong and independent public broadcasters, the report said.

Instagram's camera is suspected to have been hijacked due to a bug

Instagram's camera is suspected to have been hijacked due to a bug

 Users have complained of unnatural activity on the Instagram app in the beta mode of iOS 14. Even while scrolling through the feed without taking photos and videos, there are complaints that the green indicator of the camera is visible on Instagram.

A spokesman for Instagram said the situation was caused by a bug and that the company had fixed it. Access to the camera can be obtained from Instagram's Create Mode feature. When you get access like this, the camera indicator turns on. That is why the problem may have arisen.

Such an error can be seen by running the app's camera by swiping from the feed. ‘We only have access to your camera if you allow it. For example, when you swipe from feed to camera, we get access.

Due to the bug in the iOS 14 beta, the user was afraid that his camera would be hijacked even if he did not use it. We've repaired it now, "he said." We haven't used your camera and we haven't recorded any content. "

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The 'Read Letter' feature is coming to the desktop version of the Chrome browser

Popular web browser Chrome is targeting desktop users to save any content and is preparing to bring a read letter feature at their convenience. Chrome is about to add a new menu on the desktop so that you can save any tab and read it later.

According to a report released by the bug tracker 'Chromium Gerrit', this feature can be used on Chrome operating system as well as Mac OS, Windows and Linux operating systems. The feature, which was unveiled to iOS users three years ago, is still in its infancy, Gerrit said.

It is said that there will be no change in the user interface of this feature which is being tested. If you are wondering when to use this type of feature on Android, there is good news for you. You can even use this download feature to recreate functionality.

Click the three dot menu at the top right of Chrome and click the download icon in it. To view saved pages, go to your Downloads section and view the saved websites.

Theoretically you can also go to the download route to save the page on the desktop but it downloads the website as an HTML file. So this is not a suitable solution for Android.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Instagram's 'Tiktok' coming

Instagram's 'Tiktok' coming

The rising popularity of video-sharing app Tiktok has attracted the world's leading technology companies. Following the controversial Chinese app Tiktak, the popular photo-sharing app Instagram is bringing its own 'Tiktak'.

Announcing this on Friday, Tiktok revealed that it is preparing to launch its video-sharing feature. The name of the video-sharing service of Instagram will be 'Reels'.

Reels will be launched in the United States and 50 other countries in August. Remember, Instagram has started testing reels in India since last week. Given India's ban on tickets, Instagram sees the launch of Reels in India as a test.

A Facebook spokesperson said: "We are always looking for what people want and are constantly innovating to improve the user experience. Platforms like Snap, Ticket, and others were created keeping in mind the desires of the people. But we can do that in a new way through Instagram than on those platforms and address the demands of our community. '

In Instagram's video sharing feature reels, users will be able to record, edit 15-second videos, add their favorite music and audio, and upload them to Stories and Instagram's Explore feature.

Instagram and its parent company Facebook are ahead in learning the various features of other apps. In 2016, Facebook and Instagram launched the Stories feature, which allows users to share their lost content within 24 hours.

This feature became very popular on Instagram and within 8 months, the number of users of the Instagram Stories feature surpassed the number of Snapchat users. That number doubled in 2018.

Instagram is not alone in learning about Tiktak's growing popularity. Even YouTube is making its own tick, named Shirts. YouTube shirts will be made public by the end of 2020.


The screen sharing feature on Facebook Messenger, now you can see your friend's mobile screen

Millions of people use the social media site Facebook's messenger service every day. In April, the number of monthly active users of Facebook was 2.6 billion. Facebook is constantly bringing new updates for the users. And, recently, Facebook has added an important feature to its messenger app. The screen sharing feature has now been added to Facebook Messenger.

According to Facebook, the Messenger app will have screen sharing options for Android and iOS users. Until now, this feature was only available in the web version of Messenger, which has now been rolled out to the app version.

According to Facebook, this feature will also be available in Facebook's video conferencing service 'Messenger Rooms'. It is expected that Messenger Rooms will be able to compete with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the increasing use of virtual meetings, including video conferencing, has become a necessity for screen sharing features on such digital platforms. From sharing an official presentation, screen sharing is also required for teachers during a video or virtual reading. With the help of the new feature, users will now be able to share their phone screen with anyone in Messenger. This feature will be available to all users with new updates.

This new feature in the Messenger app can be used for one-to-one video calls as well as group video calling of up to eight people. For this, the user has to login to the Messenger app and open the app and make a video call to someone. As soon as the call is added, an option called Share Your Screen will appear in the tab at the bottom of the screen. After tapping on it, the Messenger user connected to the video call will see the screen of your smartphone.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

End-to-end encryption for those who use Zoom for free - 2020

End-to-end encryption for those who use Zoom for free

Agency. All users of the video conferencing software Zoom, which became popular during the Coronavirus era, now have access to end-to-end encryption. On Wednesday, Zoom announced that it would offer this feature to all users using the beta version from next month.

Zoom says it will make the feature available to both free and paid users. End-to-end encryption can be enabled and disabled by the organizer with the help of toggles during the meeting.

Earlier this month, the company said it would not provide end-to-end encryption to non-paying users, citing the risk of being used in illegal activities.

The company argued that strong encryption would make it difficult for police and other agencies involved in the investigation to access the data of free calls. Zoom has brought an end to the encryption feature after growing criticism over the security of the app.

A spokesman for the company said Zoom would not monitor meeting data and would not share information with other agencies, but would share information on incidents of child sexual abuse with investigative agencies.

Twitter lags behind Instagram in the news

The issue of which social network users trust the most is always on the agenda. There have been many studies on this subject.

Meanwhile, Reuters has released a 'digital news report' on which social media was mostly used as a news medium during the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the study, Instagram has overtaken Twitter. According to a study conducted in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Australia, and Brazil, the number of people using Instagram as a news medium has doubled compared to 2018.

The influence of Instagram is growing, especially among the youth. According to the study, three-quarters of 18- to 24-year-olds use Instagram as a news source.

According to the study, Facebook is number one in the list of social media used as a news medium. During this period, users relied heavily on Facebook as a news source.

Similarly, YouTube is in the second position, WhatsApp is in the third position and Facebook Messenger is in the fourth position. Instagram is at number five while Twitter is at number six. According to a 2018 study, Twitter preceded Instagram.

But studies have shown that the number of people who believe the news on social media is low. According to the study, only 26 Prasit believe the news on social media.

According to the study, government bodies and national news organizations are trusted more than social media as a news source. Fifty-nine of the participants in the study said they believed the information flowing from such organizations.