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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Why is it harmful to drink tea that has been boiled for a long time?

 Why is it harmful to drink tea that has been boiled for a long time?

Starting the day with a sip of sweet tea is a common practice in South Asian countries including Nepal and India. Drinking tea is very common in these countries. There are also different ways of making tea according to geography and climate. Every person makes tea according to his taste and enjoys it.

According to an article published in Navbharat Times, every house in India makes a lot of milk tea. The same applies to Nepal. Most people follow this one method of making tea, steeping the tea leaves in water and boiling them for a long time.

Many people think that if tea is boiled for a long time, its taste will be sweet. Some people also boil milk and tea leaves together. But many people do not know that boiling tea for a long time is harmful to health.

According to Indian nutritionist Shikha Aggarwal Sharma, there are many benefits of properly brewing tea. Drinking properly brewed tea helps to increase immunity, reduce weight, and control blood sugar levels. But since tea leaves contain caffeine, boiling them for a long time is harmful, says nutritionist Agarwal.

Risk of cancer

According to experts, tannins are abundant in tea. It is a group of polyphenolic biomolecules, which are found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, wine and tea. Tannin is a molecule that is abundant in tea and coffee. It binds together protein, cellulose, starch and minerals. As a result, the body becomes deficient in iron. Boiling tea for more than four minutes increases the amount of tannin, which inhibits iron absorption. In addition, if the tea is boiled too much, the nutrients in the tea will also decrease. Tea cooked in this way increases acidity in the body. If you drink too much of this tea, it also causes the risk of cancer.

Nutrients are low

Nutrients and minerals are found in tea leaves. It contains flavonoids, catechins, polyphenols, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium and fluoride. According to experts, boiling tea for a long time reduces the nutrients found in tea leaves and milk. Vitamin B12 and C found in it are also low.

Inhibits iron absorption

According to experts, if the tea is boiled for a long time, the tannin content in it is reduced. This element is found in some fruits, vegetables and nuts. Boiling tea for a long time will hinder the absorption of iron. Which can reduce the amount of blood in the body.

Stomach problems

Boiling tea leaves and milk for a long time destroys the protein found in milk. Because of this, due to problems in digesting milk, stomach ache, acidity problem, flatulence, gas filling may occur. After boiling the tea with milk for a long time, it will smell bitter even after drinking it.

Too much boiling of tea leaves and milk together is harmful

At high temperature, a chemical reaction takes place with milk's lactose protein. If you drink it in excess, it will produce harmful substances in the body. If these two are mixed and boiled for a long time, a substance called acrylamide can be formed in milk. It is high in carbohydrates. Acrylamide can also cause cancer.

So what is the right way to make tea?

According to experts, boiling tea leaves in high-temperature water for two minutes increases the amount of polyphenols found in them. Boiling more than this will make the quality of the tea worse.

There is no benefit to over-boiling, it makes the tea taste bitter. To increase the taste and benefits of tea, it is important to follow the right method of making tea.

The right way to make tea

– Boil a pan of water and again turn off the gas (any means of fire).

- Put a teaspoon of tea leaves in it and cover it for three to four minutes.

- Now add a little milk and sugar according to your taste and enjoy the tea.

Monday, March 4, 2024

How to make sex life easier for people with high blood pressure and heart disease?

 How to make sex life easier for people with high blood pressure and heart disease?

Sex is a natural need. However, many people with heart problems may have a question - doesn't sexual activity put the heart at greater risk?

It is natural to have this dilemma. Because as much as other health problems are openly discussed, not so much is discussed about sex. Patients do not openly ask questions about this due to hesitation with doctors. So that it may be affecting the sex life directly and indirectly.

Does having heart problems affect your sex life?

Factors such as physical and mental condition, appropriate person and environment can make a difference in the outcome of sex. But sex is a basic need and it is not considered a taboo subject even in any disease.

It is considered safe to have sex even in people with heart problems. According to a journal published in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Organization, cohabitation is considered safe for people with heart and high blood pressure who have no problem climbing stairs, walking and running for some distance. If there are no symptoms, there is no objection to intercourse.

But during the extreme stimulation of sexual intercourse, heart rate increases and blood pressure also increases, so the heart may be under more pressure. For this reason, it is necessary to take some precautions in people with heart artery disease. But it is not necessary to stay away from sexual contact.

If the chest becomes heavy during normal swaying or climbing stairs, there may be some risk of heart attack during sexual intercourse. In such a case, after examining a cardiologist, proper treatment can be given and sexual activity can be done after consulting about precautionary measures.

Post-heart attack condition

It is not good to do too much physical activity for the first two weeks after a heart attack. After that, when the chest is not heavy while swinging and it is easy to do moderate physical activity, then it is possible to have sex. But the condition of being able to have sex and not being able to have sex may differ from person to person.

How to facilitate sex life after a heart attack?

- Husband and wife should talk about their interests and situation without keeping any distance between them.

- A healthy person between husband and wife should help each other by understanding each other's situation.

- Do not have sex immediately after eating.

- Fear should be removed from the mind. Sometimes you can't enjoy sex if you are afraid of having heart problems during intercourse.

- If the chest becomes heavy during intercourse, it may be necessary to stop the activity immediately and take medicine of the "nitrate" group. What the doctor may have said during the consultation.

- If you feel uncomfortable, you should consult a doctor.

Effects of sex on hypertension and cardiovascular disease

In people with high blood pressure and heart disease, the interest in sex is low and the male sex is not stimulated, it takes more time to get excited, and the excitement may not last for a long time. Women may also experience less interest and vaginal dryness and more pain.

the reason

Just as fatty substances accumulate in the blood vessels of the heart and brain and become narrowed, the blood vessels of the penis and vagina also become narrowed when the blood pressure increases. And, the blood flow decreases, which can decrease sexual interest in both.

Sometimes, heart and high blood pressure patients think they are weak without any reason and weaken their self-esteem, so they don't show priority in sex and cannot get full satisfaction. A condition that requires psychological counseling.

Similarly, some medicines related to heart and high blood pressure also affect sexual function. Medicines of the 'thiazide' and 'beta blocker' group used for high blood pressure can reduce sexual interest, lack of extreme pleasure, and decrease in sexual stimulation.

Studies have shown that about 10 percent of young and old people taking these drugs have this effect. Similarly, drugs such as digoxin and sparonolactone, which are used for heart disease, can also reduce sexual desire and cause pain and swelling in men's breasts.

Those with heart rhythm problems may also experience lack of sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. In addition, sexual desire can decrease in diseases such as high blood pressure, various hormone-related conditions, kidney disease, and long-standing uncontrolled diabetes.

What is the solution?

Medicines such as Viagra can be taken to increase sexual arousal. But before taking this medicine, you should consult a doctor.

Alternative medicines can be used on the advice of a doctor, depending on the age and condition of the person, instead of the drugs of the 'thiazide' and 'beta blocker' group used for high blood pressure and the drugs like 'digoxin' and 'sparonolactone' used for heart disease.

Taking Viagra can be fatal for people who are taking drugs from the 'nitrate' group. Apart from that, people with very high or low blood pressure, recent heart attack patients, kidney and liver diseases should not take Viagra.

Some tips for newlyweds about sex life

 Some tips for newlyweds about sex life

When you think of honeymoon, you only think of things related to empty sex, which is wrong. During this period, those who have a love marriage get a chance to understand each other more than those who have a love marriage. If you go somewhere during the honeymoon period, you will have a sweet memory for the rest of your life.

But it is better to know the sexual health problems that occur during the honeymoon and their solutions and safe sex methods. In matters of sex, the newlyweds should not be in a hurry to have sex, especially to show the aggressive behavior of men. It is better to have information about some aspects of sexual stimulation that can be done before sex rather than having sex once a day.

Listening to veg-non-veg jokes and using sexual organs can be done before intercourse. It is good for the couple to consume light alcohol as it helps in sexual performance. But from the point of view of safety, i.e. because you have to provide protection to your wife, you should not drink while drunk. Perfume can be used to remove sweat and body odor.

Since the membrane (hymen) in the vagina can be easily torn while learning to ride a bicycle, ride a bike, or ride a horse in the teenage years, there should not be any disagreement between the couple regarding the issue of virginity being broken depending on whether or not the membrane (hymen) is present in the vagina during the first sexual intercourse. Similarly, some men may have the problem of premature ejaculation, which is called premature ejaculation. This problem may have been due to mental reasons.

As mentioned above, if you do pre-sexual activities, you can increase your confidence and get rid of the problem of premature ejaculation. In addition, one should not dwell on sexual thoughts long before intercourse, stop and start sexual intercourse during intercourse, change posture, hold the bottom of the penis, use a condom, and exercise control of ejaculation by using muscles.

Frequent urinary tract infections are one of the other common problems that appear after starting to have sex. Which is also known as honeymoon cystitis (bladder infection) in medical language. Also, slight bleeding may occur due to injury to the hymen after the initial intercourse.

Among the pleasures or pleasures that a person can get, the extreme pleasure that can be obtained during sexual activity is probably the best category. In men, peak pleasure is achieved a little sooner, while in women, it is achieved only after a long interval. Men should be especially careful about this. Because even though there are still educated and modern girls in Nepal, they hesitate to express that they are not satisfied. If this matter is ignored and taken lightly, mental problems i.e. depression (sadness) may gradually appear in women.

Some couples, especially the female partner, may experience more pain than usual during intercourse. Which is called dyspareunia in medical language. Dyspareunia occurs when there is insufficient production of vaginal fluid, vaginal dryness, muscle contractions around the genitals due to fear or fear of sexual activity, chronic female genital infections, and blood clots around the uterus (endometriosis) after menstruation.

Males with erectile dysfunction can use drugs that increase sexual arousal. But in stressful or fearful situations and places, even if you try to have sex in a hurry, there may be a problem of not stimulating the sex, you should be careful about this. If a child is born within a month or a year of marriage, the happiness of married life may decrease due to additional responsibilities. Therefore, to enjoy marriage for some time, it is better for the couple to have children only after a few years of marriage.

Condom is the proper family planning tool for newly married couples to prevent pregnancy. Care must be taken when using the condom so that it does not break. Condoms can break in stressful or fearful situations and under pressure to demonstrate sexual ability. If the condom breaks, sexual intercourse should be stopped immediately, the penis should be removed, the genitals should be cleaned, and the penis should be changed.

There should be knowledge that pregnancy results from ovum expulsion, ejaculation during sexual intercourse, ovum fertilization, ovum implantation. Therefore, every woman should know the period of pregnancy according to her menstrual cycle. Condoms should be used during this period of pregnancy. During the rest of the time, you can have sexual contact openly without a condom.

Even if both these efforts fail, there is no need to panic, because pills can be used to get rid of emergency pregnancy. For this, four pills should be taken as the first dose within 72 hours of intercourse and the second dose after 12 hours.

Keeping this in mind, progesterone-only pills can be used, while condoms can be used for five days after unprotected intercourse. Even after that, in case of extensive stress, urine test and other safety measures can be adopted after consulting a gynecologist.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Surgery or physiotherapy for vein compression?

 Surgery or physiotherapy for vein compression?

Asmita Dulal from Kathmandu was suffering from back pain for a long time. She was ignoring it, thinking it was normal pain.

One day suddenly the pain started to be unbearable. How long did the back pain become, it became impossible to get up and sit down. She rushed to Veer Hospital. The doctor advised him to do an MRI of the back. From the MRI, it was found that the vein in his back was torn. The doctor said - you should have surgery immediately.

At the mention of surgery (operation), she hiccupped. She was afraid that the surgery would cause other problems.

In the meantime, someone told him, 'You should not do surgery when the vein is torn. It can also be cured by physiotherapy. She went to a natural hospital for therapy. She underwent a few weeks of therapy. During the therapy, the pain decreased.

But with the passage of time, his problem became there. Finally, she reached a state of mind where she had to undergo surgery.

Similarly, the naive officer of Nuwakot was suffering from lower back and one leg pain from time to time. As the pain worsened, he went to Green City Hospital for treatment. His back vein was slightly compressed. The doctor gave him pain relievers and advised him to exercise daily.

Bhola took the medicine given by the doctor but did not exercise. A few weeks after the medication ran out, his problem started to worsen again. When the pain started increasing, he went to the doctor again. The doctor advised him to do physiotherapy. As per the doctor's advice, he underwent physiotherapy and also changed his lifestyle and his problem gradually got better.

Orthopedic and neurologist Dr. Unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, spending too much time on mobile phones and people who don't exercise are becoming common problems. Saroj Kumar Suwal says. "This problem can occur in any part of the body from the head to the feet, of which the spinal cord is the most common," he says.

'The spinal cord is compressed for a long time, the blood circulation is not good and the blood starts to stop in one place due to the pressure. Due to which the vein is blocked. The veins become swollen and start to hurt a lot," he says.

Dr. Saroj Kumar Suwal

People who do heavy work or lift heavy objects can also have problems with pinched veins. Apart from that, if there is a serious type of bone loss problem, if there is a broken limb, if there is a problem with bone movement and aging, it can cause the problem of vein rupture. In addition, due to lifestyle, this problem can also occur when working in one place for a long time. Suwal explains.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Dr. Dr. Rupesh Raut says.

How is the vein torn?

There are many bones in the spine in the human body. Between each bone is a circular disc. The disk is a particularly thick liquid. Due to an accident or if there is a problem with moving the bone, the disc comes out from between the two bones and tears the nerve. Dr. which we call in common parlance, the veins are torn. Suwal explains.

This problem is more common in the age group of 20 to 40 years. Mainly back and neck veins are more common," he says.

Treatment varies according to the patient's condition

In the problem of pinched vein, the treatment method is different depending on the condition of the patient. Treatment is usually through medication and physiotherapy. But if the patient's condition is serious, Dr. should be treated through surgery. Suwal explains.

It has three stages. In the first and second stages, rest, medicine and physiotherapy are the only cures. The third stage is the situation where the problem has become a bit chronic. In this condition, it is difficult for the patient to move.' He says, 'If there is a long-term problem with the nerves, surgery is required. It will be cured after surgery. It is known from MRI that the vein has been torn.

Even after reaching the third stage, the veins may not function permanently during helchectomy. He said that there could be a possibility of not moving the legs forever, paralysis.

This is what a neurosurgeon says

Neurosurgeon Dr. According to Rupesh Raut, the problem of back pain has become common these days. According to the world data, the most common reason for OPD visits is due to cold, followed by back pain. "Many patients think that a vein has ruptured when they have back pain," he says, "There are various reasons for back pain. In which the joints of the spine are affected, the bones are broken and back pain can also occur. Among the patients who come to the hospital with back pain, only 5 percent have the problem of pinched veins.

The bones of our spine are like blocks, stacked one on top of the other. Between the two blocks is a bone-like element made of thick fluid called a 'disc'. Raut says that when this brittle bone gets old or there is a major injury in the spine, it starts to come out of its place and tear the nearby nerves. He says, "In the part of our body where the nerve goes, the leg pain, tingling, and not moving properly appear in the same direction," he says.

Dr. Rupeshjung Raut

In such a case, you should consult a doctor about how to treat it. Medicine, exercise, therapy and surgery etc 

It is treated in different ways. Dr. Raut says, '90 percent of varicose vein problems are caused by medication, lifestyle changes and therapy. The remaining 10 percent should be operated only for those with serious problems.

It cannot be said with a guarantee that any treatment will cure the patient 100%. Raut says. "After surgery, the patient does not recover 100 percent," he said, "even during surgery, various complications can occur." If the vein is torn due to the disc, it needs to be removed, which is very close to the vein. Removing the disc in this way can sometimes lead to vein injuries, blood clots at the surgery site, etc.

Four percent of those who have undergone surgery may have this problem again within 10 years. Emergency surgery may also be necessary.

One of the emergency conditions of vein rupture is 'Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)'. Cauda equina syndrome is a rare but serious condition in which nerve roots along the spinal cord are compressed and damaged. Raut says. In this case, the patient should be operated as soon as possible within 24 to 48 hours. It is better to do the surgery within eight hours for better results,” he says.

He said that if this problem occurs, symptoms such as lower back pain, pain in one or both legs, swelling in the lower part of the waist, and difficulty in stopping urination will appear.

Physiotherapist talk

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment method for pinched nerves. In physiotherapy, ultrasonic therapy, TENS, IFT are used. Physiotherapist Sapna Koju says that these therapies play an important role in reducing pain.

She says, 'Exercises during physiotherapy are particularly effective in cases of torn veins. It helps to strengthen the muscles and restore the disc to its original condition.

Physiotherapist Sapna Koju

The treatment of the herniated disc also depends on how many places the vein has been torn and how much part of the vein has been torn. If the disc is only half protruded or the nerve is only half pinched, it can be cured by physiotherapy. Which falls under the first and second phase, says Koju.

She says, 'If the disc has completely protruded, it must be surgically inserted or removed. Which is the third and fourth stage. In other words, if less than 60 percent of the disc has come out, it can be treated with physiotherapy, and for more than that, surgery is the only option.

During the first and second phase of physiotherapy treatment, the patient is given an injection to reduce the pain. Similarly, patients are treated by machines. Koju explains that the physiotherapist uses a pain control machine for that.

The patient can also be treated by creating negative pressure in the place where the vein is torn through certain exercises. By applying more pressure elsewhere during the treatment, the indirect pressure falls on the problem area,'' she says, 'as a result, the liquid comes out and helps to bring in the one in the middle.'

Ways to avoid varicose veins

Do not lift heavy weights, do not work sitting in one place for long periods of time, keep your spine straight while sitting, do not use high pillows, do not strain your neck, go to the gym and lift less weight, do not bend over for long periods of time and do regular exercise. And neurologist Dr. Suwal explains.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

What shampoo is good for hair?

What shampoo is good for hair?

Although shampoo is used by everyone, many people do not care about the best shampoo for their hair. There are many types of shampoos available in the market. Shampoo companies often advertise models with beautiful hair to sell their products.

But in reality it is not as shown in the advertisement. If you follow the advertisement and use shampoo randomly, it will damage your hair. Shampoo should be used only keeping in mind the nature and temperament of the hair.

Shampoos are usually normal, dry, oily, color resistant and keratin softening. Normally, normal shampoo is used. If it is very dry, dry hair shampoo should be used.

Dry shampoo contains emollients and conditioning agents or moisturizers. It is better to use anti-residue shampoo because of smooth hair type. It helps in removing greasiness from the hair. Anti-dandruff shampoo should be used if there is dandruff in the hair. Color lover shampoo is good for colored hair to help the color last.

Similarly, if there is dandruff in the hair or there is an infection in the scalp, it is best to use a medicated shampoo. Similarly, keratin sulfate free is considered suitable for this.

All these shampoos can be used keeping in mind the texture of the hair. It makes the hair soft, healthy and beautiful. Shampoo can be purchased in the fragrance you like.

Shampoo available in the market

Sunslick, Dove, Livav, Argan, Palet, Pantin, Himalayan, Lolier, Mamaartha, Tresme, Hair and Shoulder, Selson shampoos are very popular. In all of these, Oily, Normal, Dry, Hair Fall Control, Color Love Shampoo, Cellson, Anti-Dandruff, Keratin Hair Mask types are available. Apart from this, keratin shampoos are also available.

Why is shampoo better than soap?

Shampoo is hair friendly but not soapy. Soap contains more harmful chemicals than beneficial ingredients needed by the hair. Similarly, when taking a bath with soap, you have to rub your hair for a long time, due to which the roots of the hair become weak, and the hair may become dry and have problems. But the shampoo is made according to the type, nature and condition of the hair.

Different types of ingredients are mixed in the shampoo. Generally, color, water, fragrance, chemicals, moisturizing agent, serum, conditioning agent, glycerin etc. are mixed. In addition, the agent (moisturizer) that makes the shampoo attractive is also used. Apart from this, lemon, cherry, honey, rose, cucumber, ghee and other hair beneficial plants are mixed in it. Which makes the hair shiny and attractive.

How to use shampoo?

Shampoo can be used every time you take a shower. But if you are in the habit of bathing every day, you can wash your hair with shampoo on the first day and conditioner on the second day and then use shampoo on the lower part of your hair. This reduces the effect of shampoo chemicals on the skin. Similarly, there is no need to keep using shampoo on the hair.

Mix shampoo and water in a bowl as needed before bathing. Only then should you use shampoo. Because when used in this way, the shampoo is not limited to one place but spreads all over the hair. Fizz also comes well. Similarly, the effect of chemicals used in shampoo is also reduced.

In such cases, shampoo should not be used

Do not use if there is any infection on the head, headache or allergy due to the shampoo itself. In such cases, shampoo should be used only after consulting a doctor. Also, do not use expired shampoo.

Eight things that teenagers are searching for on Google

Eight things that teenagers are searching for on Google

Today's teenagers do not have to keep things hidden in their hearts. They can easily pour out what is stuck in their heart through some medium. Especially social media or Google is their reliable medium.

There are some things that are uncomfortable to ask others. Many people are looking for answers to such questions on Google. Thus, teenagers are ahead in searching for any answer from Google. Whether it is about their career or interest or about fashion trends, about sex or food, they are searching on Google. After all, teenagers are searching for the most things on Google?

1. A matter of health

At a glance, it seems that they are only searching for entertainment content on Google. However, most of today's teenagers are curious about their health. Especially they are mostly asking about depression, anxiety, fitness.

They are also searching for things like what to eat, how to control obesity on Google. Some people are learning exercise methods from Google.

2. Window shopping

Window shopping is the buzz word now. It indicates online shopping. Window shopping means looking at the details of the necessary equipment from Google without physically being present in any store.

Today's teenagers are getting information about the design and price of clothes, mobiles, laptops, watches, shoes, books, glasses, etc. from Google. According to a study, most of the teenagers find it easy to buy goods online.

3. Relationships and dating

Of course, when you reach the teenage stage, you become more curious about love and sex. They cannot do this openly with their parents or friends. That is why they have lost such questions in themselves.

From how to make a relationship with a boy or a girl, how to love, how to go on a date, they are searching for many questions related to sex on Google.

Google becomes a safe and secret medium for them to satisfy their curiosity.

4. Technology and Gamed

Teenagers are interested in new gadgets. What kind of equipment entered the world market? They are updated as often as possible. Be it mobile or anything else, they are very interested in it. They are also very interested in gaming and gaming devices.

They are looking for new tools on Google. They are asking about the features and price of a new mobile or any device. In the same way, some people have searched on Google about the way of gaming.

5. Educational support

Today's teenagers search for their education or career on Google. They also take the help of Google while doing assignments or preparing for exams.

Now many sources of educational materials can be found on the internet. They also search for things on Google that are not in some textbooks.

Also, they take help of Google to learn how to manage time, what should be the study process, how to make notes.

6. entertainment

Today's teenagers also get some information about entertainment from Google. They are getting information about movies, music, artists, events from Google.

Many people are also searching on Google about the famous Korean music band BTS, Black Pink. Similarly, they are very interested in searching for information on Google about the upcoming movies.

7. Searching for a career

This is the stage in adolescence itself, when they start to be interested in career as well as studies. What to do in the future, what to become, how to get a happy and happy life makes them more interested in their career.

That's why they are getting information about the career according to their interest on Google. At the same time, they are also looking for employment opportunities. They are more interested in where and what to do. They are also searching for opportunities on Google about jobs that can be done online.

8. News and Events

What is happening to teenagers in the world? What subject is being debated? There is also an interest in who is reacting to what. They are looking for information about the political and social things happening in the world through Google. Similarly, they are being updated on topics like technology and entertainment.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

ChatGPT is a large-scale neural network model trained by OpenAI for generating text.

ChatGPT is a large-scale neural network model trained by OpenAI for generating text. It uses a variant of the popular Transformer architecture and is trained on a large amount of data to generate human-like text that can be used in a variety of applications.

Which medicines are available for free at the health post?

Which medicines are available for free at the health post?

There are some such medicines, which we need in common diseases. Most of these medicines are distributed free of charge. You can go to a government hospital or health post of your choice and get these medicines.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sisnu business in Kathmandu: Sisnu used for everything from torture to medicine is no longer easy to find | Has covid-19 started to increase again around the world? Worry that the infection will increase in winter

Sisnu business in Kathmandu: Sisnu used for everything from torture to medicine is no longer easy to find

A woman selling silk near the Buddhist stupa complex in Kathmandu. She said that she sold sisnu, which is considered useful for sugar/pressure, for 50 rupees.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Women who go to the gym: Desire for a shapely body

Women who go to the gym: Desire for a shapely body

Often men go to the gym to get fit. But women?

Vikram Bisht, trainer of the fitness center, says, 'Women come to the gym center because they can control their increased weight, make their bodies attractive and in good shape, increase their hips, make their breasts tighter and because there is no environment to exercise at home, they can exercise without any hindrance.'

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

How to prepare yourself for surgery?

How to prepare yourself for surgery?

There are many diseases in whose treatment surgery plays an important role. If you are suffering from any such disease then you also have to prepare yourself for surgery. You went to the hospital, met the surgeon and fixed the date for the operation.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

What is the home remedy for stomach upset due to greasy food?

What is the home remedy for stomach upset due to greasy food?

Greasy, spicy food is not easily digested. On the one hand, many greasy dishes, even if you don't feel hungry, you have to eat them many times. This kind of food will spoil the stomach. Some have indigestion and some have diarrhea. Some of them may have flatulence, some of them may be suffering from gastritis.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Traveling by air for the first time? Take care of these things

Traveling by air for the first time? Take care of these things

Traveling on a plane for the first time brings both excitement and fear. What should be considered when boarding the plane? How to board the plane, how to sit, how to fasten the seat belt, what rules to follow may also be causing a kind of stress.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Who ruled Britain for 71 years?

Who ruled Britain for 71 years?

Elizabeth II dies aged 96

Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled Britain for more than seven decades, died at the age of 96. He died on Thursday evening at Balmoral Palace in Scotland.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Nepalese eat a lot of salt: how much is necessary for health?

Nepalese eat a lot of salt: how much is necessary for health?

If we don't have salt, our every bale will be salty. And, our tongue directly rejects this type of food. It simply means, salt has seduced our tongue.