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Monday, October 16, 2023

Mobile phone addiction and junk food can cause serious health problems in children

 Mobile phone addiction and junk food can cause serious health problems in children

A bad lifestyle increases the risk of many diseases. Due to bad lifestyle, not only old people, but also young people are falling prey to various diseases these days. Not only adults, but also small children are suffering from many diseases due to wrong lifestyle and diet.

Recently, children are more at risk of diseases than adults, because children prefer to eat outside the home, they prefer to play mobile games than to go out to play. If parents do not pay attention to their children's lifestyle and diet, then the children may face many health problems in the future.

Bad lifestyle and diet can cause such health problems

Foods like junk food and packet food outside can cause malnutrition in children due to lack of nutrition. Artificial colors, sugar, fatty substances, sodium etc. are mixed, which causes the problem of increasing obesity. There is a problem like tonsils after eating cold ice cream juices.

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Consuming such food can lead to problems like stomach problems, obesity and later heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

Children use mobile phones a lot and are not physically active. Problems such as eye problems and virtual autism have also appeared due to using too many mobile phones. Special attention should be paid to these two things to save children from various health problems.

Give home cooked food

Junk food is becoming a headache for children's health. Children are more attracted to junk food and packet food available in the market than home made food. Junk food itself is not a fresh, nutritious and balanced meal. Artificial colors, sugar, fatty substances, sodium etc. are mixed in such foods, which can cause many diseases from obesity.

After filling their stomach with junk food, children do not eat other nutritious food. This causes them to lack nutrition. Therefore, children should be allowed to eat fresh home-made food rather than market food. Therefore, it is possible to prepare food for the children at home and arrange the time.

Send the children outside to play

Today's children have started spending more time on mobiles, tabloids and laptops. It has also become a good excuse for parents to deceive their children. But children should be encouraged to play more outdoor games, where their bodies are active. It increases physical activity. Good returns on overall health.

Physical fitness is necessary for a child's mental development. If the body is strong, healthy, fit, they can easily accept what they hear and see.

Physical fitness is also important for intellectual development. Therefore, exercise is essential for physical fitness. If children are used to outdoor games, they get physical exercise. They play with their friends, run and jump. It is a good physical exercise.

Monday, February 6, 2023

Why do teeth and gum problems occur during pregnancy?

Why do teeth and gum problems occur during pregnancy?

It is equally important to take care of teeth and mouth during pregnancy as well as overall health. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the problem of teeth and gums in women. If the health of the mother's mouth is not good, it can also affect the development of the child's teeth and gums. Therefore, pregnant women need to take special care of their teeth and gums.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

What kind of food cleanses the liver?

What kind of food cleanses the liver?

Liver is the largest organ of the human body. The liver has a special role in the digestive system. The liver has to do a lot of work to make the body healthy.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Do you have problems with the partial opening of the mouth only?

Do you have problems with the partial opening of the mouth only?

A 22-year-old girl came in front of us and sat on a chair. His father and mother sat next to him. Baba was telling his story fluently with a smile.

That was about 19 years ago. Little Nani didn't know what was going to happen in her life. She was not old enough to know if she was there. Consciousness had not yet reached the age of development. He was unfortunately caught in the age of God. There was a big accident. Due to the fight, his chin was injured.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Tonsils are not considered trivial, they can cause heart problems

Tonsils are not considered trivial, they can cause heart problems

The cold season has begun. Colds cause many health problems in people. A common problem seen in many of them is a sore throat. Many people also consider tonsillitis to be a common sore throat. But doctors say there is a big difference between a sore throat and tonsils.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Tooth decay problems and treatment

Tooth decay problems and treatment

There are about 700 types of bacteria in the mouth, numbering in the tens of millions. This bacterium protects against dental and oral problems. If the mouth, teeth, and tongue are not cleaned properly, the bacteria can damage the teeth and gums.

In particular, pyrexia can cause problems with the gums that support the teeth. If there is pyrexia, the gums of the teeth become yellow and bad and blood starts coming out from it.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Why do kidney problems occur?

Why do kidney problems occur?

The main function of the kidneys is to flush out contaminants and excess fluids from the blood. Many people today are suffering from kidney disease.

Kidney problems are caused due to not paying attention to food, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. However, sometimes there are other medical reasons for kidney swelling.

Kidney swelling is medically called glomerulonephritis. Kidney inflammation is a disease that causes the kidneys to swell.

The kidney filter is made up of many small blood vessels called the glomeruli. When this problem starts suddenly, then the problem can become serious. So don't take the problem of kidney swelling lightly.

However, you should identify the problem of kidney swelling in time and consult a nephrologist.

If you have these symptoms, your kidneys may be swollen

- Fever

- Pain in urinating

-Yellow or red-colored urine

- Acute excruciating pain

- There is a lot of protein in the urine

- Very little urination

- Accumulation of fluid in the lungs

- Coughing and breathing problems

- Too tired

- Bad breath

- Swelling of the body and breathing problems

What happens if the kidneys swell?

Kidney swelling is a condition in which the main part of the kidney is swollen which is called a nephron. This reduces the ability of the kidneys to clear blood.

Inflammation of the kidneys can be fatal due to a lack of immune response to infections such as sore throat and skin infections. In some cases, such infections are cured and kidney function improves.

Many primary kidney problems affect the glomeruli. For example, there is difficulty in urinating, and the ability of the kidneys to clear blood is reduced.

Danger to diabetics

People with some autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes and lupus, develop secondary glomerulonephritis. Timely treatment of this condition can save the kidneys.

Due to antibiotics

Sometimes glomerulonephritis can also be caused by side effects of painkillers or antibiotics. So consult your doctor before taking any antibiotics.

So if you see blood in the urine or if the color of the urine suddenly changes to reddish-brown, see a kidney doctor once.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Growing smartphone addiction in the younger generation, the risk of long-term health problems

Growing smartphone addiction in the younger generation, the risk of long-term health problems

Growing smartphone addiction among young people has shown that patients are more likely to get sick. Studies in various parts of the world, including London, have shown that one-third of the world's youth are addicted to smartphones. Studies have shown that these young people are more likely to have problems with sleep. Studies have shown that in addition to sleep, a variety of problems increase.

How many times a day do you pick up your phone? How many times a day do you check information on your social network? How fast do you get uncontrollable when a message arrives on the phone? If this whole thing happens to you, it can be considered as an addiction sitting on your phone. A study has shown that about one-third of the world's people are addicted to mobile phones.

A new study by King's College London has revealed this fact. The researchers' study of 1,043 young people aged 18 to 30 confirmed this fact. Of those, 39 percent said they lost control of their phone.

The phone is disturbing people's sleep

Researchers have found that more than two-thirds of those addicted to smartphones had sleep problems. They have been found to suffer from insomnia and restlessness at night. This problem is found to seriously affect their lives.

Competitors who reported increased use of cell phones also had trouble sleeping. It has been studied before that those who use smartphones a lot at night tend to feel less sleep and more tired. According to researchers, smartphones also cause more mental problems during sleep.

This is how the study was done

The study, conducted by researchers at King's College London, was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry. In the study, researchers asked students about their sleep quality and smartphone use. The study was conducted online. About 39 percent of respondents to the questionnaire, which was designed to assess smartphone addiction among young people, said they were addicted to smartphones.

The effects of smartphones

According to Polotsky, a researcher involved in the study, phone addiction is also known as nomophobia. This is because any LED spectrum suppresses the level of light source melatonin.

Trying to break free from addiction

 Turn off the phone for a while

According to researchers, to get out of this addiction, first, turn off your phone for a while. For example, when you are in a meeting, having dinner, playing games with your child, or driving, stop for a while.

Make less use of social media

Keep the number of applications on your mobile to a minimum and consume fewer applications. The use of social networks Facebook and Twitter can be reduced from your phone. Use the phone's laptop to check it.

Go to the grayscale

Turn your smartphone to grayscale, according to psychiatrist Mela Roberts. This will improve your concentration. You can wear an alarm to get up in the morning like in the old days.

Problems swallowing food: How to swallow, how to control?

Problems swallowing food: How to swallow, how to control?

Sometimes we have problems swallowing not only when eating but also when drinking water. We don't take medicine but in a short time, it heals on its own. However, some have expressed concern that this is not a sign of a long-term health problem.

Having trouble swallowing food is a condition in which there is some obstruction in the tube that swallows food or liquids easily. This makes it difficult to swallow when eating or drinking water.

The condition in which something is difficult to swallow is called dysphagia in medical language. This symptom is not a permanent or long-term medical condition. It lasts for a while and heals on its own. So there is no need to be afraid of such problems.

There are several reasons why swallowing an object can be a problem. This problem is usually caused by damage to the esophagus or when the muscles or nerves that control the esophagus do not work properly. Which falls into the problem of recurrence.

The problem of swallowing food can also be divided into two parts. Such a problem with the mouth or throat is called oropharyngeal dysphagia. There is a tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. The problem is called the esophagus. In these two cases, it is difficult to swallow anything.

Symptoms of swallowing problems

The condition of dysphagia can be seen again and again and over time it also gets better. Having trouble swallowing any food or salivating has the following symptoms.

- Throat blockage, coughing, etc. occur when swallowing any food.

- Swallowed food to come out again through the mouth or nose

Feeling as if some part of food or water is stuck in your throat or chest

- Lose weight because you are not able to consume enough food or fluids.

- Feeling of pain while swallowing any food

- Feeling of chest pain or pressure.

- Speech obstruction

- Refusing to eat certain types of food in children

- Going out to eat while eating

Why does this problem occur?

Nerve damage can cause problems in that nerve. Who controls when they eat anything. There are even some neurological causes of dyspepsia. They are as follows.

- Stroke

- A neurological condition that can damage the brain and nerves over time. These include Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and dementia.

- Tumors in the brain

How to avoid this problem?

Prevention of dysphagia is possible only then. Whenever such a barrier can be opened. This problem can be seen in many chronic neuromuscular conditions. If this happens then it is not possible to prevent it. It tends to heal on its own.

Besides, drugs can be used to reduce or prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Anal Fissure: How to avoid common seemingly complex problems?

Anal Fissure: How to avoid common seemingly complex problems?

Alan Fissure is a problem that occurs during defecation. The muscles at the end of your anus may feel tight during fissures. Fischer is a very common condition in young children. But this problem can happen to people of any age. Most of Fischer's problems are cured by general treatment. The main reason for this problem is to take too much fiber in the food. Controlling it solves this problem. Some people with fissures may need medical help and sometimes need surgery.

Types of anal fissures

There are usually two types of fissures:

Acute type - A hole or crack in the upper surface of the skin is called an acute fissure.

Long-term - If a hole or crack in the skin surface is not healed, chronic fissures may develop over time.

Symptoms of anal fissure

The following are the signs or symptoms of the rectal fissure.

- Pain during defecation. Occasionally there is severe pain.

- Pain after defecation can last for many hours.

-Dark red color is seen in the stool after defecation.

- A kind of crack can be seen in the skin around the anus.

- Appearance of lumps or screen tags on the skin with the fissure of the anus.

Causes and risk factors for anal fissures

Damage to the skin of the anus or rectal canal is the most common cause of fissures. In most cases, it happens to people who have problems with constipation. Especially when hard or large size defecation stays inside the anus. It damages the anus and rectal canal.

Other possible causes of fissures include the following symptoms

- Persistent diarrhea.

- Inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis.

- Constipation for a long time.

-Sometimes sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis or herpes, can infect or damage the rectum or ducts.

Risk factors

Childhood - Many babies can have anal fissures in the first year of life.

Aging - In older people, blood circulation is slower. This reduces the blood flow to their anus. Due to which they may develop partially Fischer's problem.

- Pregnancy and labor pains

- Reduce the intake of fiber-rich foods

- Pain in the anus or rectum.

- Cancer in the rectum, etc.

Ways to avoid anal fissures

You can reduce the risk of anal fissures by preventing constipation. If you have ever had a fissure problem before, it is important to prevent constipation first.

The following can be done to prevent constipation.

- For this, you should eat a balanced diet, in which it is necessary to eat a good amount of fiber-rich fruits.

- Drink enough fluids.

- Exercise regularly.

- Drink alcohol or caffeinated substances (tea or coffee).

This is all good for maintaining digestive and intestinal health. Which helps to prevent constipation. The important thing is to wipe your anus gently after you have had a bowel movement.

When you feel like going to the toilet, this issue should not be ignored. Don't put too much pressure on the toilet too late. This increases the pressure in the rectum. You should tell your doctor about this.

Treatment of anal fissure

Most short-term fissures can be cured in 4 to 6 weeks with home remedies. Pain in the rectum that occurs during bowel movements usually gets better within a few days of starting treatment.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment

- Drink plenty of fluids.

- Exercise a little daily.

- Take a fiber supplement.

- Daily defecation should be scheduled at the same time.

- Fruits and vegetables should be eaten regularly in the diet.

Monday, February 8, 2021

First Aid: When an accident occurs suddenly

First Aid: When an accident occurs suddenly

Accidents or sudden physical problems can be faced at any time. So we have to be prepared for this. Especially mentally. For example, there was an accident. What to do immediately if you see a serious injury? What to do if someone suddenly gets into a fight while walking? What to do immediately if someone is bitten by a snake?

In this case, we have to work patiently. If there is a sudden problem, you need to know how to treat it first.

Suddenly I had a heart problem

-Keep the victim in a position where he can feel very comfortable.

-Sleep in an upright position on the ground. The knees should be raised slightly.

- Be aware of the victim. So he should be kept in the open air.

- Her heart rate, blood pressure, consciousness, etc. should be checked from time to time.

-If a person is having trouble breathing, he should put a pillow on his back and lift it slightly.

- Medicine should be given immediately by contacting the doctor.

- An ambulance should be called immediately as soon as the emergency is felt.

Asthma attack

- To put the person in a chair in a comfortable position. You should not sleep.

- Don't leave the victim alone. Don't crowd around.

-Asthma sufferers always have an inhaler and a relief puff with them, so a relief puff should be given without delay.

If unconscious

- Let's keep the victim in an open-air place. Let's not crowd around.

- It should be made taller by placing two or three pillows on the legs.

-If the hands and feet get cold, they should be warmed. Massage should be done.

- Water, lemon water, etc. should be allowed to drink.

If the bone is broken

- Do not shake around the injured area without support. There should not be any kind of pressure.

- If you have to shake, support the broken place with a cartoon, etc. And, it should be carefully tied with a cloth.

- To reduce swelling and reduce pain, ice should be rubbed on the affected area.

- Do not massage with oil without any assignment.

In case of fire

- If there is a fire in the clothes, do not run here and there, but roll the ground.

- Do not pour water on the burnt person, but wrap it with a blanket.

- The victim should be taken to a safe place and his clothes should be changed.

- Do not make the mistake of applying ice to the burn. Instead, add cold water.

- Ghee Kumari gel should be applied to the burn area to reduce pain or less burning.

In a road accident

-If there is bleeding, the bleeding area should be pressed hard to stop it. Or tied with a clean cloth.

- Accidental person's breathing and heart rate should be checked.

-If you get ahead or spinal injury during a road accident, don't let it move too much.

- If you are very frustrated or restless, you should massage the victim's hands and feet.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Risk of disease while benefiting

Risk of disease while benefiting

Now we are the beneficiaries. You have become more interested. You have become fashionable. This has led to many health problems.

Car and motorcycle riders are now suffering from back pain. Because the position they take in bike riding, car driving, is very wrong. Prolonged exposure to such a position is the root of the problem.

In the car, sitting on the bike is the right position. In particular, it is better to sit comfortably in the seat with the spine straight. That doesn't mean you shouldn't bow down. All bending and kneeling should be done in the correct position.

We also sit in the same chair, in the same position for a long time in the office. Sitting like this is affecting our spinal cord as well as the internal organs of the body. We do not change our position as there is no immediate reaction. But, in time, that position starts to cause us problems.

The practice of wearing high heels is widespread now. High heels have become a must in formal wear. This has also led to the problem of back pain. Many now work on laptops. Watching movies, photos, videos, using Facebook is done on the laptop. Sitting in the same position for an hour with a laptop in your lap hurts your back and neck.

This problem is also seen in young children. According to doctors, children are now being brought to the hospital with neck pain. This problem has been seen in children who play games and watch videos on mobile phones and tablets.

Sitting, we feel very normal. But, there is a right position to sit. Often when we sit down, we sit down, bend over, bend over.

However, the backbone should be kept very straight. Due to this, the functioning inside our body can be done better. The heart, kidneys, digestive system, lungs can all work easily. Muscles are not affected. Blood flow is good. Because of this, we don't have any problem.

However, most of us Nepalis, i.e. 90 percent, do not come to life. Whether in an office chair, whether in a car, whether on a bike. Can't sit properly.

People in the army and the army stand in a straight position. The reason for this was not known before. Especially standing and sitting in that kind of position is a health-friendly style.

Our sleeping position is also not good. There is a correct position on how to sleep while sleeping. Sleeping in such a position does not affect blood flow, respiration, digestive process. But, we don't know that way of sleeping.

When we work in the office, we sit in the same position for hours, which brings physical complications. It doesn't matter what position you are in. This mistake can lead to problems later. When a problem arises, it takes a long time to improve. The treatment takes time, money.

No matter where you sit and work, do not sit in the same position for hours. Change position at most one hour. Take a walk around. Feel relaxed. Work comfortably. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Drink enough water. After drinking water, he also gets up to urinate.

Do you exercise When asked, many respond, I work all day, why exercise? . The illusion is that exercise is not necessary after work or physical activity. That is exercise. This is a misconception.

While working, not all parts of our body exercise in a balanced way. On the one hand, there is more pressure. There is stress. So while working, the body does not get the exercise it needs.

Exercise is a systematic action that moves the limbs of the body properly.

The root of the problem of nerve entrapment, bone loss, neck ache, back pain is our bad lifestyle. Our bad habit is sleeping, working. So the natural solution is a lifestyle change. You go to the hospital with the disease, but if you do not change your lifestyle, the process of going to the hospital will continue. That never ends.

So you have to pay attention to how to sleep, how to live, how to work. Don't bend over, don't bend, don't bend. But, you have to know how to bend down, how to bend.

1. Always sit with your back straight.

2. When sitting in a chair, car seat, or anywhere, the back of the hip and knee should fit in the chair.

3. Don't stay in one place for long. Take a break from time to time. Moving the body

4. When riding a car, do not lean too much, but sit straight in the seat. Do not allow the spine to contract even when riding a bike.

5. The position of kneeling, lying on the left side, sleeping on the crotch is not correct.

6. Sitting on your feet can also be fatal to your health.

Not only the lifestyle of today's people but also the nature of the disease has changed. These diseases did not exist in the past. Or the disease that our forefathers did not get is plaguing us.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Diseases that afflict in winter

Diseases that afflict in winter

There are many health problems in winter. For example, cold, joint pain, asthma. At this time, the risk of heart disease also increases. Similarly, winter can lead to depression in some people. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the physical problems that occur in winter and to take the necessary precautions in this regard.

Heart attack

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about winter. As the temperature drops, the arteries that bleed become narrower. This makes it harder for the heart to pump blood.

According to experts, people over the age of 30 should not be too tired in cold weather. Instead of going for a walk on a cold morning, go to a sunny place.

Asthma attacks

If you have asthma, you may know that your asthma increases a lot during the winter. In this way, cold and dry air tightens the airways and makes breathing worse.

So making some changes in your lifestyle in winter can definitely be helpful. Keep your home smoke-free as it makes it very difficult for asthma sufferers. Also, wash your bed at least once a year.

Itchy skin

One of the most common problems people face in cold weather is itchy skin. The skin starts itching due to low humidity in cold weather.

You can massage the skin with almond, coconut, or olive oil to prevent itching. Also, avoid eating greasy street food. You can also drink Sakhkar tea to get rid of the problem of itchy skin.

Joint pain

Many people suffer from joint pain in winter. The first step in relieving joint pain is to keep yourself and your feet warm.

So instead of wearing one warm cloth, wear two or three thin cloths. Exercise should be done to avoid joint pain and muscle pain during cold weather. Another way to get rid of joint pain is to bask in the sun for a while.


Headaches, runny noses, and colds are common problems. The problem of sinusitis occurs when the house is closed and there is no proper ventilation.

You need to get enough rest to stay away from sinusitis in this season. Also, eat healthily, avoid colds, and drink plenty of fluids. Also, stay away from dust.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Respiratory problems: What are the dangers?

Respiratory problems: What are the dangers?

Having trouble breathing is a risky thing in itself. Every activity of our body continues as long as the breathing changes smoothly. Therefore, if there is a problem in breathing due to any other reason other than an obstruction in the airway, it is a matter of concern. In this case, you should contact a doctor immediately.

The airway is a complex system made up of tubes. Inhalation is done by air through the mouth or nose to the lungs. This can cause breathing problems, airway problems, or other causes.

Symptoms of respiratory problems

Breathing problems may be associated with the following symptoms.

- Illusion

- Anxiety

- Blue spot on the skin

- Dizziness

- Chest problem

- Being scared or suspicious

- A loud noise when breathing

- Fatigue

- To be unconscious

- Pain in the neck, etc.

In what condition should I see a doctor?

If we notice any of the following breathing problems, we should contact a doctor

-If you have difficulty breathing for more than a month

- Bad breathing condition during sleep

- Coughing for three weeks or more

- If there are various other physical problems while having breathing problems.

Due to respiratory problems

There are various causes of breathing problems. For example, heart disease can cause breathing problems. Because in this condition we cannot pump enough blood to deliver enough oxygen to the body. We have some of the most common causes of breathing problems.

- Inhale or exhale any external object through inhalation

- Cystic fibrosis

- Any small object stuck in the nose or mouth

- Allergic reactions

- An obstruction in the airway due to an accident

- Breathing in excessive smoke

- Bacterial infections

- Asthma

- Damage to the wall of the respiratory tract, etc.

In what situations is it dangerous to breathe?

Children are more likely than adults to get stuck in the airways. They carry toys or other small objects in their noses or mouths. Other risk factors for airway obstruction are as follows.

- Insects like flies and foods like almonds can cause allergies.

- Birth defects or patients who can cause airway problems.

- Smoking

-People who already have problems swallowing what they eat. Such a situation can be dangerous even for such people.

Ways to avoid breathing problems

The following measures can be taken to prevent many types of respiratory risks.

- Avoid drinking too much alcohol before eating.

- Made small pieces during the meal

- Meals should be eaten slowly.

- Toddlers should be taken care of while eating.

- Food should be chewed well.

- Small items should be kept away from the child.

Breathing problems can also be avoided by paying attention to your behavior

- Avoid smoking - Even if you have been smoking for a long time, we are largely free from the risk of heart disease after smoking.

- Avoid pollution - Pollution like smoking can also be a cause of respiratory problems. Therefore, avoiding pollution is also a way to reduce respiratory problems.

- If you are overweight, reduce it. It should not be allowed to grow.

- Take care of yourself and consult a doctor immediately if you have any medical problems.

- Plan your work. Talk to your doctor about what can be done if the symptoms get worse.

- Do not try to work in high places.

Treatment of breathing problems

Medications can be used to treat this development. But often it helps to solve the problem of breathing. The following measures can be taken to reduce it.

- OPD drugs like morphine.

- Anxiety medication such as Lorazepam.

- A drug that opens the airways.

- Antibiotics etc. to prevent pneumonia or other infections.

- Oxygen therapy.

- Lifestyle changes etc. can also reduce the problem of breathing.

What to eat to reduce breathing problems?

Foods can also be seen to reduce the risk of shortness of breath. In which the following foods should be consumed for respiratory problems.

- Fruits and vegetables

- Fish meat

- Various nuts