Thursday, July 7, 2022

Do you have problems with the partial opening of the mouth only?

Do you have problems with the partial opening of the mouth only?

A 22-year-old girl came in front of us and sat on a chair. His father and mother sat next to him. Baba was telling his story fluently with a smile.

That was about 19 years ago. Little Nani didn't know what was going to happen in her life. She was not old enough to know if she was there. Consciousness had not yet reached the age of development. He was unfortunately caught in the age of God. There was a big accident. Due to the fight, his chin was injured.

At that time, the parents tried their best to treat the child. There was blood in Nani's ears and nose. Short-term treatment provided immediate relief. But with time, as his physical development increased, so did the veins of development. There was a blood clot in his jaw and conch joint. Chiundo's bones could not grow at their own pace. The girl's face did not look right. Chiundo was behind the line of faces. It didn't seem to bite. The accident was showing him a long-term problem.

A small misfortune can cause one problem after another in a continuous flow. If the face is bad then the next thing to eat here was also becoming a problem. She could not eat with her mouth wide open. The mouth was only slightly opened. She could not even laugh openly. That openness was enough to make a living. The standard of living was very low.

She was looked at differently in class, at school, and in society. But he had the full support of his parents in the fight against society. He had confidence in his home. Her parents had a selfless effort in every treatment. Not everyone is so lucky.

He was operated on at B&B Hospital when he was 11 years old. But no concrete solution could be found to the problem. Attempts were made to take him to nearby India for treatment but only 19 out of 20 were successful.

One day, Mother was on her way home with such anxiety. When she got home, she burst into tears. In the afternoon he met a woman. She was comparing her child to that woman. The woman was eating with her back covered.

The woman was hiding her problem with society. She was hiding so that society would not know that she could not eat with full tears. Food should be taken to the side of the mouth and cooked. Society does not like gestures ate. Society teases. He mocks and mocks.

The woman had never heard of a cure for this problem. She has also taken her daughter to many cities. Is it okay? Really, my daughter will never be treated?

Is this my daughter's future? You have to cover your mouth and eat.

The mother burst into tears. Baba Eknas kept toiling.

Destiny had given the problem. People who have problems with their loved ones are more likely to have similar problems. Our daughter is the only one who has this problem. There are enough people in society who have such problems. Has anyone tolerated the sin of the past? They have been blaming destiny for the lack of treatment.

Lack of nutritious food due to food problems. Because of this, some people have physical problems. Lack of self-confidence and inferiority complex are also more likely to be seen in such people. Baba Ama also had mental pain. The mother became more anxious.

Nani was already a bachelor. Decades of trouble were drawing to a close. The family had read in the news somewhere. Dr. Chandan had treated a patient by performing a similar operation. Following this news, Nani's family came to Dhulikhel from Kathmandu.

Another artificial joint had to be replaced between the joint between his jaw and the conch. Artificial joints would not be found in Nepal. I had to order from outside Australia. Talking to doctors in Australia. Utaka doctors came to Nepal to assist in the operation. At the same time, the epidemic of Corona began. The lockdown began. He had to wait a while longer for treatment.

The joint was measured. The journey was measured in 3D and sent to Australia. The measurement of the joint was taken there. A joint has to be prepared for each such patient. The cost of the joint was around Rs 2.5 million. His family was not in a position to spend Rs 2.5 million.

But with the help of Australian helpers, the family was encouraged to seek treatment.

‘We relied on the hospital with hope and confidence to solve the pain and problems of the past years.’ Baba was sitting in front of us, telling his story fluently.

Dr. Chandan had expressed his commitment to bringing the baby closer to normal (normal) even if it could not be brought to normal. He fulfilled his commitment.

Nani's father made God even stronger. We were realizing the experience of this smile on Baba's face after many years of hunger.

"We want to say this while pushing our daughter forward," he said. We want to give this message to society. '

What do you do when you can fully open your mouth? The doctor had asked.

‘I eat me. The daughter tried to smile with hope. Today she has fulfilled her dream ', Baba was garaged.

Little things in life seem to bring happiness.

The unmarried daughter was likely to have problems tomorrow. Parents were somewhat conscious but it is not a disease, it is just a problem. Baba laughed again. My daughter can be an example in society.

‘What is the cost? Many people find it difficult to do such treatment ', we asked.

"It simply came to our notice then. We do not send our patients home without treatment. Our donors have promised to help millions of couples again. We can Problems are small if everyone cooperates with them. Chandan said.

Dr. The whole team was standing by Chandan's side to support him. The operation was performed at the expense of the normal operation. The glow on Nani's father's face had spread to the entire medical team. We, who had gone to collect the news, also returned from the hospital with a satisfied face.

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