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Why there is a feeling of insecurity in children, know its remedies

Why there is a feeling of insecurity in children, know its remedies

Children's heart is very soft, whatever is taught and explained to them, soon they settle that thing in their heart and mind. Just as children inculcate good things in their hearts, similarly some bad things and things related to safety also children soon sit in their hearts and minds. Today we will talk about the security and negative feelings that sit in the hearts and minds of children, which have a profound effect on their future from the future to the present situation.

What is the feeling of insecurity?

If seen from the point of view of experts, the feeling of insecurity in children arises due to a lack of confidence in them. If understood in a general sense, more security can be about anything in the hearts and minds of children. Like connecting with a person, interacting with a person, walking according to the environment around you, feeling more insecure about your future, feeling safe and fearful about your bad or bad habit, etc. According to experts, all kinds of more sense of security arises in the hearts of children when some other social situations are going on around them or there are some such stressful situations, seeing which they have a wrong effect on their mind or they feel insecure. start doing

Different types of insecurities and ways to overcome them

Many different types of anti-social elements are involved in and protection of children, out of which we are going to tell you in detail here about some of the main elements:-

Insecurity caused by soul belief:-

The beginning of the feeling of insecurity in children is also due to a lack of self-confidence. Childhood is a stage in which both the mind and body are progressing towards development. At such a time, if their self-confidence decreases, then a feeling of insecurity starts to arise in their heart and mind. After the age of 3, when a child starts going to school for the first time, there are many things in his life that he does for the first time, about which he also has fear in his heart and a sense of security starts to arise. In such a situation, when it is time for him to learn some new things, he starts moving towards insecurity due to not getting the right direction and a safe feeling at that time.

Remedy to overcome lack of self-confidence:-

If there is a lack of confidence in your child due to which a feeling of insecurity is rising in his heart and mind. So you should understand that problem inside your child and find the right solution soon. You should find out why your child is lacking in confidence. You should talk to your child about this matter and explain it with love so that he can tell his heart to you and you can find a solution to that problem in time and end the fear of security in his heart forever. can do.

More safety about strangers:-

In our society, children are taught that they should not mix with any stranger or take anything from them. In such a situation, when they slowly start moving out of the house, and start school, at that time they encounter many strangers like teachers, employees working in the school, etc. Some children do it comfortably, but some children have hesitation in talking to such people. Due to this, they start feeling more secure by seeing the environment around them. There are many types of questions in the hearts of children about strangers, if the right answers and proper guidance are not given to those questions, then another sense of security arises in their hearts and mind about the stranger which lasted for a long time. Lives.

The right ways to remove this security:-

It is true that when the child meets some new people, he is not able to mix with them quickly, in such a situation, the right guidance of the children can be done only by the person whom the child completely trusts. Their confidantes include their parents first. In such a situation, the most important duty of the parents is that if they take them to something new like a new school, a new environment, then prepare them in advance for that. Parents should be given the first duty of accommodating them by making them aware of the people present in the school or any new place in advance. So that the child can feel a safe environment by removing the feeling of insecurity from inside.

The surrounding environment also generates a feeling of insecurity:-

A young child is most affected by the environment of his home before the social elements, due to which his mind starts developing and also bears all the things happening in the house. First of all, the feeling of insecurity in children depends on the environment of his house, how good or bad his home environment is. If the parents or other members of the house create an atmosphere of discord or abuse in the house, then those things leave a very deep impact on the heart and mind of the child. In such a situation, when the child starts going out of the house and sees an environment like his home anywhere, then he starts feeling insecure. Somewhere in his heart and mind, a feeling of insecurity starts taking birth, which can give rise to depression in the future. Seeing such a spoiled environment in the house, many times the child also takes the wrong steps in his life and also sets out on the wrong path. No matter how big and wise he becomes, a feeling of insecurity always remains in his heart and mind.

Make the home environment safe:-

If any kind of fear and feeling of security is arising in the mind and heart of your child, then first of all you must find out its reason. You have to improve your home environment, if you are not able to do this, then you must provide an environment where the child can stay away from such environment and feel safe in a new environment. Because if a child will not be able to feel safe in his home environment, then he will not be ready to mix into any new environment.

Insecurity of becoming a failure:-

Sometimes we challenge the confidence of the children in the competition to make them better and more capable than other children, which in turn creates more security in their hearts and minds to avoid failure. What kind of fear settles inside the child, due to which he always thinks that he should not fail and he starts taking some wrong steps in the pursuit of becoming better. Because of this, there is always a fear in his heart and mind that if he does not do well, then he will fail. Some negative feelings arise inside the child, due to which even if they want to do better and better, they do it wrong. This feeling can prove to be very frightening for the future of any child as he always hurts his self-confidence in the pursuit of being perfect and sometimes it also has a negative effect due to which he is also overconfident. it happens.

Avoid becoming overconfident:-

There are some fears in the hearts of children, due to which they gradually become overconfident. The result of this is that he is not able to achieve anything in life, but he would have completely spoiled everything he did. In such a situation, the first duty of the parent becomes that never ask him to go ahead with any other classmate or friend. Rather every work done by them should be appreciated by the parents and teachers so that they keep trying to do better every work done them. The child should never be made to feel that he is weaker than anyone or is not capable of doing any work. To explain anything, he should always talk to him with love and increase this thing in his mind that whatever he does, he is doing very well and he should always try to do better than that. He should prepare himself as a competitor for anything but he should be made aware that he has to do well on his own basis and not participate in the competition to get ahead of others.


Loneliness is also called a different type of insecurity. Parents are engaged in earning day and night to improve the life of their child, due to which if a child lives in a nuclear family, then due to the absence of parents at home, he becomes lonely. There are some anti-social elements in the society, due to which that child starts feeling insecure by being alone. A child can fully describe the circumstances going on in his heart and mind only in front of his parents. But when his parents are not present at home with him, then that child is not able to talk openly with anyone. Due to this, a feeling of insecurity starts to arise in his heart and mind which gradually takes a long-term form, which can spoil his future completely. Due to being alone at home, that child often spends most of his time with TV or other anti-social elements, due to which gradually some more sense of security settles in his heart. Whatever the child thinks He sees or understands, he takes it in his mind because he does not get the right guidance, due to which he puts his thinking first and acts accordingly.

The solution to solve this problem:-

If you leave the baby alone at the time of development, it is inevitable that he slowly moves away from you and falls into another deep abyss of security. In such a situation, it becomes the duty of any one of the parents to leave their hectic routine and spend more than half the time with their children so that they can feel comfortable conveying their hearts to you. Your little time can help give them a bright future by taking their future out of the deep pit of security.

Any traumatic event in life:-

There are many ups and downs in life, which an adult person can easily face, but the most impact of that event is on the children. Now incidents can be of many types such as the divorce of parents, the bankruptcy of a family member, abuse of a family member, seeing an atmosphere of violence in the family, feeling the atmosphere of tension around you, etc. There are many reasons for which children are affected badly, and their whole life is ruined because they develop in themselves another sense of security, which lasts in their future as long as they are given the right guidance. not be provided.

Explain the right way to deal with an accident:-

If there has been any such tragic accident in your life, due to which has had a profound effect on your child as well. That small thing can have a very bad effect on his heart and mind, due to which he starts feeling more secure. Spend time sitting with him and lovingly explain all those things to him. Apart from this, you can also take your child out of that environment and take him to an environment that is also pleasant for him and in which he mixes quickly and forgets all his old things and starts a new life. Can With this step you can take your child away from the feeling of insecurities for life.

The better development of the child lies only in the hands of his parents. If he lives in a joint family, then the rest of the family members also contribute significantly to his development, but the parents have to perform important duties. In such a situation, the parents need to keep in mind that no unsafe anti-social element can hurt their life. Because a small mistake in the days of children's development can spoil the whole future of those children. If once a feeling of insecurity settles in the mind and heart of a child, it becomes impossible to remove it from his mind and heart for life.

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