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What to do in case of skin itching, burning, and swelling?

What to do in case of skin itching, burning, and swelling?

Various skin problems also indicate the condition of the body. In fact, the skin is the mirror of the body. The condition of her skin shows how healthy and fit her body is.

The direct effect of our diet, lifestyle, etc. is seen on the skin. These factors are responsible for the health of the skin. Not only that, but our mental state also affects the skin. Anxiety-free or positive thinking plays a role in keeping the skin healthy.

The effect of weather is also seen on the skin. For example, one type of skin problem is seen in the dry season and another type in the rainy season. It is raining now. Even now, various skin problems are seen.

Diseases of the skin during the rainy season

This season, various skin problems are seen. Ringworm on the knees, allergies (eczema) i.e. redness, swelling, and swelling of the skin. Infections invisible to the naked eye can cause severe skin irritation, burns, blisters, and herpes.

The rainy season is mixed. Sometimes cold, sometimes scorching heat. The skin of a person with oily skin becomes very oily when it is raining and also the dry skin becomes drier. Adverse weather affects the skin quickly. Fungi, bacteria can cause various skin problems.

What to do now

Not everyone has the same skin problem. Some people get allergies as soon as they get wet in the rain. When someone goes out in the sun.

To avoid skin problems, stay away from water and use sunblock cream when going out in the sun. Those with very dry skin should not miss the essential moisturizer.

Problems of skin disease 

Skin problems vary according to age group. Problems such as dandruff appear in adolescents, teapots, and dubi in adults. In recent years, we have been using sanitizers and masks to prevent corona infections. It also increases the risk of skin allergies and dandruff.

Stress causes skin problems

The main cause of skin disease is stress. The hectic pace of life, the hectic pace of life, and the hectic pace of competition create stress. When a person is stressed, mental and physical health cannot be good. These are the main reasons.

One of the causes of disease is the food we eat. What kind of food have we eaten? Our bodies and food may not be compatible with each other.

Catering is also a factor

How many foods do you hear that cause skin allergy? What kind of food is not skin-friendly?

Everyone's skin texture is different. Similarly, the body's immune system is different. The food we eat goes into conflict with the body's immune system and causes skin allergies. It is difficult to say that this is the food that causes allergies.

Such problems vary from person to person. Some people are also allergic to peanuts, while others are allergic to seafood, rice, beef, etc.

Vegetation is also a factor in skin problems

Problems with the wind cause many skin problems. When the wind blows, it blows away the vegetation. People who come in contact with it may experience skin rashes, red spots, and allergies.

What to do to avoid skin problems?

There are three types of skin: oily, mixed, and dry. In which the most common skin problem is seen in those who have dry skin.

Stress management is the first condition to avoid skin problems. For this, you should try to stay fresh, drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet, and emphasize fruits. You should not apply any cream as seen in such advertisements.

The choice of cream should be made according to the nature of your skin. You should only go out in the sun after applying the mandatory sunblock cream. A dermatologist should be consulted as soon as any skin problem is seen.

Fasting for 16 hours can be harmful: Nutritionist

The fasting season is starting. Especially in July, there is a practice of fasting. Although fasting is associated with religious beliefs, it is a science. Fasting is considered to be a very effective method, especially for health and digestion.

Various methods of fasting are prevalent. Lately, the practice of fasting has increased to get rid of various diseases or even to control obesity. For example, 16 hours of fasting.

In this fast, after eating dinner, one should not eat for 16 hours. How useful is such a fast in terms of physical health? Does it have a long-term effect? Interview with nutritionist Anushree Acharya focusing on these topics:

What is 16 Hour Fasting? In what cases is this done?

Intermittent fasting is called 16-hour fasting. It is eaten for some period and not for some period. It is usually fastened to reduce weight.

Is there a set time? Like skipping meals from this time in the evening and starting meals at this time in the morning?

Night time is suitable for this. Because even if you don't fast it, if you eat fast food at night and don't eat breakfast in the morning, there will be a gap of 14 hours. Therefore, nighttime is more suitable for this than daytime.

What are the benefits of 16 hours of fasting?

Fasting for 16 hours helps control weight, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. It can also be beneficial for diabetes and thyroid control.

Anyone can do such fasting?

Intermittent fasting is not suitable for everyone. While this fasting may be useful for some, it may not be helpful for everyone. It can be harmful to one's body and beneficial to others. Therefore, it should not fast without the advice of doctors and nutritionists.

Does it apply to those taking medication or treating the disease?

For those who are taking medicine and those who are undergoing treatment for any serious disease, it is advisable not to fast. However, those who are on medication for diabetes and high blood pressure can do so with the advice of a doctor or nutritionist.

What kind of food should be eaten or skipped while doing such fasting? Does it have a diet chart?

What kind of food to eat or give up while doing such fasting depends on the physical condition of the person. It does not have a separate diet plan. As usual, it should be eaten in a balanced diet. Focus more on green vegetables, fruits, and protein foods. It is better not to eat junk food, packet food, and sugary drinks.

Is there a side effect of 16 hours of fasting?

Fasting for 16 hours can cause side effects such as bad breath, insomnia, dehydration, and fatigue. Weight control during fasting without expert advice. But if you stop fasting, you may gain weight again.

There is a special process of fasting. For example, before starting fasting, eat only light food, even after fasting, start with digestible food. Is there a similar process in 16 hours of fasting?

Light digestible food should be eaten before starting fasting. The process of not eating too much food at once, and eating light and digestible food gradually also applies to it.

Eating too much food at the same time before and after starting fasting can also affect the digestive process. When you are hungry all day, you should not eat too much food because you are very hungry. By doing this, as much food as the body needs are converted into energy and the rest of the food becomes fat and stays in the body. Therefore, light and digestible food should be eaten before and after fasting.


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