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'Playing on soil enhances disease resistance'

'Playing on soil enhances disease resistance'

The month of Asar-Saun is the paddy sowing season. Farmers are exposed to muddy soil for planting paddy. Our emotional connection with the soil is also connected.

At a young age we used to play a lot of clay, but when we grow up we don't go to play clay in a hurry. When we grow up, when we play in the mud, it reminds us of childhood and also gives us a kind of happiness.

Soil is one of the five main elements of nature, the use of which is said to help improve health and cure diseases. So how is soil used in naturopathy? How does it play a role in improving health? Focusing on these issues, naturalist Dr. Interview with Pratiksha Pandey:

Now is the time to play in the mud. Is there a connection between soil and health?

Soil is a part of our nature. According to natural medicine, our body is said to be composed of the five elements of earth, sky, water, air and fire. If these five things happen upside down, various diseases will occur in the body. So soil is also important for our health.

What is the importance of soil in natural medicine?

In natural medicine, soil is used in the treatment of various diseases. This method has been used in naturopathy for a long time. Even when Mahatma Gandhi had constipation, this 'mud therapy' was done using clay and it was also effective. Therefore, soil is very important in natural medicine.

How is soil used in naturopathy?

When you sit in the sun with a soil bandage all over your body, the soil dries up and the body can absorb the sun's rays well. Also, in case of gastric and constipation, only the stomach bandage is applied. Soil provides coolness to the stomach. When the soil is not dry, it provides coolness, while when it is dry in the sun, it warms the body. Therefore, in natural medicine, soil is used to cure various diseases.

What is mud therapy? How is it done

Mud therapy is the use of soil to cure the disease. Suppose someone has a problem with knee pain. If the soil is heated and wrapped in a cotton cloth and placed on the sore spot, the pain will be reduced due to its heat. Mud therapy is also used for various facial problems. Multani soil can be used to get rid of dandruff and oily skin.

What diseases does it help to cure?

Mud therapy helps to reduce chronic diseases like thyroid, diabetes, knee pain. It also helps reduce constipation, gastric problems and various skin problems.

Under what circumstances should you not do mud therapy?

Mud therapy is not as useful for chronic diseases as it is for chronic diseases. Mud therapy should not be done in case of cold, pneumonia and typhoid as the soil is characterized by providing coolness and cooling. If you have a bleeding wound during pregnancy, you should not do mud therapy.

Are Mud Therapy and Mud Bath the Same or Different?

Soil can be used in a variety of ways for therapy. The collective form of mud therapy is mud bath. Mud therapy includes abdominal mud therapy, knee mud therapy and various therapies within the mud bath.

How is a mud bath done? What are the benefits?

Light food should be eaten the day before mud bath. Also, you should drink warm water half an hour before. Before taking a mud bath, take a bath and then apply the soil all over the body and stay in the sun until the soil dries. This can be done while sleeping or in a sitting position while taking a mud bath. After the soil dries, the mud is bathed again.

Mud bath removes the bad things in the body and strengthens the digestive system. Due to which the food eaten is well digested and the body does not get fat. It also provides coolness to the body and solves gastric problems. As the soil dries out, it also receives vitamin D from the sun. Mud bath is also beneficial for skin related problems.

How effective can mud therapy be during pregnancy?

Mud therapy is not effective during pregnancy. A woman's body is very sensitive during pregnancy, so mud therapy can affect both the woman and the unborn baby. Because the soil is cold, this therapy can cause colds or other problems during pregnancy.

Nowadays, there is a tendency to raise children in a comfortable way. Can playing in the mud affect their health?

The use of polluted soil in the city because it is good for health has a negative effect on health. But a little farther away from the urban area and in the middle of the forest, 3 to 4 feet of soil could be extracted and playing with that soil does not have a negative impact on the health of the child.

When you play with such soil, you can get minerals from that soil. Playing with the soil in this way also develops children's ability to fight disease. At the same time, their bones develop well.

Playing on muddy soil should not cause cold, fever or chills?

Playing with the city's polluted mud can cause colds, fevers, or colds. But playing in the mud of the village is beneficial. If the soil dries out by playing in the sun, the color of the soil becomes black. The black color absorbs the sun's rays quickly and prevents it from getting cold. Therefore, if you take a bath with cold water in their mud as soon as they play in the mud, they may get cold, fever and cold.

What are the benefits of playing clay or doing mud therapy?

Nowadays, many may ask why they play in the muddy soil and cold weather during the rainy season. But muddy soil is black in color and the black color absorbs the sun's rays quickly. It does not allow the body to be deficient in vitamin D and calcium.

Mud provides coolness. When playing with mud or doing mud therapy, the dirt on the skin absorbs the smoothness of the skin, which also reduces skin problems. The mud becomes hard after drying, which also helps in the blood circulatory system in the body.

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