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There are no kindergartens in the city, and children are forced to be locked inside the room

There are no kindergartens in the city, and children are forced to be locked inside the room

Walt Disney, a famous filmmaker from Los Angeles, USA, went to Griffith Park asking his two daughters to go for a walk.

Her daughters Diane and Bhoran did not like the park at all, even though other children were having fun there. Disney was taken aback when he saw the little girls who were having fun playing in the park.

Only children could play in the Griffiths Park they visited. Parents had to watch them play.

After seeing her daughter's behavior after seeing the park, she started imagining a park where children, as well as parents, could have fun openly. And, he got involved in building thrillers and fun parks.

After a long period of hard work, he built a park where not only children but also people of all age groups could enjoy and play. Which is now known worldwide as Disneyland.

Not only is there a lack of open space in Kathmandu, but even those that do exist also are not organized. There is no morning or evening walk. There is no resting place to relieve fatigue.

He was aware of the physical and mental effects of Disney sports on children. He built a world-famous park after seeing his daughter's behavior.

Sports are an essential part of life for the development of children. Sports not only keep children healthy, but they also teach them to be social.

Sports are essential for the physical, mental, and social development of children. In today's 21st century, sports are considered more important than education. Even when teaching children, the practice of teaching through sports has increased. Learning through sports is effective and long-lasting.

But there are no kindergartens for children in Kathmandu. Even those who are single are not child friendly. As a result, children are locked up in their homes and are deprived of the right to play.

The lack of child-friendly and child-friendly parks and kindergartens in the city has not only caused problems in the social, physical, and mental health of the children, but also the parents.

Maitidevi's Sharmila Karki says that the children are locked inside the house due to the lack of open space for children to play in Kathmandu.

"In the absence of a kindergarten in Kathmandu, the children have not been able to develop as naturally as they should," she said.

Now the children's diary has become school and home. When children are not allowed to play even if they want to, they are not only becoming lonely, they are moving away from social traditions, behaviors, and environment.

"We teach children through sports, but in practice, there is no place to play in the city or in the school," says Karki.

He said that when there is no playground for children, they have to stay at home and when they are at home, not only them but also their parents will be worried and stressed.

"Even if the school is open during the day, the children are forced to spend the rest of the time at home and they are not able to connect with the society. They don't care about anything but mobile and TV, 'she said.

Clinical Psychology Vijay Gyawali says that the lack of open space and kindergarten in the city has slowed down the development of children's mental and spiritual consciousness.

‘Sports is essential for the physical, mental and spiritual development of children,’ says Dr. Gyawali says, "But the lack of open space for children to play in the city makes it difficult for them to be social and practical."

He further added, "Sports is important for the holistic development of children. The work that children do by playing, touching, and feeling is effective and lasting. For this, they should be allowed to play openly in the natural environment. '

At present, 99 percent of parents come to them complaining that their children are hanging on their mobiles and TVs. Victory "Children are locked inside their homes because there is no open space in the city. When there is no other option, their focus is on mobile and TV, 'he says.' If there was an alternative to mobile and TV, there would be no such problem. '

When designing a kindergarten, it is important to consider the appropriate location and age group of the child. Lack of open space has caused problems not only for children but also for parents.

‘Playing in a clean and outdoor environment is an integral part of psychosocial education,’ says Dr. Vijay says, "Nature is a master in itself. What children learn by touching, sniffing, touching, and playing spontaneously is lasting."

Asmita of Bagbazar is upset that her daughter wants to go for a walk on holiday but there is no open park. Go for a walk, but think hundreds of times about where to go.

"There is no space for houses in Kathmandu. Looking for open space?" We have to remember to walk from school to home and from home to school, 'she says.

Not only is there a lack of open space in Kathmandu, but even those that do exist also are not organized. There is no morning or evening walk. There is no resting place to relieve fatigue.

Play plays an important role in immersing, living, and sharing children in society. But the children of Kathmandu have not been able to experience their world.

Now when you are planning to take your children for a walk, you have to take them to your relatives or you have to keep them in the car. Children in the city do not get to experience nature at all.

Infrastructure expert Shri Ram Dhakal says that the lack of kindergarten in Kathmandu and the lack of a child-friendly environment in Kathmandu depends on the importance given by Nepali policymakers, parents, and urban planners to children's issues.

‘Kathmandu lacks kindergartens and open spaces due to a lack of planned urban structure. Disorganized urbanization has not been managed before and is not being improved now, 'he says.

He said that since children are in the stage of learning, open space needs a place for them to learn by seeing, seeing, touching, and experiencing along with practical knowledge. He says open space is needed not only for children but for all age groups.

At one time, Tundikhel in Kathmandu was a public playground. Tundikhel was not only a playground but also a shelter during disasters. For example, after the 2072 earthquake, Tundikhel became a public haven.

But now more than half of Tundikhel is under the control of the Nepal Army and half of it is covered with sand and bricks by Kathmandu Metropolitan City. In the small part of the survivors, some youths gather and play games.

Similarly, on 24 Kartik 2072, after the laying of the foundation stone of the commercial building lookout tower in the old bus park of Kathmandu, the bus park was shifted to the open stage. For some time, the bus park became an open platform for political parties to hold meetings and public walks. The gate of the open stage is now locked.

The culture of considering only the construction of big buildings as development is developing. But such developments are destroying natural structures as well as affecting the environment. Its direct effect is in the open. The eyes of various interest groups are fixed on the open space. He is using it to his advantage.

Even though the building is being constructed in the open area without any hindrance, the locals, the states, and the members of the House of Representatives have not become serious about the need to protect the open space. This does not seem to be their priority.

Educationist Vidyanath Koirala says that sports make children's learning strong and effective.

"Children want to learn by playing in the natural environment, not in the narrow confines of the classroom," he says. "Sports are needed for the overall development of children." An open space to play. '

He said that there is a problem in Nepali society and teachers and parents give sports only as a means of entertainment.

‘Children’s playful minds try to play. You learn a lot from the game. What is learned from the game is sustainable and effective. Participating in sports teaches children to be social and practical, 'says Koirala.

He complained that in Nepali society, education is also imparted through sports and there is no thought that sports also help in the physical and mental development of children.

Due to the lack of open space in the city, the food is far away from the city, while the poor are living in the city. They are not able to take the children for a walk in the open. When this happens, the children feel sad.

Koirala says that the more children play, the more they move, and the more clever and motivated they will be to learn. Open space is also important in terms of public health and the environment.

The children of the city have become accustomed to the Ghokante tradition. Koirala says that learning through sports and taking them for a walk in the open will be effective in overcoming that.

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