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Why don't Grylls of "Man vs. Wild" eat vegetables? How do you exercise?

Why don't Grylls of "Man vs. Wild" eat vegetables? How do you exercise?

Bear Grylls, who made his identity from Discovery Television's show 'Man vs. Wild', is known worldwide for his adventures. Former US President Barack Obama, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh as well as many Hollywood celebrities have participated in his show.

In the show, Grylls is seen eating grains, fruits as well as insects, grasshoppers, scorpions, and snakes. Grylls spoke about his diet and exercise in an interview.

Spending most of their time in the wild, many are interested in what the physically fit Grylls eat and what kind of exercise they do.

Bear Grylls' real name is Edward Michael Grylls. He was born on 7th June 1974 in the UK. He is proficient in English as well as Spanish and French. Grylls was fond of skydiving since childhood. He is also a black belt in karate.

Grylls, who worked in the British Army for three years, was awarded the rank of Lieutenant Commander by the Royal Navy Reserve in 2004. In 1998, at the age of 23, he completed the feat of climbing Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. 18 months after climbing Mt. Everest, he fractured his spine while paragliding. But he did not let himself become weak. Due to his interest and courage, he kept himself physically and mentally fit.

He has done many TV shows. Including the show 'Escape to the Legion' in 2005, 'Man vs. Wild in 2010, 'Worst Case Scenario' in 2013, 'Get Out a Live', 'Escape from Hell', 'The Iceland', 'Running Wild with There are Bear Grylls', 'Mission Survivor', 'Bear Grylls Survival School' and Survival Games.

According to Business Insider, Grylls was previously a vegetarian. But now he eats-vegetarian primarily food. He doesn't even eat vegetables. It is mentioned in Business Insider that after starting to eat non-vegetarian food, he became against vegetable food. He said in an interview that raw vegetables are not beneficial for health.

After giving up vegetarian food, I started eating non-vegetarian food. I include red meat, dairy products, and fruits in my diet. I am against dry food, grains, and vegetables. For lunch, I eat non-vegetarian eggs, dairy products, and lots of fruits. I eat liver meat every second day," he said.

He said that once or twice a week, he eats pizza or food fried in oil. For years, I have drunk blood from the veins of buffaloes and eaten raw meat from the lungs and heart. Although this food is not difficult for me, it is also not good," he said in the interview.

Grylls has now stopped eating raw meat. He said that he ate juice and vegetables after getting a corona infection. He says that after eating juice and vegetables, he has a kidney pain problem.

When you stop urinating, the kidney hurts or there is a problem. This is seen with dehydration or eating a high sodium diet. "In my opinion, vegetables are not beneficial for the human body," Grylls told Business Insider.

When returning home from an adventure, Grylls eats burgers, which include eggs and cheese. Along with the burger, he has eaten a spoonful of bone marrow, Greek yogurt, honey, berries, and orange juice.

48-year-old Bear Grylls exercises daily. Although he exercises daily, he does not run much. He plays tennis and does 30-40 minutes of tennis three to four days a week. He does yoga for 15 minutes one day a week. On days when he is not training, he runs 500 meters.

In addition to running, Grylls has done 25 pushups, 50 press-ups, 75 squats, and 100 setups.

I get tired at the end of the Running Wild show. Walking in the forest, carrying a heavy weight on my back has made my bones and muscles strong and flexible,” he says.

In recent times, people's interest in non-vegetarian food is increasing. Non-vegetarian food is considered a good source of protein. It provides essential nutrients to the body. According to health experts, overeating non-vegetarian food can lead to gastric problems and dehydration.

Research has found that eating vegetables reduces cancer and heart problems. According to experts, the consumption of vegetables improves physical and mental health and improves sleep, energy, and the digestive system.

Heidi Bates, a registered dietician at McGill University's Officer for Science and Society, says there is no evidence that vegetable-based foods can cause illness.

"Vegetables help reduce problems such as heart disease, heart attack, diabetes, and obesity," said Heidi Bates.

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