Friday, July 15, 2022

An outbreak of cold and fever: seasonal infection or corona?

An outbreak of cold and fever: seasonal infection or corona?

The most common health problems are cold and fever. In the last few days, the number of people coming to the hospital with problems such as cold, cough, sore throat, and fever is increasing.

People used to go to the hospital during the epidemic because of the symptoms of cold and fever even when they were infected with Corona. But now with the reduction of corona infection, people have started neglecting the health safety standards.

What is the reason for the emergence of such a problem as there is no seasonal cold season now? What should you pay attention to avoid this problem?

Not the flu season

Commonly, the problem of cold and fever is seen during the change of weather and in the winter season. It is not the season of cold now, but many people are experiencing cold and fever.

Could be Corona

Now the corona epidemic is spreading rapidly in the neighboring countries. Even in Nepal, the number of infected people is increasing day by day. And since it is not even the season of cold now, this may be an early symptom of Corona. There are also recent examples of cold and fever appearing as early symptoms of the corona.

In the first and second variants of Corona, cold and fever are the initial symptoms. If there is a problem of cold and fever even in the summer months, it is very likely to be a coronavirus.

A problem for the unvaccinated

People who have not been vaccinated against Corona, children, and chronic patients are more likely to get infected. Because some have been vaccinated and already infected, their immunity is stronger. As a result, they cannot easily be infected by the coronavirus as well as the common cold virus.

Now the top variant of Omicron is spreading in Nepal. Various studies have shown that it spreads more easily and quickly than the Omicron sub-variant seen earlier and that the vaccine may not work as well. But more reports about this variant are yet to come.

How deadly?

Viruses change from time to time. Sometimes it can become fatal, so it is very important to be careful. You should not be careless about whether it is a common cold. The first priority should be given to vaccination as not only death is caused by corona infection, but post-covid symptoms also appear later.

Fear of pneumonia

Since many people have been vaccinated, there will be no more complicated situation. But in some people, this common cold worsens and becomes pneumonia. Therefore, you should pay special attention when you first have a cold. A test should be done to find out whether it is a common cold or a corona epidemic.

If five members of the family have a cold, at least two should be tested for corona. You should not be careless even if you have been vaccinated against Corona or have already been infected. By doing this, there may be a risk of spreading easily to many people and causing death.

What should you pay attention to avoid this?

As this can be an early symptom of the corona, it should be tested first. If a corona infection is found in the test, the health standards such as staying in isolation, maintaining social distance, using a mask, and paying attention to hand hygiene should be followed.

Even if corona infection is not seen, the risk of cholera is also reduced by being aware and following health standards. If someone has missed the corona vaccination or if the booster dose is yet to be given, then it should be done.

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