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Oops! How the feet smelled

Oops! How the feet smelled

Has this ever happened to you? Had to open shoes to enter someone's house or office. As soon as he opened his shoes, his feet smelled. How about you now?

To enter or not to enter? Doman. Feet can be covered, but where to hide the smell? Will the smell of your feet make others uncomfortable? As long as you stay there, you remain stressed. When will you escape from here? Similar things start playing in your mind. Eventually you will lose confidence. You can't speak confidently. You can't be sure. Shame and blame will be gone.

The thing is trivial, smelling shoes or feet. But how much does it make you mentally weak?

Why do feet smell?

Feet smell after using the same shoes and socks for a long time. But the problem of some people is that even once they wear the shoes, they smell bad.

Although foot odor is not a 'medical condition', it is sometimes a condition that requires treatment. Why do feet smell? What can be done to avoid this?


The problem of smelly feet is also more common in summer. When walking around wearing shoes, sweat comes out and the smell comes out. The main cause of foot odor is sweat. Feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body.

A person who sweats on his hands also sweats more on his body. It is called hyperhidrosis in medical language. Such problems are caused by genetics, hormonal changes or medical conditions.

When the feet sweat, it starts to accumulate bacteria in the socks and shoes. It smells like this.


When the feet sweat, they cannot dry. In this way, bacteria such as Brovibia bacteria and Propionibacteria begin to accumulate in the irrigated sweat and it creates a bad smell.


The weather also affects foot odor. Sweating more in summer. Sweat keeps the feet moist, which causes the fungus to grow. Feet smell due to this fungus infection.


Feet also smell because of tight shoes. Wearing tight shoes does not allow air to play inside. There is sweat and smell.

Habits like not washing your feet properly, using the same socks over and over again, not cleaning your shoes can also cause your feet to smell.

What to do now?

The simple solution is to keep your feet clean and dry. Socks should be changed regularly, shoes should be kept clean. Apart from that, applying alum on the feet and using camphor can also be effective.

As far as possible, quality socks should be worn. Cotton socks are very useful. Some people have a problem with excessive sweating. It is better for them not to eat smelly food like garlic and onion as much as possible.

Change shoes

When the same shoe is used over and over again, it gets dirty and bacteria spreads inside it. After sweating, the same bacteria becomes active and smells. Therefore, as far as possible, the same shoes should not be used continuously.

Washing and drying feet

People who have foot odor problems should pay special attention to cleaning their feet. Wash your feet thoroughly every day and let them dry. Likewise, socks should be changed.

Nail cleaning

Nails should be cut and kept clean. The bad skin on the feet should be removed and kept dry. Germs grow on wet or moist skin.

Do not use tight shoes

You should wear loose or comfortable shoes, not tight shoes.

Use of powder

Deodorant powder can be used to overcome the problem of foot odor. There are different types of deodorant powder available in the market now. Such a powder helps to kill odor-causing bacteria.

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