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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

How does the kidney work?

 How does the kidney work?

According to the famous medical journal "The Lancet", by the year 2019, around 700 million people worldwide are suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is estimated that more than 14 lakhs have lost their lives.

According to a national study based on Global Burden of Disease data (coordinated by Achyutaraj Pandey), 6-7 percent of the total population in Nepal are suffering from chronic kidney disease, while the death rate is two to three per million.

The kidney is an organ that filters out the excess water and impurities in the human body and sends them out of the body through urine. Each bean-shaped kidney is four to five inches long. In which there is a very small filter called nephron. Senior kidney disease expert Prof. This filter will send blood disorders and excess water out of the body. Dr. Divya Singh Shah says.

The kidney's job is to balance fluid levels in the body, filter waste and toxins from the blood, secrete hormones that control blood pressure, activate vitamin D to maintain healthy bones, and produce hormones (which direct the production of red blood cells).

Consultant Urologist Dr. Anil Pukar Sah says, 'Kidney plays an important role in maintaining the balance of minerals (sodium, phosphorus, potassium) in the blood.'

Kidneys filter about 200 liters of blood in 24 hours. In addition to removing the disordered substances in the blood through this process, Dr. Dr. will balance the amount of water in the body by taking out excess water through urine. Shah says.

Structure of kidney

There are two kidneys in the body. Kidneys are located behind the abdomen on both sides of the spine.

In an adult, the kidney is about 10 cm long, 6 cm wide and 4 cm thick. Each kidney weighs about 150 to 170 grams.

What effect does drinking a little water have on the kidneys?

The function of the kidneys is to filter the toxins in the body and remove them with urine. As the process of removing more water from the body - diarrhea, vomiting and sweating, and drinking less water, the blood pressure in the body decreases.

"When the blood pressure drops, the heart cannot circulate blood to the kidneys in the required amount, which affects the work done by the kidneys. Because of this, kidney disease specialist Dr. Nishant Acharya says.

Drinking less water in such a situation increases the risk of accumulating toxins in the body. Which also affects kidney function. In addition, there is a risk of kidney stones, kidney infection and even kidney failure," he says. "Therefore, to keep the kidneys healthy, you should drink three to four liters of water every day."

How does drinking a lot of water affect the kidneys?

As it is said, "If you eat too much of a pill, it will be bitter", Dr. Dr. Acharya says.

If you have to drink three to four liters of water daily, drinking four and a half liters or five liters of water will not have much effect. But drinking a lot of water on a daily basis puts a burden on the kidneys and can cause problems in the kidneys, he says.

A person who already has kidney problems has a reduced ability of the kidneys to filter water. Therefore, such patients should drink less water. Such people should drink water according to the doctor's advice.

Many organs of our body are active 24 hours a day, including the kidneys. Dr. The kidneys are doing their work even while sleeping at night. Acharya says.

Kidney is a careful organ. It can do what the body needs and doesn't need in a natural way," he says. "If someone goes without drinking water for a day, fasts, the kidneys manage the water that the body needs from other parts of the body."

Other causes of kidney problems

Kidney problems can happen to anyone, but people with diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and those who regularly take pain relievers are at higher risk. Similarly, if someone in the family has a kidney problem, other family members are also likely to have it. Senior nephrologist Prof. Dr. Singh says.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Pvt. Dr. Singh says, 'When you wake up in the morning, swelling of the eyelids, swelling of the ankles, body swelling, sudden weight gain, anemia, laziness, feeling tired, shortness of breath even after walking a little are the symptoms of kidney failure.'

There are also problems like bone pain, frequent urination, not much foam coming out when passing urine, and the color of urine is like tea.

Some kidney problems may not show any symptoms. But sometimes stomach ache, burning urine, fever may occur. If such a problem repeats, it may be a kidney problem," said Dr. Singh says.

What is the treatment for kidney failure?

After kidney failure, you should first go to the hospital and undergo tests to find out which stage it is. In Nepal, most of the people with chronic kidney problems go to the doctor only as a last resort.

There are five stages of kidney failure. The fifth stage is the last stage. Patients up to the fourth stage are cured by taking medicine. If it is in the first stage, it will not go to the second, if it is in the second, it will not go to the third. But medicine should be taken regularly.

But if the patient has reached the last i.e. fifth stage, dialysis and kidney transplant are the only options.

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10 Interesting Facts About Kidneys

- An adult's kidney weighs 142 grams. It is equal to a human fist.

- The largest kidney stone found so far is 1.1 kg.

- The right kidney is just below the liver and it is the largest human internal organ. The left kidney is smaller than the right one.

- There are 1.1 million cells in the kidney. These are called nephrons. If they are connected and made like a rope, it will be eight kilometers long.

- Kidney cleans the blood 400 times a day.

- If the blood pressure in the human body is low, the kidneys give a message to constrict the blood vessels.

- Kidney cleans 1.3 liters of blood every minute.

- The biggest cause of stones is not drinking enough water.

- 25 percent of the total blood in the body goes from the heart to the kidneys.

- During a kidney transplant, the new kidney is placed inside the pelvis. It is not necessary to remove the old kidney.

Monday, March 4, 2024

How to resolve the conflict between the couple?

 How to resolve the conflict between the couple?

There is no couple in the world who want to fight with each other. But it is said that not everything is in our hands. It is exactly the same in the relationship between husband and wife. Sometimes, even if you don't want to, the situation is such that a fight takes place.

However, in every married relationship there are minor conflicts and the couple resolves them and moves on. But sometimes even small quarrels take a big form and the matter reaches divorce. If so, what should be done to prevent the fight from getting bigger? What kind of habits can escalate the dispute with the spouse?

Loud voice while speaking

When both of them say such things, problems start to arise. Which is not easy for both of them to bear. He is not paying attention when he gets angry with his partner about something. Because of this, most of them come in a rage and speak in a loud voice. They start yelling to prove their point. Sometimes foul language is also used in anger.

This not only spoils the relationship, but can even lead to divorce. In such a situation, the problem should be resolved in a peaceful manner as possible.

A relationship does not end if there is a fight. But it is not right to blame each other after a fight. If you have a habit of fighting over small things, it can bring coldness in your relationship. During this period, instead of counting each other's mistakes, it is better to calm things down by showing understanding.

Leaving things unfinished

Someone's habit is to start an argument about something and then suddenly become silent. But silence is not the solution. It turns out to be like adding ghee to a burning fire. If you do this, your partner may feel like you are running away. Such behavior does not only increase the problem. The relationship will not be the same as before.

Treat each other as enemies

Unnecessary fights between husband and wife weaken their relationship. But after a fight, when they consider each other as enemies, a bigger problem arises. In the process, he forgets that he is under the same roof. If even one of them gets hurt, it will have a big impact on their married life. Therefore, when they are against each other, no problem is solved, it becomes more complicated. By doing this, the relationship can become dark and everything can get out of hand.

How to solve?

How to stop a fight once it starts? It can be difficult to know. Conflict may seem impossible to stop. Disputes can range from household chores or minor disagreements, doubts or financial transactions to major disputes. It is important to identify what kind of disagreement there is. Because it will help determine the best way to stop the argument.

One way to prevent conflict in a relationship is to take a break for both of you after the conflict is heated up. This gives each person time to reflect on the situation before continuing the conversation.

There are also some effective phrases that can be said when there is a dispute. Which calms the heated atmosphere.

'Let me think about it'

After saying this, both of them remained calm for some time. In this case, the pattern indicates that the idea is taken care of. If you take time to think, the solution to the problem will surely come out.

"You may be right"

This sentence shows the willingness to make a positive compromise on the disputed matter. This hint is enough to soften the mood for most people. And, it forces them to think about taking a step back.

"I understand"

These are powerful words. Conflicts happen when feelings and situations are not understood. If you listen well and say you understand, it shows sympathy. Understanding does not mean agreeing with something wrong. Understanding does not necessarily mean solving the problem. But if you make a mistake by listening, it helps to remember calmly.

"forgive me"

Many people hesitate to apologize because they think that admitting their mistakes will make them feel small. But sometimes apologizing in a dispute shows sympathy. It can kill the feeling of anger in an instant.

How to make sex life easier for people with high blood pressure and heart disease?

 How to make sex life easier for people with high blood pressure and heart disease?

Sex is a natural need. However, many people with heart problems may have a question - doesn't sexual activity put the heart at greater risk?

It is natural to have this dilemma. Because as much as other health problems are openly discussed, not so much is discussed about sex. Patients do not openly ask questions about this due to hesitation with doctors. So that it may be affecting the sex life directly and indirectly.

Does having heart problems affect your sex life?

Factors such as physical and mental condition, appropriate person and environment can make a difference in the outcome of sex. But sex is a basic need and it is not considered a taboo subject even in any disease.

It is considered safe to have sex even in people with heart problems. According to a journal published in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Organization, cohabitation is considered safe for people with heart and high blood pressure who have no problem climbing stairs, walking and running for some distance. If there are no symptoms, there is no objection to intercourse.

But during the extreme stimulation of sexual intercourse, heart rate increases and blood pressure also increases, so the heart may be under more pressure. For this reason, it is necessary to take some precautions in people with heart artery disease. But it is not necessary to stay away from sexual contact.

If the chest becomes heavy during normal swaying or climbing stairs, there may be some risk of heart attack during sexual intercourse. In such a case, after examining a cardiologist, proper treatment can be given and sexual activity can be done after consulting about precautionary measures.

Post-heart attack condition

It is not good to do too much physical activity for the first two weeks after a heart attack. After that, when the chest is not heavy while swinging and it is easy to do moderate physical activity, then it is possible to have sex. But the condition of being able to have sex and not being able to have sex may differ from person to person.

How to facilitate sex life after a heart attack?

- Husband and wife should talk about their interests and situation without keeping any distance between them.

- A healthy person between husband and wife should help each other by understanding each other's situation.

- Do not have sex immediately after eating.

- Fear should be removed from the mind. Sometimes you can't enjoy sex if you are afraid of having heart problems during intercourse.

- If the chest becomes heavy during intercourse, it may be necessary to stop the activity immediately and take medicine of the "nitrate" group. What the doctor may have said during the consultation.

- If you feel uncomfortable, you should consult a doctor.

Effects of sex on hypertension and cardiovascular disease

In people with high blood pressure and heart disease, the interest in sex is low and the male sex is not stimulated, it takes more time to get excited, and the excitement may not last for a long time. Women may also experience less interest and vaginal dryness and more pain.

the reason

Just as fatty substances accumulate in the blood vessels of the heart and brain and become narrowed, the blood vessels of the penis and vagina also become narrowed when the blood pressure increases. And, the blood flow decreases, which can decrease sexual interest in both.

Sometimes, heart and high blood pressure patients think they are weak without any reason and weaken their self-esteem, so they don't show priority in sex and cannot get full satisfaction. A condition that requires psychological counseling.

Similarly, some medicines related to heart and high blood pressure also affect sexual function. Medicines of the 'thiazide' and 'beta blocker' group used for high blood pressure can reduce sexual interest, lack of extreme pleasure, and decrease in sexual stimulation.

Studies have shown that about 10 percent of young and old people taking these drugs have this effect. Similarly, drugs such as digoxin and sparonolactone, which are used for heart disease, can also reduce sexual desire and cause pain and swelling in men's breasts.

Those with heart rhythm problems may also experience lack of sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. In addition, sexual desire can decrease in diseases such as high blood pressure, various hormone-related conditions, kidney disease, and long-standing uncontrolled diabetes.

What is the solution?

Medicines such as Viagra can be taken to increase sexual arousal. But before taking this medicine, you should consult a doctor.

Alternative medicines can be used on the advice of a doctor, depending on the age and condition of the person, instead of the drugs of the 'thiazide' and 'beta blocker' group used for high blood pressure and the drugs like 'digoxin' and 'sparonolactone' used for heart disease.

Taking Viagra can be fatal for people who are taking drugs from the 'nitrate' group. Apart from that, people with very high or low blood pressure, recent heart attack patients, kidney and liver diseases should not take Viagra.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

How do pain killers relieve pain immediately?

 How do pain killers relieve pain immediately?

Pain killer. The name is enough. Its job is to remove pain. Whether it is due to injuries or other diseases, if there is any kind of pain in the body, we take 'pain killer' to relieve it.

Commonly understood pain killers are called 'non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs'. It is used for temporary relief from various pains.

Pain killers mainly contain three ingredients, which reduce swelling, reduce pain and reduce fever. Some examples of pain killers are Cetamol, Flexon, Brufin and Nims.

There is also an experience of pain relief with pain killer food. What is in the pain killer, which reduces the pain in a short time? Does it have any side effects or not?

Why does it hurt us?

Why does our body hurt when we are injured or sick?

When we are injured, the body begins to supply more blood to the injured area. This blood also contains white blood cells, which are involved in wound healing. Along with these white blood cells, many important chemicals also reach the injured area. The main chemical among them is prostaglandin. This chemical causes pain and irritation.

How do pain killers reduce pain?

If the chemical called prostaglandin is not allowed to be produced, we do not feel pain. Pain killers do the same thing. That is, pain killers such as paracetamol or Flexon do not allow this chemical to be produced in the body. When painkillers are ingested, they slowly enter the bloodstream and reach the injured area and brain. In both places it inhibits the production of prostaglandin chemicals to reduce pain, so that the brain signals to us that there is no pain.

In what situation should you take pain killers?

When we feel hurt, signals from our body go directly to the brain, resulting in the message that we are in pain. Because we feel that pain, we start looking for its solution. That is, we start to understand why it hurts, how to heal it.

It simply means that pain is a sign. It means that there is something wrong in the body.

Some people don't take pain killers in case of pain. They think, 'Tolerating pain is good, taking pain killers is bad.' But enduring pain causes more physical and mental pain. If there is swelling due to repeated injuries, it is appropriate to take pain killers to reduce the swelling problem. If the pain is severe, you should take medicine to reduce it. Pain killers can also be taken to reduce fever.

Every drug has both advantages and disadvantages. In this case, pain killers also have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, pain killers should only be taken on the advice of a specialist who knows which pain killer is more beneficial for what kind of pain.

Body muscle pain, nerve pain or pain due to an injury. First you need to understand what kind of pain it is. No single pain killer works for all types of pain. There are different types of pain killers made for every type of pain. Therefore, it is important to be aware of which pain killer to take for which pain and which pain to not take.

Also a pain killer for chronic pain

Depending on the type of pain, duration, potential benefits and risks of the drug, the pain reliever should be chosen. Most pain killers are effective for pain. Such pain killers are less effective for sprained ankles, pinched nerves or pain caused by various diseases.

The patient is treated with 'platelet rich plasma' vaccine for joint pain. Platelet-rich plasma can be produced from a person's own blood. In particular, it is a type of blood cell (platelet). Platelet-rich plasma is a 'growth factor' that helps to regenerate when injured, thus helping to heal the injured area. It also helps to heal damaged ligaments, muscles, bones and joints.

If back pain is due to pinched nerve, then treatment should be sought according to the cause. In such a case, which one should be given 'steroid pain killer' or 'local anesthesia' to reduce the pain, or surgery to open the ruptured vein and then physiotherapy.

Things to keep in mind while taking pain killers

In all kinds of pain, the habit of going to the drug store and taking pain killers on your own without the advice of a doctor can cause various health problems. Overuse of pain killers usually leads to gastritis. Taking pain killers for a long time can cause kidney problems and heart problems. Therefore, pain killers should be taken only on the advice of a doctor after finding out the cause of the pain.

When taking pain killers, you should also pay attention to what time you take them. If we are taking pain killers that should be taken three times a day, we should take them 8 hours apart as much as possible. By doing so, it works effectively. Since the consumption of pain killers is generally more likely to cause gastritis, it is better to eat some food before taking pain killers.

How can the patient recover quickly?

 How can the patient recover quickly?

A recent research has revealed that the human brain has made a timetable for the work of cells throughout the body.

During the 24 hours of the day, these cells work according to the same schedule, called the 'circadian rhythm' or 'body clock', the biological clock. According to this biological clock, the way the body works during the day and night is different. The body works in different ways at different times of the 24 hours. The Greek physician Hippocrates understood this long ago.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is mentioned that the lungs work best from 3 am to 5 am, the heart from 11 am to 1 pm, and the kidneys from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Perhaps based on this, new research is being conducted in this direction today. Research by biologist John O'Neill has shown that cells called "fibroblasts" quickly repair tissues damaged by injuries during the day. Fibroblast cells penetrate the skin cells to the site of injury, and help it to heal.

After evaluating the International Burn Injury Database, Professor O'Neill said in his research, "People who burn at night take 11 days longer to heal compared to patients who burn during the day."

The biological clock must be understood

Our body's ability to fight disease also affects our body clock. It is important to have a strong immune system to fight any kind of infection that spreads in the body.

Virologist Rachel Edgar is researching the relationship between the 'body clock' biological clock and viral infections. He has researched the ringworm virus in mice.

According to him, this virus is 10 times more active at night and its effect is much less in the morning. This change is probably due to the immune system being less active. The rhythm of the infected cells is also effective in increasing the infection.

Similar results have been observed in seasonal fever. If you take the medicine in the morning rather than in the afternoon, you will get relief sooner. But it is also true that the chances of getting sick during the day are more. The same principle does not apply to different types of infections.

Medicines should be taken at the right time

Professor Edgar says, 'If it is known at what time the virus is affecting the surrounding cells, it can be prevented from spreading through antiviral therapy. By doing this, the amount of antiviral drugs can also be reduced.

According to the World Health Organization, about 250 basic and essential medicines are available in almost all hospitals in the world. But the time to take all of them is different. The effects of these drugs are determined by the body's internal cellular clock. Because of this, the effect of medicine may be less or more. These include painkillers, blood pressure, asthma and cancer medications.

How effective the medicine will be depends on when it is used. This means that if those medicines are not taken at the right time, their effect will be reduced.

For example, if blood pressure medication is taken in the evening instead of in the morning, it is only 60% effective. Another study showed that the effect of radiation therapy was greater in the afternoon than in the morning.

Not everyone's body works the same way

It is not so easy to find out which medicine is more effective at what time and at what time. It is not always possible for the patient to take the medicine at the right time. Also, the mathematics behind the medicine cannot be explained to the patient.

Many times patients take time to recover if they do not take medication on time. Medicines should be taken regularly without skipping a beat. If the medicine is stopped in between, the medicine will not work properly. Patients do not understand this.

Every person's 'body clock' is different. Some people's sleeping, waking up and eating time do not match. Some have the habit of staying up late at night and sleeping late in the morning.

Many people work at night. As a result, the rhythm of their 'body clock' becomes completely different, which also affects their health.

Light, sleep and time

Our platelets and blood clotting cells grow during the day. Also, adrenaline hormone, which increases the heart rate and constricts the nerves, is also released more during the day.

In some intensive care units or cardiac care units, dim lights are turned on at night, which is good for patients. The time of day and night and the patient's biological clock play an important role in many types of surgery and speedy recovery. Researchers hope to soon develop a circadian pill to cure heart disease, an environment that can be used in the presence or absence of light as needed.

Light, sleep and time are the most important to maintain good health, but not all of us pay attention to these things. From cancer, heart disease to allergy patients, medicine is given when it works best in the body. It helps the patient to recover quickly.

Monday, December 18, 2023

How safe is it to have sexual intercourse during menstruation?

 How safe is it to have sexual intercourse during menstruation?

If you do not plan to conceive, you should use safe methods while having sex. Because if the menstrual cycle is regular, there is a high chance of pregnancy if you have sex on the 10th to 22nd day of the period. Therefore, it is considered safe to have sex before and for a few days after menstruation, even without the use of any means.

However, is it okay to have sex during menstruation or not? This question should be asked in two ways. One is the hygiene of the genitals and the other is the condition of not being pregnant.

The couple is ambivalent about this. But if both partners want to have sex during menstruation, there is no problem. However, during menstruation, the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases is higher than at other times, so temporary means should be used.

What is the probability of pregnancy?

A woman who has regular periods does not get pregnant if she has sex at that time. But if there is irregular menstruation and a short menstrual cycle, there is a risk of pregnancy in women. For example, a woman who has regular periods may become pregnant if she has intercourse during that period thinking that it is menstruation when she bleeds after a long time. When having sex, one should be sure that the menstrual cycle is not regular.

Similarly, if a woman's menstrual cycle is short, i.e. 28 days, ovulation can occur even in seven days. As a result, even if you have sex on the fourth or fifth day of your period, you can still get pregnant. If menstruation happens in 30 days, the ovulation becomes delayed, so even if you maintain intercourse after 6-7 days of menstruation, the chances of pregnancy are less.

Even if regular contraceptive medication is continued during menstruation, there is no chance of getting pregnant. The pill does not stop working whether you are menstruating or not. It is safe to use a condom or birth control pills if you have sex while you are menstruating.

Is there a risk of infection?

Having sex during menstruation increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Because viruses live in blood and sexually transmitted diseases can spread through contact with blood. Using a condom during sexual intercourse can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

A woman's body undergoes many changes during menstruation. Various studies have shown that lubrication is not necessary if the relationship is established in that order. Also, by establishing a relationship during this period, the menstrual effect migraines and headaches caused by some women are reduced.

Something to note

Most women have a disease or infection and if intercourse hurts, it is better not to have intercourse as much as possible. If you have a stomach ache or are physically weak, not having sex can cause more problems. If the woman is ready for sex and the man is also ready to take precautions, then sex can be done. Before starting a relationship, you should start a relationship only if your partner also wants it. If there is bleeding, intercourse should be done only after cleaning. Wash your private parts thoroughly before and after intercourse. If a woman is wearing a tampon during her period, she should remove it.

Does green tea really control obesity and blood pressure?

The practice of drinking green tea as a health-enhancing drink is increasing, even in Nepali society. Consumers have been drinking it saying 'for health rather than taste'.

On the other hand, manufacturers and sellers have been claiming that green tea is a very beneficial drink. The use of green tea has increased not only in Nepal, but all over the world.

Some drink it as 'to reduce obesity', while others drink it as 'to control blood pressure and diabetes'. Some drink green tea as a 'anti-cancer' drink and some as a 'skin brightening' drink.

Is green tea really beneficial?

What is the ingredient in green tea, which reduces the risk of cancer from lowering blood pressure, obesity?

There have been different studies on this at the international level. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, green tea has properties ranging from obesity control to anti-cancer properties. A report by Time magazine mentions that green tea naturally reduces high blood pressure.

Anti-cancer agent

Green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant of the flavonoid family. It prevents damage caused by free radicals in our body. Free radicals are the ones that destroy body cells and increase the risk of cancer.

In a report published in The Medical Today, it is claimed that the rates of some cancers are lower in countries that consume green tea. Based on more than 100 studies reviewed in 2020, green tea has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of cancer.

Cancer specialist Dr. working in Patan Hospital. Arun Shahi also agrees with this. He says, 'Since it contains abundant anti-oxidants, it fights free radicals and reduces the risk of cancer.' He says that green tea works well to prevent cancer-causing elements from dominating.

Controls blood pressure

Working in Om Hospital Dr. Kamal Sharma Lamsal says, 'The polyphenols found in it reduce high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Also, by breaking down the fatty substances accumulated in the blood vessels, it facilitates the functioning of the heart and brain.

A study conducted by the British Heart Foundation also found that drinking green tea every day makes the arteries of the heart open and soft. As a result, it reduces the risk of heart attack.

On the other hand, according to Forbes Health, there were 9 different studies on this topic in 2016. Analyzing the study, it was found that drinking three cups of green tea daily reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Obesity control

In a report of Medical News Today, the fact that green tea reduces obesity has been presented. Accordingly, green tea makes the metabolism more effective. Metabolism is the process of converting any food we eat into energy. Green tea contains caffeine and catechins, which help in digesting food.

A review published in 2010 noted that green tea can help control weight. Certain compounds present in green tea break down body fat. What was found in an eight-week study is that if you drink green tea and exercise at the same time, you burn fat faster.

"Beneficial if you drink it properly": Dietitian Dr. Raju Adhikari

Green tea is a healthy drink. It has many benefits such as reducing obesity, controlling blood pressure, improving heart and brain function. There have been many studies around the world on how green tea works. And it has been used for centuries.

It is a rich source of antioxidants. Due to this property, green tea plays a role from benefiting the heart to reducing the risk of cancer. Apart from that, green tea contains micronutrients like potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-2.

Green tea also acts as an anti-aging agent and maintains the glow in the skin of the body. The amino acid L-theanine found in it produces hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, which keep the brain excited and happy.

There is no doubt that green tea is very beneficial. However, it is not a medicine that has an immediate effect. The effect of green tea is gradual in the body. It benefits those who drink regularly.

It also affects the physical condition of the person, lifestyle etc. If you eat right, exercise, green tea will benefit your body more. However, on the contrary, if your lifestyle is bad, green tea will not cure any disease.

There is a saying in Nepali, too much causes damage. The same should be said in the case of green tea. It is best to drink three to four glasses (of medium size) of green tea a day.

Likewise, green tea should not be drunk on an empty stomach. Pregnant women, those with low blood pressure should also not drink green tea. Those who are undergoing treatment for a disease or taking medication should consult a doctor before drinking green tea.

What is the correct way to drink gin tea?

How much, how and when to drink green tea determines how effective it is.

how much to drink

Drink three or four cups (medium cup) a day.

What time to drink?

Green tea should not be drunk on an empty stomach, with or after meals. It is best to drink green tea 30 to 45 minutes before and after meals.

How to prepare?

Green tea does not need to be brewed like other teas. Put green tea in a cup and pour hot water over it. Two or three Cover the minutes. Then you can drink green tea.

What kind of green tea to drink?

There are many green teas in the market. It is useful to take open green tea as much as possible. After soaking in water, tea leaves look green again. It is important to understand whether the tea is certified organic or not.

Is turmeric anti-cancer?

  Turmeric not only makes vegetables look attractive but it is also beneficial for health. Turmeric is rich in calories, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Various studies have been done on turmeric around the world.

Curcumin is a medicinal substance found in turmeric. It is considered useful and effective for cancer patients. Oncologist Prof. Dr. Vivek Acharya says, 'There is no fact or research that turmeric does not cause cancer, but the curcumin content found in it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills cancer cells in the body and prevents others from growing.

But curcumin is extracted from powdered turmeric available in the market. It does not matter who eats turmeric or not. Therefore, if possible, curcumin content can be replenished by producing it at home and eating turmeric powder.

It is beneficial for health if you take half a teaspoon in the morning or evening or a small teaspoon at a time. Acharya says.

Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Puneshwar Keshari says that since turmeric contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and immunomodulation properties in abundance, it protects the cells in the body from infection and increases immunity. It kills cancer cells and prevents them from growing.

Curcumin, the active ingredient found in turmeric, dissolves easily in fats and oils. But it is insoluble in water," Dr. Keshari says, 'Therefore, if turmeric is to be used, it can be mixed with milk like fatty foods. When eaten in this way, the substances found in turmeric are easily absorbed by the body. But if you mix turmeric with water and eat it, it is not as effective as milk.

Turmeric is used both externally and internally. For external use, applying turmeric paste on the skin helps to protect against skin allergies, wounds, sores, warts. Similarly, mixing some herbs with turmeric and applying it on the skin makes the skin soft, smooth and shiny.

When and how much to eat?

Turmeric can be consumed daily in the morning and evening. Because it dissolves in milk, it is very beneficial to put turmeric in milk after eating. It is also called Golden milk. During the corona epidemic, golden milk i.e. turmeric-infused milk was widely used.

According to doctors, you can eat up to 12 grams of turmeric in a day. Do not eat more than this. It can cause disadvantages instead of advantages. Two to four grams can be mixed with milk and eaten.

According to doctors, research has shown that diabetic patients get good benefits by mixing equal amounts of amla and turmeric powder in milk. Eating 6 grams in the morning and in the evening after eating helps to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Under what circumstances should you not eat turmeric?

Dr. Ayurvedic doctor, who can sometimes have negative effects with this beneficial turmeric. Keshari says. The use of turmeric is not suitable if you are taking allopathic medicines, i.e. blood thinners. It thins the blood and causes bleeding. Similarly, if you have undergone surgery for any disease, then it is better not to use turmeric. Turmeric should not be used as a medicine by people suffering from hemophilia, i.e. long-term bleeding due to injury.

Similarly, if you have other bleeding diseases, you should not consume turmeric. This can lead to complications instead of benefits. Turmeric helps in immunomodulation and increases immunity.

How can you distinguish the purity of turmeric?

Turmeric is considered health promoting for the body. How pure is the turmeric that we are using daily? It also depends on that. Because the turmeric available in the market now has various chemicals or powder mixed in it. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the turmeric used in the kitchen is pure or not. Ayurvedic doctor Keshari says that the purity of turmeric can be checked at home.

How to check

Pour clean water in a glass, add the turmeric powder bought from the market and dissolve it and then leave it for a while.

Turmeric is mixed with some powder in a glass of water. Which means that turmeric has been adulterated. If there is no adulteration, it dissolves in water and floats on top. Hydrochloric acid is also used to measure purity. Mix turmeric powder in hydrochloric acid. Mix it well, enough foam will come out. Similarly, if the color of turmeric turns pink or purple, it may be adulterated.

Turmeric used in every dish is not necessarily pure. A chemical called Metanil Yellow is added to the turmeric that is bought from the market and used. While it can also cause a terrible disease like cancer.

There has been an experimental study to see if curcumin extract from turmeric is useful for cancer, Dr. Puneshwar Keshari says, 'Until now, no study has been done on cancer patients.'

This is beneficial

With the help of turmeric and its main component curcumin, childhood leukemia, i.e. blood cancer, can be prevented. It helps to detoxify the liver, which reduces the risk of cirrhosis and jaundice. It keeps all parts of the body healthy and free from toxins.

It reduces factors like digestion, gas and bloating to reduce weight, fat may Helps activate metabolism. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well as antibacterial properties. Therefore, turmeric works as a cure for all types of diseases.

Turmeric strengthens the immune system thanks to its strong antioxidant activity, which fights free radical attacks on the system. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties are also effective against the development of rheumatoid arthritis. If taken as a supplement, turmeric pills help in reducing joint pain.

Regulates homocysteine levels and controls cholesterol levels. It also helps prevent heart attacks. Regulates insulin levels and thus has a limited effect on diabetes control.

In the latest research on turmeric on Imri Day Health News Portal, turmeric has a long history in Asia as a treatment for all kinds of health problems, including digestive problems. A recent study found that the bright-yellow spice and its active ingredient, curcumin, may be as good at fighting indigestion as the over-the-counter drug omeprazole (Prilosec).

According to a study published in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, scientists randomly assigned 151 adults with indigestion to one of three diets. Participants took two 250 milligram (mg) capsules of curcumin. 20 mg tablets four times daily or both treatments combined. The researchers asked participants about the severity of indigestion symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain at the beginning of the study on days 28 and 56, and again later.

According to study results, participants reported a reduction in symptoms in all three treatment groups.

Is it safe to take curcumin supplements for indigestion?

Although the study did not identify any serious side effects with curcumin or omeprazole (stomach acid-reducing drugs), laboratory tests showed that curcumin could cause liver damage in some overweight people.

Furthermore, the quality and quantity of curcumin in supplements may vary. Yuying Luo, assistant professor of gastroenterology at the Icahn School of Medicine, says, "Turmeric itself has been linked to liver injury, and when mixed with other substances, such as black pepper, it increases blood levels of curcumin."

Participants in the study consumed a total of two grams of curcumin daily and experienced no side effects. It is not associated with liver problems at doses up to 6 grams daily,' says Dr Luo. But she suggests reading the label of any supplement carefully and consulting with your doctor.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

How to deal with angry children?

 How to deal with angry children?

Children often have tantrums, which is normal. They express their feelings through anger. What they are not able to say openly, they express it through anger.

Usually, children get angry if they want something, if they are sad or in pain, if they cannot eat what they want. When they get angry, they cry, scream, throw hands, jump from high places. Which is also called tantrum in medical language. But this is normal.

This is how children learn to hold their own and behave. But even as you get older, such behavior, such as getting angry, beating someone when you don't understand, it is called unhealthy behavior. These symptoms are not normal but can also be due to mental illness.

Dr. Vijay Gyawali, Psychiatrist

Why do children keep getting angry even as they grow older?

Children get angry for many reasons. Mental health is also one of the reasons. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) also causes children to get angry. Its symptoms include inability to concentrate, impulsiveness, quick decision-making, and repetition.

Children also get angry due to separation anxiety. For example, when returning home from school, getting angry, snapping, and chirping are symptoms of it. They are excited to see their parents after the school holidays. Not knowing how to express that enthusiasm, they get angry and angry.

They get angry because they cannot express their feelings clearly due to family discord, quarrels, when their wishes are not fulfilled and also due to bullying in school.

How to trick children?

Usually, children have a habit of getting angry and upset over small things. At this time, they should not be scolded, beaten and beaten. It can have a bad effect on them mentally. Instead, if they are very angry, you should try to understand their feelings.

Children can be fooled by applying Parent Management Technique (PMT).

At first, they should be taught how to express their feelings. When you get angry, write down what you are angry about, show a red card when you get angry, and sit with both hands tied.

If you don't like something, you can make him take a long breath, close his eyes, and sing a song without showing anger. Which helps to reduce their anger.

A change can be made in the language that deceives them. Like, if you are angry, why are you angry, did you do your homework or not?, isn't it time to go to school? Asking them like this can make them even more angry. Instead of using a different kind of language, children can be told 'I am angry today, you are fooling me'. It learns that when angry, this is how it behaves. Anger is also reduced.

Similarly, it can be taken for a walk or to play inside or outside the house. For example, you can make them play in the sand, play football, run, etc. Which helps to 'release' their angry energy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

How can patients travel by plane?

How can patients travel by plane?

Firstly, airlines generally do not allow sick passengers to board the aircraft. Because the risks are different according to the nature of different diseases. In such a situation, if something suddenly happens to the patient, other than first aid (primary treatment) and oxygen supplement, other hospital facilities are not available on the ship. Therefore, all sick passengers must obtain a 'fit to fly' certificate from the relevant doctor before their flight.

But saying this does not mean that patients should not travel by ship. If depending on the severity of the patient, non-medical and medical service personnel can go with him. Similarly, according to the patient's condition and illness, the medical staff may include nurses, paramedics or doctors.

Are there any special services on the plane for patients?

In-flight medical facilities depend on the size and duration of the flight as well as whether the flight is domestic or international.

If used for short-haul domestic flights, medical facilities are limited to first-aid boxes for small-sized aircraft with a carrying capacity of 20-50 passengers. It contains basic items like bandages, antiseptics, antacids, anti-empties, pain killers etc.

A variety of oral and liquid medications are kept on large planes used for international flights. In addition, such aircraft may have oxygen supplements and portable defibrillators. Such a defibrillator is called AED ie automatic external defibrillator.

A defibrillator is a device that produces an electrical charge or current in the heart to restore (bring) the heartbeat back to normal. A defibrillator is used when the heart stops beating due to cardiac arrest.

How is it taken care of if someone suddenly gets sick on the plane?

It is not the same for everyone, it depends on the disease or complications of the patient. For example, travelers may have panic attacks, which are often seen in Nepali workers returning from the Gulf countries and Malaysia. In such a case, besides reassuring the patient, water, oxygen and tranquilizers are also given.

Another passenger may have breathing problems due to asthma. In such a case, nasal oxygen (supplement oxygen) and bronchodilator inhaler can be provided according to the patient's oxygen level measurement with the oximeter.

In another example, appropriate medication is provided to passengers in case of persistent vomiting or dizziness. In case of acute heart attack, brain hemorrhage or clots, the nearest airport should be taken to the hospital. In conclusion, an attempt is made to handle the health condition of the passengers according to the available resources and staff's ability in the aircraft. If it is not possible, it will be taken to the nearest airport as soon as possible.

What to do if a passenger faints on the plane?

There are many reasons for fainting. If the passenger is unconscious due to panic attack or flight phobia (fear of flying), it is sufficient to monitor pulse rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure as well as reassure the patient.

Another cause of fainting can be due to high or low blood sugar levels. In that case, blood sugar level can be measured with the help of glucometer. If the patient's blood sugar level is high, supplementary medicine can be given to control the sugar level and if the level is too low, he can be given enough glucose food.

Other causes of fainting can be fasting or drinking too much alcohol. Excessive hyperventilation (extremely nervous and rapid breathing) due to the fear of air travel can also lead to fainting.

In case of unconsciousness, it can be controlled in the following order:

1. It should be kept in an open place without overcrowding.

2. Both legs should be lifted.

3. Blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen level should be monitored. If there is a cardiac (heart) or cerebrovascular accident, the nearest airport should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

Dr. Ranjit Baral

Can a pregnant woman travel on a ship?

There are pregnancy policy tables for air travel. From the said table, it is clear how cases of pregnancy are considered eligible or ineligible for flying.

Up to the 28th week of pregnancy and pregnant women who are in normal condition can easily fly without any restrictions. A person who is after the 28th week of pregnancy is required to obtain a medical certificate of 'fit to fly' from an obstetrician and gynecologist and an airline doctor to board a flight.

Likewise, late pregnancy (after the 35th week of pregnancy) and advanced pregnancy ie 'malposition' (a situation where the baby's head is in the wrong direction in the mother's womb) or 'twin' pregnancy are not allowed.

Are emergency patients carried on board or not?

Even in an emergency, it depends on what kind of situation it is. In case of unplanned cases like accidents, helicopters or small planes are used to rescue sick or injured people. Similarly planned case According to the situation, para-medics and nurses and non-medical staff can be deployed in mild cases. In such cases, medicines (especially given by injection) are given by the staff and the patient is monitored from time to time.

Doctors are deployed in extremely serious situations in anticipation of unpleasant events. For example, on long-haul flights, passengers with long-term asthma may have breathing problems, where steroids and bronchodilators must be given by injection.

What should be done if they have to travel by air?

Commercial airlines are not considered suitable for patients with very serious health conditions. In such cases, air ambulances are used, which are very expensive. But it has nurses and doctors as well as all the facilities of a 'mini-hospital'.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

This is how face yoga can be done to brighten the face

This is how face yoga can be done to brighten the face

People are taking various measures to look beautiful and attractive. They resort to different types of creams, treatments and many other measures. Although all these will bring shine to the face, it cannot reduce the effects of aging on the face.

In such a situation, exercise for the face can prove to be very useful. For this you can do 'face yoga'. Just as yoga is important for health, it is equally beneficial for the face. How to do 'face yoga' to make your face attractive, what are its benefits? let's know

What is face yoga?

Face yoga is the exercise of facial muscles. It can make facial muscles flexible, improve blood circulation, relax, nourish and reduce the effects of aging on the skin.

What kind of yoga?

Lion pose

Throne yoga is done as a lion opens its mouth while roaring. It strengthens the mouth muscles. The lion pose tightens all the muscles of the face, improves blood circulation and also brings glow. This is one of the best yoga for face.


- First of all, lay a mat on the floor. This method can also be done sitting in bed.

-Sitting in Sukhasana and touching the mat with your hands. Extend the fingers of both hands near the knees. In this case, the elbow should be straight.

- Open your mouth well, stick your tongue out, spread your tongue out and roar like a lion so that the pressure on the facial muscles is reached.

-Repeat twice or four times every day in the morning.


It is important to start your routine by gently tapping the entire face and neck with your fingertips, i.e. by applying quick pressure to the face with your fingertips. This awakens the skin, increases blood circulation and produces elastin and collagen. makes


- Apply pressure by tapping on your forehead with the tips of your fingers, start tapping from the middle of the forehead and move towards the forehead.

-Starting from the chin and going through the base of the nose, tap the tap on your cheeks.

- Keep tapping your cheeks in an upward motion from the chin bone to the cheek bone.

-Tap above the upper lip for about three seconds, then tap tap below the lower lip for a few seconds.

Happy Frog

When a frog croaks like it is happy, it is called 'Happy Frog'. Face volume decreases with age. This pose tightens sagging cheeks and makes them look fuller.

In this mudra, the lower lip and the upper lip are joined together to make a smile. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Kisses and smiles

In this practice, the lips are made to smile for a while and kiss for a while. It does not cause wrinkles on the cheeks.


- Take it near the lips with the thieving finger and middle finger.

- Then close the mouth and make a shape as if kissing and give a smile.

- Sit in the kissing posture for 10 seconds and then keep smiling for 10 seconds.

-Then come to rest position.

fish face

This mudra brightens the face and makes the lips look pink. Helps to improve muscle function.


- Close your eyes first.

-Pull your lips and cheeks inward to give a fish-like shape and hold for 30 seconds.

-Then smile for 30 seconds.

- Do this yoga three to five times a day.

Chin lift

Many people are suffering from the problem of double chin. Double chin makes laughing and speaking difficult. Chin lift yoga is the solution to this problem. In addition, it also works to improve the functioning of the jaw and neck muscles.


-Lift your head and look at the ceiling.

- Push forward as if trying to kiss the ceiling while trying to reach your lips. Continue this for a few seconds.

- Slowly return to your previous position.

-Repeat this facial yoga process three to four times.

Mouthwash technique

Mouthwash Technique Yoga is very easy and can be done at any time. The mouthwash method helps to tone the cheeks and remove excess fat from the face. This yoga is also effective in the problem of double chin.


- When rinsing your mouth with water, fill your cheeks with air in your mouth as if you were filling your mouth with water.

-When tired, rest for a while.

- Repeat this process two-three times.

Eye focus

This eye yoga helps to make the eyebrows beautiful and attractive.


- Spread your eyes as wide as possible. Do not squint your eyes while doing this.

- Now pay attention to see things as far away as possible.

-Slowly pay attention to nearby things.

-Repeat this process for a few seconds, rest for a few seconds.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Colostrum is edible how much?

Colostrum is edible how much?

"People who drink cow's milk every day are strong." We all grew up hearing this saying from the mouths of elders. Many of us have a habit of drinking a glass of milk in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Monday, May 1, 2023

How to choose a research topic?

How to choose a research topic?

Select a topic

Choosing an interesting research topic is your first challenge. Here are some tips:

 Choose a topic that you are interested in. The research process is more relevant if you

care about your topic.

 Narrow your topic to something manageable.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

How to clean the menstrual cup?

How to clean the menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups have made many women comfortable during menstruation. Not only the method of using it but also the cleaning process should be given special attention.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

From tasting to digesting food: how the tongue works

From tasting to digesting food: how the tongue works

We often abuse the tongue, saying it is a tasteful tongue. Because we forget to take care of our health when we indulge in the taste of the tongue. There is another popular saying related to the tongue, it is better to shake the head of one and a half dharni than to flap the tongue of two tolas. In other words, speaking indiscriminately is also the fault of the tongue.

How to plant Lucky Bembo?

How to plant Lucky Bembo?

Nowadays, the trend of decorating lucky bembo in the house, garden and room has increased. It not only enhances the beauty of the room, it is also believed to bring happiness and prosperity to the house.

Monday, January 30, 2023

How to find happiness?

How to find happiness?

Osho says - happiness and sorrow are temporary. Permanence is bliss. Happiness is the ultimate goal of whatever people do. Be it by earning money, be it by performing prayers, be it by doing social service, be it by earning name. The only squeeze of talking is pleasure.

How to remove dark circles with home remedies?

How to remove dark circles with home remedies?

Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes. This problem appears from adolescence due to various reasons. Dark circles are caused by stress from studies, work, lack of sleep, drinking less water, changes in hormones and irregular lifestyle. Apart from that, dark circles can also be caused by genetics.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

How is a cataract treated, and how much does it cost?

How is a cataract treated, and how much does it cost?

Cataract is the main cause of blindness not only in Nepal but also in other developing countries. Now people's life expectancy has increased. But due to changes in lifestyle, the problems of diabetes and high blood pressure have increased, which has increased the number of people who have cataracts.

Monday, November 21, 2022

How much meat is better to eat on Dashain or any other time? This is what the experts say | Do you eat potatoes? Let's know these are the advantages and disadvantages of eating potatoes: see

How much meat is better to eat on Dashain or any other time? This is what the experts say

Dasain has arrived in Nepalese homes. On the first day of Dasain, Dasain started after doing housework. Most meat dishes are cooked during Dasain. This is why the consumption of meat is excessive during Dasain. It is estimated that almost 10 times more meat is consumed during this time than normal time. It is customary to eat the meat brought especially on the day of Phulpati by wearing it on Dasain Bhari. However, meat consumed in this way is not beneficial for health.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

How to prepare yourself for surgery?

How to prepare yourself for surgery?

There are many diseases in whose treatment surgery plays an important role. If you are suffering from any such disease then you also have to prepare yourself for surgery. You went to the hospital, met the surgeon and fixed the date for the operation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

How does one live a long life?

How does one live a long life?

People are afraid of death. Death is certain, but people want to live as long as possible. Therefore, people have done many researches and studies on 'how to live a long life' and have also taken out possible solutions for it.