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Monday, November 6, 2023

Where does body fat go after exercise?

 Where does body fat go after exercise?

Exercise reduces body fat, but where does it go? This question may arise in the mind of many. A few years ago, 150 doctors, dieticians and physical trainers were asked questions about this topic.

There were three answers.

1. Fat is converted into energy and heat.

2. Fat turns into muscle.

3. Fat is converted into carbon dioxide and water.

Out of this, 147 people answered it wrongly. If you think the answer is 'A' or 'B' then it is wrong. Ruben Meerman, a scientist at the School of Biomolecular Sciences at the University of New South Wales, says many experts don't know the answer.

He says, 'Most people say that fat is converted into energy, which is wrong. In fact, this is against the laws of conservation of matter, which follow chemical reactions. Similarly, Meerman says that option 'B', i.e. the conversion of fat into muscle, is also impossible.

According to Merman's research published in the British Medical Journal in 2014, the correct answer is c. That is, fat is converted into carbon dioxide and water. According to research, water comes out of the body in the form of urine, sweat, breath and other bodily fluids. In which the main organ of the body, the lungs, has an important role.

Elaborating on this, Mirman wrote on, "If someone loses 10 kg of fat, 8.4 kg of it comes out as carbon dioxide and the remaining 1.6 kg comes out as water." In other words, we are generally losing this much weight. The lungs play an important role in this reduction. Which we leave as breath.

Why were the doctors wrong?

Because only three of the 150 experts who were surveyed gave the correct answer to this question. Merman conducted a survey of this question among experts in Australia, America, Britain and some European countries, but the answer was wrong everywhere.

Also Merman's conclusion is based on the fact that what we eat should also include the amount of oxygen we take. For example, if 3.5 kg of food and water are consumed in the body, then we have also taken 500 grams of oxygen. We ate a total of four kilos. Therefore, four kilos should come out of the body. Otherwise, the weight will increase", says Meerman.

What to do to reduce obesity?

According to Meerman, it is necessary to remove carbon from fat cells in order to lose weight. The carbon we release when we breathe.

Meerman writes, 'This cannot happen because hyperventilation is caused by taking more breaths than necessary. Which can cause dizziness and fainting.

Therefore, he says that the only way to increase the amount of carbon dioxide from the body is to increase muscle activity.

What is the most effective solution?

Meerman says that carbon dioxide can be produced in the body in many other ways besides exercise. While standing, cooking, cleaning, walking, the body's metabolism increases three times.

If you want to lose weight, Meerman suggests eating less and exercising your body more.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Study Conclusion: The body feels 27 types of love

 Study Conclusion: The body feels 27 types of love

Researchers have created a map of the human body, which shows the different feelings of love and its intensity.

Researchers from Aalto University in Finland used data from surveys conducted on hundreds of people to prepare the map.

Information about 27 types of love experiences was collected from those people.

For example, there are romantic love, sexual love, love of parents, love of friends, love of strangers, love of nature, love of God and love of self.

Suzuki Dashain Offer

Do they feel different types of love in their body with those people or not? It was also asked how intensely they felt physically and mentally.

What has been discovered in that sequence is that there is a continuum from being weak to being strong in different types of love. The research has been published in the journal Philosophical Psychology.

The intensity of love

Researchers say that intense feelings of love can be felt throughout the body. That fact was discovered from the responses given by young women receiving higher education.

Philosopher Partili Rinne, the coordinator of the study, says, "Although this is not particularly unusual, it is worth noting that the feeling of love associated with close relationships is the same and is felt with the greatest intensity."

The participants in the survey were asked to color in a shape of the human body so that what part of the body creates the feeling of love and how do they feel physically and humanly in different ways? And let them tell you how pleasant that feeling was and what it had to do with touch.

Finally, they were asked to rate the closest type of love.

According to Rinne, those types of love that are particularly close to each other have sexual and romantic aspects.

According to researchers, all types of love are felt most in the head. But its intensity is felt differently in different parts of the body. For some, the effect is on the chest, while for others, it is felt throughout the whole body.

Effects from the heart to the brain

Rinne says, 'It is also interesting to find out about the proven relationship between the physical and human intensity of emotion and its pleasant feeling. The more the feeling of love is in the body, the more it is felt mentally and the more pleasant it is.

According to him, as we move from intense love to less intense love, the arousal in the chest becomes progressively weaker.

Perhaps this is because love is associated with the thought process for strangers. It can also be because there is a pleasant sensation in the head.

The researcher says that there is a need for more studies on this. In addition, researchers have also paid attention to the fact that cultural differences play an important role in love.

Rinne says, "If this study was done in a more religious community, the feeling of love for God would have been more intense."

Similarly, if the relationship is with parents, then people feel the most love for their children.

- from the BBC

Sunday, June 25, 2023

7 foods that increase good cholesterol in the body

7 foods that increase good cholesterol in the body

A fat-like substance produced by the liver in the body is called cholesterol. Cholesterol is necessary for vitamin D, digestion and the production of many hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and aldosterone. The amount of cholesterol in the body should be appropriate for various physical activities. Having cholesterol in the body is not dangerous, but increasing bad cholesterol is bad.

Cholesterol is mainly of two types 'HDL' and 'LDL'. High-density lipoprotein or 'HDL' is considered good cholesterol. It is believed to help remove blockages in our arteries and helps flush out bad cholesterol. Another is low-density lipoprotein or 'LDL', the bad cholesterol, which clogs arteries and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease, while good cholesterol indirectly protects against the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Why does bad cholesterol increase?

Due to hereditary reasons, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive consumption of processed foods and people with heart disease, obesity, cholesterol can be a problem. A study by the US government agency CDC "Center for Disease Control and Prevention" said that to reduce bad cholesterol, you need to change your diet and lifestyle.

Bad cholesterol is raised by trans fats, which are high in packaged foods. Saturated fat from various animal meats, fried and processed foods etc. increases bad cholesterol. Processed foods, foods high in carbohydrates and snacks eaten while drinking alcohol also increase bad cholesterol.

Foods that increase good cholesterol

Just as diet is responsible for increasing bad cholesterol in the body, food also plays a role in increasing good cholesterol. If the bad cholesterol is reduced, the good cholesterol will automatically increase in our body. Also, good cholesterol can be increased by eating certain foods.

Mainly 6 foods are beneficial to increase good cholesterol. Nuts, almonds, walnuts, almonds, fish, avocados, olive oil and oats help increase good cholesterol.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Why does the body need sour cream?

Why does the body need sour cream?

There is a proverb in Nepali - red is good, sweet. But it's not just sweets, there are other flavors as well. The tongue experiences sour, bitter, salty, bitter, and sour tastes. All those flavors have their own importance. Nutrient elements are also found in different flavors of food.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Women who go to the gym: Desire for a shapely body

Women who go to the gym: Desire for a shapely body

Often men go to the gym to get fit. But women?

Vikram Bisht, trainer of the fitness center, says, 'Women come to the gym center because they can control their increased weight, make their bodies attractive and in good shape, increase their hips, make their breasts tighter and because there is no environment to exercise at home, they can exercise without any hindrance.'

Monday, November 21, 2022

1 month before the heart-attack, the body gives these signs: take a look, don't ignore | Fruits not only for taste but also for health so many benefits..

1 month before the heart-attack, the body gives these signs: take a look, don't ignore

Let's share this very important information with everyone. Heart attack can happen suddenly to young adults or old people at any age, even hearing the name of this deadly word scares many people.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

What signals does the body give before a heart attack?

What signals does the body give before a heart attack?

Sometimes you have to hear the news of the death of an acquaintance, friend, colleague or relative unexpectedly. Our lips dry up when people who looked fine, met, talked, laughed, ate together, and worked at the same place suddenly 'died'. How did he die?

Sunday, August 28, 2022

A toned body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym

A toned body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym

"Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym."

Whether you work up a sweat or do vigorous exercise. Run recklessly or jump recklessly. However, the putt belly did not decrease. what do you do There is no solution.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Why does the body lack vitamin D?

Why does the body lack vitamin D?

Recently, vitamin D deficiency has emerged as a major problem in the health sector. If we look at the context of Nepal, more and more people are found to be deficient in vitamin D.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

How to measure body temperature and respiratory rate by yourself?

How to measure body temperature and respiratory rate by yourself?

A person's body parts signal a person's illness. We can identify health problems in the body from people feeling weak and various kinds of pain.

When a person becomes ill or has a health problem, his or her major physical symptoms begin to change. We can identify her health problem from the changes in the same physical signs. In the village, the practice of finding the fever by touching the forehead or thinking about the pulse has been going on for a long time. Below is some general information on how to measure your body temperature with a thermometer and how to measure your breathing speed.

How to measure temperature?

If a person does not have a thermometer to check for a fever, their body temperature can be checked by touching the patient's forehead with the other hand. If the patient's body feels hotter than the other person's body, the basic test method is that he may have a fever. But rather than relying entirely on it, you should decide whether or not to go to the hospital for a test according to your body condition.

If you have a thermometer, your body temperature can be measured by placing it in your mouth, armpits, or anus. The armpits of any person have a lower temperature than the mouth. The anus is hotter than the mouth. A thermometer with a measuring mark in centigrade or Fahrenheit can be used to measure fever.

How to measure fever?

- Clean the thermometer with soapy water or alcohol. Hold the thermometer on the red or silver-colored tip and shake it until the temperature drops below 36 degrees.

- The mouth should be closed with the thermometer under the tongue. Or if the patient is afraid of being bitten by a thermometer, it should be placed in the armpit.

- Keep it for three or four minutes.

- You should read the measurements carefully.

- The thermometer should be washed with soap and cold water and, if possible, dipped in a chlorine solution for 20 minutes and washed with clean water.

How to measure the speed of breathing

Respiratory rate describes the condition of the lungs and respiratory system. It also provides information about a person's general health. Watch the person rest his chest up and down to catch his breath.

For adults, the normal breathing rate is 12 to 20 beats per minute. Breathing speed is the act of breathing in and out once.

In case of infection, fever, bleeding or dehydration, agitation, lung problems, or other emergencies, the pulse rate also increases with a pulse. If the rate of pulse and respiration is too low when you are very sick, the patient may even die. Short and short breaths can be a sign of a respiratory infection. Breathing 30 times or more per minute may be a sign of pneumonia.

Friday, March 5, 2021

What are the sources of essential fatty acids for the body?

What are the sources of essential fatty acids for the body?

Fatty acids are a type of body fat. Foods are the source of most fatty acids. Like last, almonds.

We get omega 3 fatty acids from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources. Omega 3 also boosts the body's immune system. So we can get fatty acids from many foods. However, only a few of these foods provide the right amount. It transmits energy to your body. Not only this, but it also protects you from heart disease, allergies, or depression.

The seed of laziness

In addition to many nutrients, lazy seeds are also rich in omega 3 and lignans. It is a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber and protein. It can be taken up to three grams in a day. It can also be consumed by making pickles.

Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds also contain some nutrients. In addition to fatty acids, it contains protein, vitamin E, and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. Its use will benefit you.

After all

Other is not only a good source of fatty acids but also a good source of protein and dietary fiber. It also contains manganese, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium. So you can eat it daily.


Almonds are a great source of fatty acids. Eating peanuts daily has many benefits for your body. So it is always advisable to consume peanuts.

Olive oil

Olive oil is very beneficial. It is rich in fatty acids. So consume this oil daily.

All grains

When eating out you should pay attention to what you are eating. The grain is very important for the body. It also contains fatty acids. It has great utility.

The white part of the egg

Egg whites are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains 9 percent calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thymine, vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, and pathogenic acid.


Salmon is also a good source of fatty acids, vitamin D, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and selenium. But, we should not consume more than 100 grams of it. Lightly roasting or steaming salmon is more beneficial than frying.


You may not know that some of the vegetables we eat are harmful to our bodies. But, if you eat greens, you will get the properties of fatty acids in them.

Hilsa fish

Did you know that fish is rich in protein? And, it is important to know that hilsa fish is rich in protein as well as fatty acids. So its use is beneficial for the body.

Tea seeds

When you eat tea seeds, you get all the properties of fatty acids. So be sure to consume it.


Blueberries are a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It is also rich in omega 3. Blueberries alone contain about 174 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is low in saturated fat and contains both omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Among other oils, soybean, other, lazy oil, etc. are also beneficial. However, it should be consumed in a balanced amount. Do not take more than 3 to 4 teaspoons in a day.


Soybeans are a strong source of fatty acids in our bodies. Soybeans contain protein, isoflavones, fiber, lecithin, carbohydrates, and micronutrients. Its milk can also be consumed. Those who do not like cow and buffalo milk and yogurt can drink soybean milk.

Monday, January 18, 2021

How does blood flow properly in the body?

How does blood flow properly in the body?

To keep the body healthy, a person's blood flow must be at the right level. Not only sound oxygen but his alertness and dedication to are most required. Blood carries essential nutrients as well as oxygen to the body.

As soon as there is any damage to the blood cells, there is also damage to the blood flow. Which can be harmful to all parts of the body. But such problems can also be treated with natural remedies at home.

Physical exercise

Exercise regularly to stay physically healthy. Regular yoga, sports, and badminton cure heart disease as well as improve the blood flow in the body. The faster the blood is pumped from the heart, the better the blood flow.

Eat a balanced diet

Whatever type of food we eat has a direct effect on the body. So we should always eat a balanced diet. Eating a diet rich in nutrients like fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and C eliminates the disorder in the blood cells of the body.

Adequate water intake

Our body is 70 percent full of water. When there is a lack of water in the body, along with feeling thirsty, the concentration of blood also decreases. So you should consume as much water as possible. An adequate amount of water should be consumed for oxygen to flow in the body.

Don't smoke

Smoking is harmful to health. Its consumption can cause many problems. To maintain blood circulation, you need to quit smoking. Smoking tightens blood cells. This can cause problems with blood flow. So quit smoking.

Limit salt intake

The main cause of high or low blood pressure is due to salt. Excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. Consuming a limited amount of salt has a positive effect on blood cells and also regulates blood flow.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Does being happy increase the body's resistance to disease?

Does being happy increase the body's resistance to disease?

We get more satisfaction from anything only when our body is in good condition. When the body is not well, no matter how sweet the food is, no matter how good the place is. This means that the body must be healthy for us to enjoy life to the fullest.

How is the body healthy?

For this, we must have strong immunity. There are many rules to strengthen the immune system. One of them is a simple rule, happiness.

Being happy both externally and internally can keep you healthy for a long time. It is very important to be happy to live a good life. When our body's ability to fight disease is reduced, various diseases occur.

So it is very important to be happy to boost the immune system. Many things around us control our happiness and stress. According to which our body reacts. To stay healthy and happy, it is very important to stay emotionally healthy. Even if mental health is not good, it harms the body. So it is important to take care of what is happening in our lives.

1. Health effects of positive thinking

Positive thinking is very important in life. When negative things are around, you also start to be negative. So try to keep the surrounding environment positive. Which helps to keep the body healthy and happy.

2. Happiness boosts the immune system

When you are happy, your body gets energy. So it is very important to be happy to improve the immune system.

3. Laugh a lot

Laughing out loud reduces stress and boosts the body's immune system. Laughter improves blood circulation in the body. As a result, the production of stress hormones in the body is reduced.

4. Exercise

Most people do not like to exercise. But when we exercise, our body produces a hormone called endorphins. Which improves our mood. And stress and anxiety are reduced. Swimming, cycling, and skipping are good for boosting immunity.

5. Sleep

Sleep calms the mind. A good night's sleep relaxes the body and relieves stress by forgetting the fatigue of the day. So you need enough sleep to improve your immune system.

6. Dance

Regular dancing makes you physically healthy. Besides, our body's immune system is strong. Dancing makes our body feel happy and reduces calories in the body.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Drinks that cancer patients should eat

Drinks that cancer patients should eat

We all understand cancer as a major disease. But with early detection and treatment, cancer can be completely cured. The disease causes the cancer cells in the affected area to grow uncontrollably, spread to other tissues, and the cancer cells that are growing uncontrollably die due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

Eventually, uncontrolled cell growth can lead to cancer deaths. The growth of cancer cells needs to be curbed to control or prevent cancer. This restraint is only possible when the environment outside the cell is completely natural.

The main reason for the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells is the disruption of the mechanism for controlling cell division by the accumulation of foreign substances in the extracellular environment. When foreign matter accumulates in the extracellular environment, these substances stimulate the dormant cell's carcinogenic gene to cause uncontrolled division. This uncontrolled growth is cancer and to get rid of it, the toxins present in the environment outside the cell must be purified. This is possible by consuming some naturally occurring fruit and vegetable drinks. Therefore, cancer patients should consume the following fruit juices.

1) Wheat germ juice:

Wheat germ is rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an antioxidant and antimutagenic compound in itself. The fact that chlorophyll intake increases red blood cells has also become public. As blood cells grow, they help kill cancer cells by delivering more oxygen to the cancerous tissue. Wheat germ also contains anti-cancer selenium and lytryl. Wheat germ contains 13 types of vitamins, 20 amino acids, and antioxidants. All of these elements are cancer-resistant.

2) Black Grape Juice:

Grapefruit contains a phytochemical called laminin which helps in removing carcinogens. Grape seed has been used mainly in the treatment of colon cancer. Grapes also contain an element called monoterpenes. Monitoring also plays a key role in removing carcinogens from the body.

3) Carrot juice:

Carrots are also a fruit rich in cancer-resistant phytochemicals. The beta carotene present in carrots plays a major role in the prevention, control, and treatment of skin cancer. Carrots also help heal wounds after cancer tissue damage.

4) Beetroot juice:

Packed with adequate amounts of antioxidants and vitamins, beets are a good source of carotenoids. The carotenoids present in beets play an important role in preventing all types of cancer. Carotenoids are also used to treat leukemia.

5) Tomato juice

Tomato is a treasure trove of vitamin C. In addition to vitamins, spinach contains many minerals and salts, such as sodium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur. Tomato juice is mainly fed for protest cancer. An ingredient called glutathione present in goulash protects cells from oxidative stress as well as strengthens the immune system.

6) Broccoli juice

Broccoli contains an element called indole-3 carbinol. Indole 3 carbinol plays a key role in the prevention, control, and treatment of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer. Indole-3 cardinal is understood to be an ingredient that strengthens the estrogen hormone resistance and competition system.

7) Lettuce juice

Rich in sulfur, chlorine, silicon, and vitamin B complex, lettuce juice is useful for lung cancer.

8) Noni juice

Noni juice has the potential to cure first stage cancer. Noni juice destroys cancer cells and helps build white blood cells that eat cancer cells.

Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction

Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction

The thyroid is a type of endocrine hormone. This hormone is produced by the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located just below the rudraghanti in the anterior and lower part of our neck. This gland produces hormones called triiodothyronine (T3) and tetraiodothyronine (T4) and thyrocalcitonin. Of these three hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and tetraiodothyronine (T4) are commonly called thyroid hormones.

Of these two hormones, 90% are T4 and 10% are T3, but T3 is the active hormone. These hormones play an important role in the formation of many types of structural and functional proteins and enzymes by stimulating many types of genes, mainly in the nucleus of the cell. Therefore, the thyroid is a wide range of hormones. It controls various metabolic activities of the body.

What is thyroid dysfunction?

The thyroid hormone is a very important chemical that directly and indirectly affects the expression of various metabolic processes in the body. In particular, the thyroid hormone regulates the body's metabolism. When this happens, the body's basic metabolic rate is also affected. Apart from this, the thyroid gland also affects the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Thyroid hormones also play a role in the growth, development, and weight control of the body. Thyroid hormones are also needed for the development of the brain and nerves.

Thyroid hormones also affect the ability of cells to absorb glucose. Similarly, thyroid hormones also help in the production of urine from digestive absorption and excretion. Adequate thyroid hormone is also needed to control heart rate, contractility, stiffness of nerves, blood pressure, and heart rate, and it also affects respiration rate, oxygen saturation rate, and blood circulation.

This hormone is also needed for the growth and development of the body, the growth, and development of the brain, sexual desire, and the ability, to prevent menstrual problems. The amount of thyroid hormone in the body continues to do all of the above, while too much or too little disrupts all activity. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which there is an overdose of this hormone in the body due to an increase in the thyroid, and a condition where the thyroid is low is called hypothyroidism.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism:

1. Weight gain:

Hypothyroidism causes unexpected weight gain. There are several reasons for this. The first reason is that when the basic metabolic rate of a person is low due to thyroid deficiency, the process of fat melting is reduced due to the need for less energy to sustain life. Another reason for weight gain due to hypothyroidism is that the patient becomes more tired, lazy, and has body aches due to this disease and also loses weight due to the physical activity of the patient. Also, patients with hypothyroidism are advised to store more energy in their muscles, liver, and fat tissue, and to eat more and consume less energy. This results in fat and weight gain.

2. Feeling tired:

Fatigue is a basic symptom of hypothyroidism. The main reason for this is the delay in the body's energy and metabolism due to the lack of thyroid hormone. Thyroid secretion is essential for the body to have energy and vitality. But in the case of hypothyroidism, a lack of hormones reduces energy production and leads to fatigue.

3. Feeling cold:

Hypothyroidism lowers our basal metabolic rate. When this happens, the energy produced by our body decreases and we feel cold. Also, when the thyroid is low, the brown adipose tissue needed to produce body heat cannot be activated, so the heat is produced less and it stays cold.

4. Weakness:

Deficiency of thyroid hormone increases the metabolic activity by stopping the metabolic activity in the body. As the catabolic activity increases, the muscles of the body decay, and weakness is felt.

5. Pain in the body:

Hypothyroidism increases the catabolic activity in the body and causes loss of muscle and soft connective tissue, causing body aches, burns, and knee stiffness even when not working.

6. Hair loss:

Thyroid hormone is essential for the growth, growth, and health of hair stem cells. With hypothyroidism, a lack of thyroid hormone can impede the growth and development of stem cells. Therefore, not enough hair can be formed and hair tends to thin and fall out.

7. Dry and itchy skin:

Skin cells also fall into rapid regeneration cells and the information communication of thyroid hormones plays an important role in the regeneration of these cells. When hypothyroidism occurs, the skin cells do not receive adequate information about regeneration and the skin becomes dry and the scalp changes.

8. Indifference:

Thyroid hormone is an essential hormone for the growth, development, and initiation of nerve cells. Symptoms of fear, anxiety, and depression are seen when thyroid hormones are deficient in the ability of neurons to function. Another reason for the increase in depression is that when the thyroid is deficient in physical energy, it causes depression.

 9. Mental lethargy:

With hypothyroidism, concentration, attention, rhythm, orientation, memory, emotion, dreaming, sleep and Slowness appears in specific brain activities such as speech. Although it is not clear why thyroid dysfunction occurs, it is thought to be caused by a lack of adequate supply of thyroid hormones, which are essential for the proper functioning of nerve cells. Similarly, people with low thyroid may have difficulty doing small math calculations and quick calculations.

10. Cholesterol disorders:

Hypothyroidism is a disorder in which the amount of blood fat is impaired, even when it is not fully manifested. Thyroid hormones are needed for the synthesis, metabolism, and transfer of blood fats. However, when thyroid deficiency causes this loss of control, symptoms such as increased blood cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein increase, high-density lipoprotein decrease, apolipoprotein B increase, and triglyceride levels also increase.

11. Irregular and auditory menstruation

Regular menstruation requires thyroid hormones. This is because when the thyroid is low, the growth and development of ovarian follicles are slowed down.

12. Swelling of the face, swelling of the knees

Body sores that appear in cases of complex hypothyroidism are called mixed AD. When mixed AD, the lips, mouth, eyebrows, tongue, knees, and even the skin area are swollen. If you put your finger on the swollen area due to hypothyroidism, the dam will not stay. The main reasons for this are thyroid deficiency, accumulation of mucopolysaccharides in the skin, and swelling of the mucopolysaccharide by attracting water. Problems with mixed AD can sometimes be very dangerous and people can become unconscious which is called a mixed AD crisis.

13. Voice loss:

In the case of hypothyroidism, the person's tone changes, and the tone of voice changes. Although no specific cause for the loss of voice has been identified, scientists say that the muscles and nerves of the vocal cords cannot function properly due to a deficiency of thyroid hormone.

14. Constipation

Not all people with constipation have hypothyroidism, but if you have constipation along with other symptoms of hypothyroidism, it is due to hypothyroidism. With hypothyroidism, constipation occurs as the bowel movement slows down.

15. Decreased heart rate:

Thyroid hormones regulate heart contractility, nerve stiffness, blood pressure, and heart rate. Lack of thyroid hormone slows down all these activities and also slows down the heart rate.

16. Throat coming:

Hypothyroidism increases blood levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone. Thyroid-stimulating hormones stimulate the thyroid gland to make more thyroid hormones and increase thyroid cells. If this action is done for a long time, goiter will occur.

17. Infertility:

If the problem of hypothyroidism persists for a long time or the problem becomes more complicated, the problem of infertility will appear.

18. Joints become jammed, sore, and swollen

People with thyroid also have joint pain, burning, swelling, and jamming.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

It is necessary to purify the body

It is necessary to purify the body

Due to poor diet, lifestyle, and environment, various disorders accumulate in our bodies. This is the disorder that causes disease in the body.

Not everything we eat is fresh or digestible. On top of that, the body cannot digest spicy food, junk food, alcoholic beverages, etc. Sometimes we eat more food than we need. Similarly, some of the food we eat is toxic. While eating such food, disorders start accumulating in the body. Similarly, the dust and smoke in the environment also make the body deformed. On top of that our sedentary lifestyle becomes another reason.

As the disorder accumulates in the body, the body becomes sick and chronic. Therefore, it is necessary to purify the body from time to time. For this, it is enough to make simple changes in food and lifestyle.


The simplest and most effective method of body purification is fasting. Sometimes the whole meal can be left for a day. It is advisable to fast once a week whenever possible. However, for those who do manual labor or have any kind of physical problem and are taking medicine, it is advisable to fast only depending on their condition.

When you do not eat any solid food, the digestive system gets to rest. At the same time, the disorder in the body also disappears.


Physical exercise is an effective method of body purification. Even if you exercise with fullness for thirty minutes every day, the disorder will not accumulate in the body. It is advisable to sweat once a day, whether through physical labor or exercise. Similarly, there are some asanas and methods of yoga, which bring out the disorder in the body.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruits are very useful for removing body disorders. For this, fresh fruits should be consumed regularly. Therefore, the fruit needs to be weather friendly. Nowadays, pesticides and chemicals may have been used in the production and storage of fruits, but such fruits are more harmful.

Fresh vegetable juice

Fresh vegetable juices are also a good way to purify the body. So make juice of green vegetables like cucumber, spinach, broccoli, squash, and drink it. Apart from this, it is better to start the day with fruit juices like apple, pomegranate, banana, and carrot.

Drink enough water

Adequate water intake is an effective way to purify the body. Generally, it is considered good for an adult to drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

To keep your body hydrated and get rid of toxins, you should drink at least two glasses of water when you wake up in the morning. It cleanses the blood and stomach from disorders. There are other benefits to drinking lemon juice mixed with water.

Green tea intake

Green tea made from raw and fresh leaves is rich in antioxidants which protect the body from radicals. It helps to keep hydrated and keeps the stomach full for a long time. Green tea is very useful for body cleansing.

Sugar quantity control

If we reduce the amount of sugar in our diet, we can purify our body. It boosts metabolism and improves overall health. Excessive sugar intake also makes you feel tired. Weight gain can also be a cause of diabetes, so it is important to control the amount of sugar in your diet.