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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Does your sugar level increase in summer? Learn how to control diabetes in this season

 Does your sugar level increase in summer? Learn how to control diabetes in this season

If you have diabetes then summer season can be a challenging season for you. Learn how you can control your diabetes during this time.

If your insulin level or blood sugar level (Blood Sugar Level) is not controlled properly in the summer season, then diabetes patients are at the highest risk in this season. If your blood sugar is too high then it can be more serious in these summers. Depending on your activities, low blood sugar can also become a concern and not only this, diabetes can damage your sweat glands. Due to which you don't even sweat properly. All this is due to the increase in temperature in the outdoor weather. Rising temperatures can also damage your medications and testing equipment. So you have to keep your medicines safe with you. Before going out in the summer, it is important that you keep your blood sugar under control.

What do experts say?

Our expert Dr. Vinay Bhatt, General Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad says that heat mostly affects your blood sugar level. How much it affects you depends on how hydrated you are, how active you are, and what you eat and drink. If you are sweating profusely then it may be because you are getting dehydrated and your blood glucose level is increasing. Due to this, you can urinate again and again due to which you will get more dehydration and your sugar level can also increase more. Your medicines can also break down on their own due to high temperatures, so keep them in a cool place.

How to control diabetes in summer?

1. Adjust insulin (Adjust Insulin Level)

Be sure to ask your doctor how you can adjust your insulin level before exercising so that it does not increase your sugar and glucose levels. Many doctors will give you these tips that how you can control your blood sugar level in summer.

2. Drink More Water

The main cause of blood sugar increase is dehydration and to avoid this you should drink more water so that your body can stay hydrated.

3. Keep checking the blood sugar level (Check Your Sugar)

The temperature outside in summer can increase or decrease your blood sugar, so it is a good idea to keep checking your sugar level frequently. You can try to control your diabetes only according to your sugar level.

4. Stop Getting Dehydrated

Keep a bottle of water or liquids with you that do not increase your sugar and if you are going out, drink a little water all the time so that you can avoid dehydration in diabetes.

5. Fix blood sugar (Keep Glucagon Kit)

In summer, not only your blood sugar (Blood Sugar) may increase but also decrease. Which in itself is a concern and for this you should always keep your glucose tablets with you.

6. Avoid Sunburn

If you stay in the sun too much, you may get sunburn and it may increase blood sugar, so protect yourself from sunburn.

7. Keep Healthy Snacks With You

If you want to control your sugar then some snacks can also replace your meal.

If you have diabetes, you have to make more efforts to protect yourself and your medicines during the summer season, so avoid going out too much.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Does cheese increase cholesterol?

 Does cheese increase cholesterol?

Paneer is a favorite dish of vegetarians. Just as meat is dear to others, paneer is to vegetarians. It is a must-have dish in vegetarian kitchens during festivals.

Eating paneer is not only delicious but also beneficial for health. Because it contains nutrients like fat, protein, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium that the body needs.

Considering that it is good for health and sweet in terms of taste, many people eat paneer a lot, but because it is beneficial, you should not eat more than necessary. Because eating too much cheese increases the level of 'bad cholesterol' which harms the body.


Due to the high content of fat and protein in paneer, it takes time to digest compared to other vegetables. On top of that, it is customary to grate the paneer and add ghee and twelve spices to eat it. Eating high protein and spicy food on top of that also increases calories.

Therefore, if you eat a lot of cheese dishes, it constantly burdens the digestive power and as a result, problems arise in the digestive process.

If there is no physical exercise, it accumulates in the body and gradually narrows the blood vessels. If the blood vessel shrinks, the cholesterol level will increase, blood pressure may also increase.

Similarly, Bazariya Paneer also contains salt. Which increases sodium consumption. High sodium also increases blood pressure.

If you already have high blood pressure and diabetes, you should not eat more cheese than your body needs. It increases the risk of cholesterol.

An article published in the British Heart Foundation also mentions that cheese is high in saturated fat and salt, which increases cholesterol and blood pressure.

As the level of both of these increases, heart disease can also increase, so the foundation recommends that cheese should be cooked in a healthy way and eaten in limited quantities.

So what are the limitations of cheese?

Food that benefits our body does not have to be eaten full. Even if you eat a little, you will get enough nutrition.

Be it cheese or other protein foods, if we eat as much as we do, we do physical activity accordingly, then the food will be digested. But if we don't work, we eat a lot, even limited food can cause digestive problems.

Generally, a healthy person can eat 200 grams of paneer daily for nutrition. If you eat this much, your body will get the same amount of protein as meat.

Nutrients found in paneer

Lactose is less in paneer. It is rich in fat, protein, calcium, vitamins, phosphorus and minerals.

Apart from this, vitamins A, B12, B9, B7, B6, B5, B3, B2 can also be found in some amount of cheese.

You also need to know how to eat

Paneer is high in protein so it can be eaten in the morning and afternoon. It is advisable not to include protein in dinner as much as possible. As the evening progresses, the digestive capacity of the body slows down and it becomes difficult for the stomach to digest heavy food.

As far as how to eat? It is said that, instead of grating the cheese, it can be cooked fresh by mixing it with vegetables or other vegetables with less spices or putting it inside roti, paratha.

Many people may not know that cheese is delicious and healthy when grated into a salad or eaten with two or three pieces of cheese mixed with lemon and salt according to taste.

Not only cholesterol, other health problems also appear if you eat more than the limit.

Kidney stones

Paneer is rich in calcium. Which is beneficial for bones. But if you eat too much, it can cause kidney stones. The National Kidney Foundation recommends not eating more than 1,000 to 1,200 grams of calcium a day.


If you eat more cheese than you need, you will not be able to digest it. Since paneer contains a lot of protein, if it takes time to digest, its consumption may cause flatulence or acidity.

Constipation and diarrhea

Constipation or diarrhea may occur if you eat too much cheese. Eating spicy paneer in the evening can cause diarrhea because digestion cannot work.

Which foods contain vitamin A, what are the benefits?

Vitamins and minerals are essential elements for the human body. These elements benefit the body.

Vitamin A strengthens bones, heals wounds and increases immunity and keeps skin healthy. Also, it converts food into energy and keeps the cells healthy.

In general, vitamin A works to keep the body active and healthy. The human body needs vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin D and vitamin B.

Due to lack of vitamin A, various problems can appear in the body. Vitamin A can be obtained through food. Vitamin A helps keep the heart, lungs, and kidneys healthy.

Types of Vitamin A

There are two types of vitamin A, 'active vitamin A' and 'beta carotene'. Active vitamin A is also known as retinal. The second vitamin, pro-vitamin A, is found in fruits and vegetables. Which is called carotenoid.

Vitamin A use

Vitamin A is essential for good health. Vitamin A increases the strength of the eyes and keeps the muscles in the eyes healthy. It is also beneficial for fertility and fetal development.

Vitamin A helps to maintain calcium levels in the blood, strengthen bones, and make teeth healthy and strong. In addition, vitamin A also provides energy to the body.

What happens with vitamin A deficiency?

Lack of vitamin A can cause loss of eyesight. Its deficiency can cause problems such as dry eyes, dry hair, dry skin, colds, fatigue, insomnia, weight loss and pneumonia. It is appropriate to use vitamin A to overcome such health problems.

How much vitamin A to take?

Eating any food in excess will affect your health. When eating food or taking nutrients, it is important to pay attention to its quantity.

When the amount of vitamin A is high, problems such as headache, eye pain, frequent fatigue, hair loss, skin problems and joint pain may appear. Therefore, when using vitamin A, it should be taken in the right amount.

A source of vitamin A

Beetroot, Greens, Broccoli, Whole grains, Paneer, Nuts, Butter, Carrots, Chilli, Dairy products, Rajma, Mutton, Mango, Spinach, Peas, Parsley, Red chilli, Seafood, Turnip, Tomato, Sugarcane, Watermelon, Corn kernels, yellow or orange fruits are sources of vitamin A.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

7 foods that increase good cholesterol in the body

7 foods that increase good cholesterol in the body

A fat-like substance produced by the liver in the body is called cholesterol. Cholesterol is necessary for vitamin D, digestion and the production of many hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and aldosterone. The amount of cholesterol in the body should be appropriate for various physical activities. Having cholesterol in the body is not dangerous, but increasing bad cholesterol is bad.

Cholesterol is mainly of two types 'HDL' and 'LDL'. High-density lipoprotein or 'HDL' is considered good cholesterol. It is believed to help remove blockages in our arteries and helps flush out bad cholesterol. Another is low-density lipoprotein or 'LDL', the bad cholesterol, which clogs arteries and increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Bad cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease, while good cholesterol indirectly protects against the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Why does bad cholesterol increase?

Due to hereditary reasons, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive consumption of processed foods and people with heart disease, obesity, cholesterol can be a problem. A study by the US government agency CDC "Center for Disease Control and Prevention" said that to reduce bad cholesterol, you need to change your diet and lifestyle.

Bad cholesterol is raised by trans fats, which are high in packaged foods. Saturated fat from various animal meats, fried and processed foods etc. increases bad cholesterol. Processed foods, foods high in carbohydrates and snacks eaten while drinking alcohol also increase bad cholesterol.

Foods that increase good cholesterol

Just as diet is responsible for increasing bad cholesterol in the body, food also plays a role in increasing good cholesterol. If the bad cholesterol is reduced, the good cholesterol will automatically increase in our body. Also, good cholesterol can be increased by eating certain foods.

Mainly 6 foods are beneficial to increase good cholesterol. Nuts, almonds, walnuts, almonds, fish, avocados, olive oil and oats help increase good cholesterol.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Carbohydrates from sweet potatoes increase life?

Carbohydrates from sweet potatoes increase life?

Nutritionist Dr. Sakharkhand produced in winter is a good source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, potassium, phosphorus. Bhupal Baniyan says.

Why does heart rate increase when you are scared or anxious?

Why does heart rate increase when you are scared or anxious?

When we suddenly panic or fear for some reason, then the heart beats faster. We think that the heart will come out.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Is there a shortage of cetamol in the market with the increase in dengue infection?

Is there a shortage of cetamol in the market with the increase in dengue infection?

Dengue infection is increasing rapidly in major urban areas including Kathmandu. Most of the hospitals in Kathmandu have started filling up with dengue patients. As there is no specific treatment or medicine against dengue, medicine is given according to the symptoms. Paracetamol is given to eat especially because of high fever in dengue infection.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Omicron Symptoms: Do not ignore these 5 symptoms of Omicron, otherwise it will increase

Omicron Symptoms: Do not ignore these 5 symptoms of Omicron, otherwise it will increase

Omicron Symptoms: Regarding the Omicron variant, scientists say that it is affecting the immunity system a lot, so people who have received both doses of the vaccine also need to be alert. For this, you mustn't ignore these symptoms at all. Let us know about these symptoms of Omicron Symptoms-

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Why does pollution increase in cold weather?

Why does pollution increase in cold weather?

 With the onset of winter each year, air pollution begins to increase. The amount of air pollution has started increasing this year as the weather is getting colder. On Wednesday, air pollution in five places outside the Kathmandu Valley exceeded the danger mark.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Are children becoming obese?

Are children becoming obese?

In the past, parents would be satisfied if their children were obese. The children were stunned to learn that they had died. At that time, children used to play, jump and run outside the house. Junk food was not readily available. And, their bodies didn't look ugly.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

How to increase immunity?

 How to increase immunity?

Corona ruined a lot of things. How many lives were lost from this world disease, how many families? Some suffered physical pain and some mental stress. However, because of Corona, the human community was able to realize something.

For example, the physical distance must be maintained to avoid any infectious disease. Pay attention to physical hygiene. Eat nutritious and balanced food. And, the body's ability to fight disease should be increased.