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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Does your sugar level increase in summer? Learn how to control diabetes in this season

 Does your sugar level increase in summer? Learn how to control diabetes in this season

If you have diabetes then summer season can be a challenging season for you. Learn how you can control your diabetes during this time.

If your insulin level or blood sugar level (Blood Sugar Level) is not controlled properly in the summer season, then diabetes patients are at the highest risk in this season. If your blood sugar is too high then it can be more serious in these summers. Depending on your activities, low blood sugar can also become a concern and not only this, diabetes can damage your sweat glands. Due to which you don't even sweat properly. All this is due to the increase in temperature in the outdoor weather. Rising temperatures can also damage your medications and testing equipment. So you have to keep your medicines safe with you. Before going out in the summer, it is important that you keep your blood sugar under control.

What do experts say?

Our expert Dr. Vinay Bhatt, General Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad says that heat mostly affects your blood sugar level. How much it affects you depends on how hydrated you are, how active you are, and what you eat and drink. If you are sweating profusely then it may be because you are getting dehydrated and your blood glucose level is increasing. Due to this, you can urinate again and again due to which you will get more dehydration and your sugar level can also increase more. Your medicines can also break down on their own due to high temperatures, so keep them in a cool place.

How to control diabetes in summer?

1. Adjust insulin (Adjust Insulin Level)

Be sure to ask your doctor how you can adjust your insulin level before exercising so that it does not increase your sugar and glucose levels. Many doctors will give you these tips that how you can control your blood sugar level in summer.

2. Drink More Water

The main cause of blood sugar increase is dehydration and to avoid this you should drink more water so that your body can stay hydrated.

3. Keep checking the blood sugar level (Check Your Sugar)

The temperature outside in summer can increase or decrease your blood sugar, so it is a good idea to keep checking your sugar level frequently. You can try to control your diabetes only according to your sugar level.

4. Stop Getting Dehydrated

Keep a bottle of water or liquids with you that do not increase your sugar and if you are going out, drink a little water all the time so that you can avoid dehydration in diabetes.

5. Fix blood sugar (Keep Glucagon Kit)

In summer, not only your blood sugar (Blood Sugar) may increase but also decrease. Which in itself is a concern and for this you should always keep your glucose tablets with you.

6. Avoid Sunburn

If you stay in the sun too much, you may get sunburn and it may increase blood sugar, so protect yourself from sunburn.

7. Keep Healthy Snacks With You

If you want to control your sugar then some snacks can also replace your meal.

If you have diabetes, you have to make more efforts to protect yourself and your medicines during the summer season, so avoid going out too much.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Dental protection in summer: how much and how to drink soft drinks?

Dental protection in summer: how much and how to drink soft drinks?

Some people start having toothache when they drink cold drinks in summer. What is the reason for this? Dentists say the problem is caused by the acid and sweetness in soft drinks and that the only solution is to control the consumption of soft drinks.

Summer is a sensitive time for our teeth and mouth. Due to the high temperature, any food stuck in the teeth can cause rapid decay in the mouth, on the one hand, and on the other hand, some foods eaten during the summer can be a barrier to the protection of the teeth and mouth.

Dentists believe that eating too much food in hot weather is too sweet and processed food is not suitable for teeth and mouth. There is a belief that ‘too much food’ i.e. too sour, too cold, and too hot should be ignored as much as possible. But due to unfavorable weather, consumption of very cold food is also increasing.

With the onset of the summer season, the consumption of various beverages skyrockets in the market. Beverages also consume more carbonated acid soft drinks than soft drinks such as milk and lassi. But how to drink those beverages and how much to drink? Dentists, on the other hand, emphasize the need to consume soft drinks as little as possible.

Dentists recommend low-sugar and acid-rich beverages as an alternative to soft drinks. These alternatives include water, milk, and various fruit juices.

How to drink soft drinks?

Dentists say that after drinking a soft drink, you should drink it through a pipe and swallow it directly. When drinking soft drinks, do not keep the drink in the mouth for a long time and after drinking the drink, rinse your mouth with clean water. Due to which the carbonic acid that causes tooth problems cannot stay in the teeth. It also causes problems in Giza.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

What to do in summer to prevent heartburn and acidity?

What to do in summer to prevent heartburn and acidity?

What to eat and what not to eat on hot days? Dehydration, gastric problems, abdominal pain, heartburn, or acidity increase during the summer. As the temperature rises, our body reacts differently. So we have to give up some food items on summer days. If you continue to eat certain foods during the summer, as at other times, your health may deteriorate.

You should cut back on soft drinks, soft drinks, dairy products, oily foods, red meat, milk tea, or coffee. Instead, you should eat things that make your stomach cold. For example, fresh fruits, cucumbers, soft water, etc. should be eaten in summer. On hot days you should increase your liquid diet. Foods that need to be reduced in summer.

Red meat

Red meat is high in protein and iron. It is difficult to digest on summer days. Eating red meat also raises body temperature, which is not good in summer. When eating red meat in summer, the body absorbs a lot of energy, so you should stay away from it as much as possible.

Cold drink

Everyone loves cold drinks in the summer. Many people drink soft drinks to escape the heat. Cold drinks increase the number of calories, as well as help the body to dehydrate. That said, drinking too much of it can have an effect. Therefore, it is better to pay more attention to natural beverages like juice and coconut water instead of cold drinks.

Smooth junk food

Even if you like greasy junk food, this season is not suitable for it. Oil can cause heartburn in summer. Eating such food on hot days can cause acidity and even skin problems.

Very spicy vegetables

There are many spicy foods in Nepali cuisine. But it is not suitable food for the summer season. In this season, it is better to eat a little chili, a little spice, and little fried vegetables instead of adding more spices, oil, and ghee to the vegetables.

Milk, tea, and coffee

There may be many who find milk tea sweet. But in summer, it is better to reduce milk tea for stomach health. Drinking milk tea in summer causes dehydration in the body. Besides, tea can cause stomach pain and acidity on hot days. Instead of milk tea or coffee, you can drink green tea, black tea, mint tea, etc.

Besides, it is advisable to reduce various dairy products in this season. If you do not consume such dairy products properly, you may have stomach problems. You can eat yogurt in the summer, but milk, cheese, cream, or butter are high in fat. This fat is difficult to digest, which can lead to gastric problems in summer.

Ignoring these foods on hot summer days can lead to stomach problems. If you are suffering from any disease, dietary decisions can be made after consulting a doctor.