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Dental protection in summer: how much and how to drink soft drinks?

Dental protection in summer: how much and how to drink soft drinks?

Some people start having toothache when they drink cold drinks in summer. What is the reason for this? Dentists say the problem is caused by the acid and sweetness in soft drinks and that the only solution is to control the consumption of soft drinks.

Summer is a sensitive time for our teeth and mouth. Due to the high temperature, any food stuck in the teeth can cause rapid decay in the mouth, on the one hand, and on the other hand, some foods eaten during the summer can be a barrier to the protection of the teeth and mouth.

Dentists believe that eating too much food in hot weather is too sweet and processed food is not suitable for teeth and mouth. There is a belief that ‘too much food’ i.e. too sour, too cold, and too hot should be ignored as much as possible. But due to unfavorable weather, consumption of very cold food is also increasing.

With the onset of the summer season, the consumption of various beverages skyrockets in the market. Beverages also consume more carbonated acid soft drinks than soft drinks such as milk and lassi. But how to drink those beverages and how much to drink? Dentists, on the other hand, emphasize the need to consume soft drinks as little as possible.

Dentists recommend low-sugar and acid-rich beverages as an alternative to soft drinks. These alternatives include water, milk, and various fruit juices.

How to drink soft drinks?

Dentists say that after drinking a soft drink, you should drink it through a pipe and swallow it directly. When drinking soft drinks, do not keep the drink in the mouth for a long time and after drinking the drink, rinse your mouth with clean water. Due to which the carbonic acid that causes tooth problems cannot stay in the teeth. It also causes problems in Giza.

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