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Home remedies to reduce ear infections in children

Home remedies to reduce ear infections in children

Ear infections or pain are common in infants and young children. Often you see children crying a lot or grabbing their ears. But many do not know what the problem is for the child. This type of pain is most common in infants up to 18 months of age. It can happen to people of any age group. Boys are more likely to be infected than girls. However, the cause has not been identified. If this is happening to your child or the children around you then this article can be very important for you.

Proper treatment of a child's ear

If your baby is crying because of earache or has been seen repeatedly rubbing his ear, it may be an ear infection. It is also available at home. Electric heating pads can also be used for this. This is a great way to reduce the pain in your baby's ears.

How to get rid of earwax

If any fluid comes out of your child's ear or the child is having pain in the ear, warm olive oil or sesame oil can be applied to the ear. In this way, the infection and dirt inside the ear can be easily removed.

The baby needs enough fluids

Infections in a child's ear can cause dehydration. In this case, the baby cries a lot and that is why the body uses more energy and water. In this case, the baby should be given enough fluids.

Ayurvedic treatment

You can also get Ayurvedic treatment to solve the problem of the child's ear. Such as garlic, olive oil, mustard oil, basil juice, etc. can help treat your child's ear infections. All of these products completely cure ear pain and soreness.

Breastfeeding is important

According to research, mother's milk is the right nutritious food for the baby. At the same time, it increases the child's immunity. Therefore, every mother should feed her baby for at least 12 months. Antibodies in breast milk can protect your baby from ear infections.

Keep away from pollution

If you want to see your child's ears healthy, keep in mind that he is not facing any problems due to external pollution. At this time, the child should be protected from the sun and smoke.

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