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What are the sources of essential fatty acids for the body?

What are the sources of essential fatty acids for the body?

Fatty acids are a type of body fat. Foods are the source of most fatty acids. Like last, almonds.

We get omega 3 fatty acids from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources. Omega 3 also boosts the body's immune system. So we can get fatty acids from many foods. However, only a few of these foods provide the right amount. It transmits energy to your body. Not only this, but it also protects you from heart disease, allergies, or depression.

The seed of laziness

In addition to many nutrients, lazy seeds are also rich in omega 3 and lignans. It is a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber and protein. It can be taken up to three grams in a day. It can also be consumed by making pickles.

Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds also contain some nutrients. In addition to fatty acids, it contains protein, vitamin E, and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. Its use will benefit you.

After all

Other is not only a good source of fatty acids but also a good source of protein and dietary fiber. It also contains manganese, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium. So you can eat it daily.


Almonds are a great source of fatty acids. Eating peanuts daily has many benefits for your body. So it is always advisable to consume peanuts.

Olive oil

Olive oil is very beneficial. It is rich in fatty acids. So consume this oil daily.

All grains

When eating out you should pay attention to what you are eating. The grain is very important for the body. It also contains fatty acids. It has great utility.

The white part of the egg

Egg whites are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains 9 percent calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thymine, vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid, and pathogenic acid.


Salmon is also a good source of fatty acids, vitamin D, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and selenium. But, we should not consume more than 100 grams of it. Lightly roasting or steaming salmon is more beneficial than frying.


You may not know that some of the vegetables we eat are harmful to our bodies. But, if you eat greens, you will get the properties of fatty acids in them.

Hilsa fish

Did you know that fish is rich in protein? And, it is important to know that hilsa fish is rich in protein as well as fatty acids. So its use is beneficial for the body.

Tea seeds

When you eat tea seeds, you get all the properties of fatty acids. So be sure to consume it.


Blueberries are a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It is also rich in omega 3. Blueberries alone contain about 174 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is low in saturated fat and contains both omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Among other oils, soybean, other, lazy oil, etc. are also beneficial. However, it should be consumed in a balanced amount. Do not take more than 3 to 4 teaspoons in a day.


Soybeans are a strong source of fatty acids in our bodies. Soybeans contain protein, isoflavones, fiber, lecithin, carbohydrates, and micronutrients. Its milk can also be consumed. Those who do not like cow and buffalo milk and yogurt can drink soybean milk.

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