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Problems swallowing food: How to swallow, how to control?

Problems swallowing food: How to swallow, how to control?

Sometimes we have problems swallowing not only when eating but also when drinking water. We don't take medicine but in a short time, it heals on its own. However, some have expressed concern that this is not a sign of a long-term health problem.

Having trouble swallowing food is a condition in which there is some obstruction in the tube that swallows food or liquids easily. This makes it difficult to swallow when eating or drinking water.

The condition in which something is difficult to swallow is called dysphagia in medical language. This symptom is not a permanent or long-term medical condition. It lasts for a while and heals on its own. So there is no need to be afraid of such problems.

There are several reasons why swallowing an object can be a problem. This problem is usually caused by damage to the esophagus or when the muscles or nerves that control the esophagus do not work properly. Which falls into the problem of recurrence.

The problem of swallowing food can also be divided into two parts. Such a problem with the mouth or throat is called oropharyngeal dysphagia. There is a tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. The problem is called the esophagus. In these two cases, it is difficult to swallow anything.

Symptoms of swallowing problems

The condition of dysphagia can be seen again and again and over time it also gets better. Having trouble swallowing any food or salivating has the following symptoms.

- Throat blockage, coughing, etc. occur when swallowing any food.

- Swallowed food to come out again through the mouth or nose

Feeling as if some part of food or water is stuck in your throat or chest

- Lose weight because you are not able to consume enough food or fluids.

- Feeling of pain while swallowing any food

- Feeling of chest pain or pressure.

- Speech obstruction

- Refusing to eat certain types of food in children

- Going out to eat while eating

Why does this problem occur?

Nerve damage can cause problems in that nerve. Who controls when they eat anything. There are even some neurological causes of dyspepsia. They are as follows.

- Stroke

- A neurological condition that can damage the brain and nerves over time. These include Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and dementia.

- Tumors in the brain

How to avoid this problem?

Prevention of dysphagia is possible only then. Whenever such a barrier can be opened. This problem can be seen in many chronic neuromuscular conditions. If this happens then it is not possible to prevent it. It tends to heal on its own.

Besides, drugs can be used to reduce or prevent gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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