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Monday, November 6, 2023

6 ways to prevent house dust mites

 6 ways to prevent house dust mites

During the rainy season, when water enters from the window or the wall, the room becomes damp. When the humidity increases, not only the wood of the house, but also the walls of the house, ceiling and other damp places, clothes, stale food, books, shoes, etc.

Due to dust, the walls of the house look bad and become dirty and smelly. Therefore, these measures can be taken to prevent dust from coming to the walls of the house.

Apply ventilation

Ventilators should be made in the places where dew falls on the walls of the house. Fresh air helps to dry damp walls. Ventilation can be installed in rooms without windows or doors. Which prevents the air from flowing inside the house and falling on the walls and ceiling.

Keep the light on

There is a possibility of intrusion even in rooms with closed windows for a long time. In such rooms, there is no problem even if proper ventilation is arranged or windows are opened and cleaned from time to time.

A combination of house and land

When building a house, the surface of the house should be higher than the ground level. If the surface of the house is lower than the surface of the ground, the dew will get on the walls and floor of the house. In such a situation, the surface of the ground should be leveled and arrangements should be made to prevent water from seeping into the foundation of the house.

to repair

If you can prevent the house from becoming damp by removing the holes in the walls, roof, windows and pipes, and if you can maintain the place where the water seeps, then the dampness will be controlled. The main way to prevent hives is to not let the house and room get damp. Therefore, the water-soaked place in the house should be cleaned immediately and made dry.

Do not wear collar in rain

Painting and waterproofing should not be done on the walls during the rainy season to avoid getting wet. Because it rains during the rainy season, the color does not absorb the sun well, and when applying the color, the wall gets cold and takes time to dry. Because of this, there is a possibility of getting wet. Therefore, it is advisable to do these activities later than during the rainy season.

Use of water proof

Water proof can be used to avoid getting wet. One can be mixed with cement while plastering, while the other can be mixed with water-proof paint. Nowadays, many people wear it while plastering. But if you don't put it on it, you can put it on the wall as well. In addition to this, waterproof tiles and wall foam (like wall paper) can be used in the market today. It frees the wall from clutter and also makes it attractive. It is more suitable when used on the roof of the house or even on the roof.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Easy ways to prevent illness

Easy ways to prevent illness

After the fever comes, everyone treats it, but if you put some good habits in your daily life, you can stay away from diseases. There are many good things taught in Hindu culture, but in today's time, it is difficult to act according to them. are

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Sleeping in underwear does not prevent cancer

Sleeping in underwear does not prevent cancer

``Sleeping with underwear causes cancer.'' There is a similar understanding in the public mind now. It has been said that it is harmful to women to wear bras and panties while sleeping at night. Some English-Hindi journals seem to write that wearing a bra causes breast cancer.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Are children becoming obese?

Are children becoming obese?

In the past, parents would be satisfied if their children were obese. The children were stunned to learn that they had died. At that time, children used to play, jump and run outside the house. Junk food was not readily available. And, their bodies didn't look ugly.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

How to prevent food from rotting, decaying, and spoiling for years?

How to prevent food from rotting, decaying, and spoiling for years?

Most foods cannot be stored and stored for long periods of time. Because after a certain period of time, the food goes into the process of decay. So we are not able to store many kinds of food in our food store.

Of course, our ancestors developed a method of preparing certain foods correctly and keeping them for a long time. For example, radish or greens can be kept for a long time and eaten by making gundruk or sinki. The taste of the tongue could be changed from time to time by making such meat as sukuti (dry meat). Soybeans can be bought (an original dish of the Limbu caste) and kept for months.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

These foods can help prevent liver damage

These foods can help prevent liver damage

It is important to pay attention to diet to keep the liver healthy and improve the body. Eating regularly and exercising are important for us to stay healthy. If toxins develop in the liver, it can cause problems such as allergies, cholesterol, and even digestive problems. The rules of Ayurveda help to take care of the health of our liver and prevent diseases.

The liver is the engine of our body but how much attention do we pay to keep it healthy? Our liver plays an important role in strengthening the digestive system, improving metabolism, and producing essential compounds. Here are 9 foods that keep your liver healthy.

1. Garlic

Garlic helps in activating liver enzymes. Which works to flush out toxins from our bodies. In addition, it helps maintain high levels of allicin. Contains antioxidant, antibiotic, and antifungal properties, which enhance antioxidants. Both of these help to cleanse the liver.

2. Carrots

Carrots are high in plant flavonoids and beta carotene, which help the liver to function more smoothly. Vitamin A in carrots helps prevent liver disease.

3. Apples

Apples contain an element called pectin. Which helps to cleanse the body and ease the digestive system. Due to this, it can be managed by removing the toxins that may be present in the liver.

4. Nut

Okhar is an excellent source of amino acids. After all, eating regularly helps to detoxify your liver.

5. Green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Antioxidants based on green tea plants improve liver function.

6. Leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables containing chlorophyll play a role in protecting the liver by expelling toxins through your bloodstream.

7. Citrus fruits

Oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits have the ability to cleanse the liver. The detoxifying enzymes present in citrus fruits are more beneficial to liver health.

8. Turmeric

Turmeric is a good spice, which reduces damage to our liver. Turmeric helps produce fat and bile juices, which act as natural detoxifiers for our liver.

9. Beetroot

Beets are a good source of vitamin C. It focuses on the cleansing of the bile and promotes enzymatic activity. It also helps keep your liver healthy.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

What to do in summer to prevent heartburn and acidity?

What to do in summer to prevent heartburn and acidity?

What to eat and what not to eat on hot days? Dehydration, gastric problems, abdominal pain, heartburn, or acidity increase during the summer. As the temperature rises, our body reacts differently. So we have to give up some food items on summer days. If you continue to eat certain foods during the summer, as at other times, your health may deteriorate.

You should cut back on soft drinks, soft drinks, dairy products, oily foods, red meat, milk tea, or coffee. Instead, you should eat things that make your stomach cold. For example, fresh fruits, cucumbers, soft water, etc. should be eaten in summer. On hot days you should increase your liquid diet. Foods that need to be reduced in summer.

Red meat

Red meat is high in protein and iron. It is difficult to digest on summer days. Eating red meat also raises body temperature, which is not good in summer. When eating red meat in summer, the body absorbs a lot of energy, so you should stay away from it as much as possible.

Cold drink

Everyone loves cold drinks in the summer. Many people drink soft drinks to escape the heat. Cold drinks increase the number of calories, as well as help the body to dehydrate. That said, drinking too much of it can have an effect. Therefore, it is better to pay more attention to natural beverages like juice and coconut water instead of cold drinks.

Smooth junk food

Even if you like greasy junk food, this season is not suitable for it. Oil can cause heartburn in summer. Eating such food on hot days can cause acidity and even skin problems.

Very spicy vegetables

There are many spicy foods in Nepali cuisine. But it is not suitable food for the summer season. In this season, it is better to eat a little chili, a little spice, and little fried vegetables instead of adding more spices, oil, and ghee to the vegetables.

Milk, tea, and coffee

There may be many who find milk tea sweet. But in summer, it is better to reduce milk tea for stomach health. Drinking milk tea in summer causes dehydration in the body. Besides, tea can cause stomach pain and acidity on hot days. Instead of milk tea or coffee, you can drink green tea, black tea, mint tea, etc.

Besides, it is advisable to reduce various dairy products in this season. If you do not consume such dairy products properly, you may have stomach problems. You can eat yogurt in the summer, but milk, cheese, cream, or butter are high in fat. This fat is difficult to digest, which can lead to gastric problems in summer.

Ignoring these foods on hot summer days can lead to stomach problems. If you are suffering from any disease, dietary decisions can be made after consulting a doctor.