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How to prevent food from rotting, decaying, and spoiling for years?

How to prevent food from rotting, decaying, and spoiling for years?

Most foods cannot be stored and stored for long periods of time. Because after a certain period of time, the food goes into the process of decay. So we are not able to store many kinds of food in our food store.

Of course, our ancestors developed a method of preparing certain foods correctly and keeping them for a long time. For example, radish or greens can be kept for a long time and eaten by making gundruk or sinki. The taste of the tongue could be changed from time to time by making such meat as sukuti (dry meat). Soybeans can be bought (an original dish of the Limbu caste) and kept for months.

There are many methods by which any food can be stored for a long time. This made our food store always full, and sometimes the taste of the tongue changed.

On the other hand, compared to the current rate of population growth in the world, crop production is declining. For the last few years, the Kovid epidemic has been plaguing the world. It has also affected farming. All of this is having a direct impact on our food supply.

How to save food in such a background? How to store and store any food for a long time? How to save seeds? An article published on the BBC is translated here.

How to secure food?

Experts say that if food is well preserved, it can be stored for years. Also, the nutrients in it can be kept right.

Any food spoils when germs enter it. If bacteria are not allowed to grow in the food, they can be preserved and used for a long time.

For centuries, people have come up with a variety of methods to store food and preserve it for a long time. Such as keeping food dry, putting salt in it, adding sugar, using chemicals, or in airtight containers.

Michael Sulu, a food expert at University College London, says the best way is to keep food dry. Once the food is dry, there is no risk of bacteria growing in it. In the same way, food should not rot even if it is kept in an airtight container. Where there is no air, germs are not produced. For example, meat is damaged by anaerobic bacteria. This bacterium grows and spreads in areas with low oxygen content.

It can also be preserved by adding salt to food. However, this method may not be appropriate. This method cannot be applied to all foods. However, meat can be stored longer by drying and salting.

Food can be kept for a long time even with a thick layer of sugar.

Especially sugar does not allow any kind of bacteria to remain. That is why chocolate or sweets can be eaten for a long time. But if other foods such as dried fruits, milk, starch, or eggs are added along with sugar, the age of the food is reduced.

The old way

The McDonald's Bick Mac Burger is perhaps the best-preserved example of preserved food in Iceland. There the burger is kept in a glass box where the amount of air is limited.

It could be kept in the supermarket for a long time to meet the demand. So it contained food preservatives, which did not allow food to rot.

Sugar cane is also one of the most popular snacks. It can be eaten at home for a long time. Its actual lifespan is only a few weeks. However, the maker of these snacks adopted some rules and protected them for 44 years. There is a video on YouTube showing a 27-year-old twinkling.

What about honey, it can be kept for years and consumed. Because it does not contain water, it also has a natural preservative that prevents bacteria from growing in it.

The oldest honey specimen in the world was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt and the tomb in Georgia, which is three thousand years old. The way food is preserved is still the same as it was thousands of years ago.

By pressing on the ground or on ice

Lots of fatty things like oil, ghee, butter can also be stored for a long time. A kind of butter was found in Ireland and Scotland, which was four thousand years old. It was buried in the swampy ground.

It is said that in ancient times, according to some theory or belief, people kept butter or animal fat buried in the soil. They probably used this method to prevent theft or to use it for a long time.

As far as alcohol is concerned, the older the wine, the better. A bottle of the world's oldest wine was found in an ancient Roman tomb in Germany. These bottles are about 1700 years old. However, the alcohol in it has not been tested yet. Similarly, the oldest bottle of champagne is 200 years old.

Meat can also be kept cold and ice at low temperatures for a long time. The bodies of some of these animals were found in the snow of the lake, which had been buried in the ice for a long time but had not rotted.

What should be the catering schedule?

It is not considered good to have more or fewer nutrients than necessary. It should be balanced. So you have to know what to eat and how much to eat.

It is not enough to know how much to eat. You also need to know when to eat it. The schedule of how many meals to eat in a day helps our health to get a proper nutrition supply. It is also food management. Because eating too much food at one time affects the digestive process. So it is better to eat according to the schedule.

We usually eat three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Breakfast is served in the morning and dinner.

But in the cycle of dieting, some people do not eat dinner. It helps them lose weight, but it can also be harmful to their health in the long run, experts say. Some experts believe that eating three times a day is good for health. Eating more than this makes the stomach indigestible and impairs health.

According to health experts, eating small amounts of food throughout the day is beneficial for health. But, if you eat too much, it does more harm than good. Eating small meals over and over again prevents fat from accumulating in the body as it increases the body's ability to burn fat.

It also controls blood sugar levels and keeps the energy flowing throughout the day. It should also be kept in mind that when food is eaten slowly and well-chewed, all the nutrients can be absorbed by the body and the food is easily digested.

Patients with diabetes should eat small meals not only three times a day but 5-6 times a day. This burns the body's calories and also controls the amount of sugar in the blood.

Even if you want to lose weight, you need to eat more food every day so that your metabolism stays stable and calories are burned.

If the calories are absorbed and burned, they will not freeze and the weight will be under control.

Some eating conditions

They die without knowing how to eat more than they do without food. More food than the hospital is essential for health. Because the food itself is disease-free. The same food, to make sick. Eating right, balanced and healthy food keeps you healthy. If food is eaten indiscriminately, it makes the body a reservoir of disease.

It sounds unpleasant, but we don't know how to eat.

We are not aware of the food that has a direct bearing on public health. Not everyone has to eat at a standard hotel or restaurant. We are also careless in our own food.

Eating is for both the tongue and the stomach. When we put food on a plate, we have to keep in mind that it reaches the stomach. From the moment it is chewed, it must undergo various stages of digestion. Finally, the nutrients in the food reach the organs of the body. The rest is excreted as feces.

In that sense, we emphasize healthy eating. We choose nutritious food. At the same time, we eat as much as the body needs.

Eating is not just about filling the stomach. Eating is also a culture. It is also a celebration. In some communities, it is customary for family members to sit together and enjoy themselves. We should also follow such food culture.

Why eat

Why eat food

Many think so. To fill the stomach. For the same reason, we are always thinking of filling our stomachs. While eating is very important for overall health. The body has a direct sign of food. The sign of the body is with the mind and the brain. We need to eat healthy to keep all these parts of the body fit and healthy. Balanced and accurate.

Why right

Because we don't even have a way to eat. This is true even if it sounds unpleasant. We don't know how to eat. Our mythological scriptures have taught us to eat. How to live, how to eat, what to do while eating, what not to do?

However, we are rejecting it as a pretense. Modern civilization has repeated the same thing that our mythological scriptures said. Eating is for both taste and health. That is why it is said that one should eat with a pure heart while consuming food. Happy heart To be happy To be satisfied


Food does not always have to be varied. There doesn't always have to be meat. Pulses do not have to be pickled. Even if it's just Gundruk, it has to be made in the right way. He ate gundruk in the morning and dal in the evening. In another dish, add vegetable juice and eat. Change new taste in every meal.

In the morning, the cumin seeds are sifted and the lentils are sifted. It adds something new to the taste. If potatoes and greens are cooked in the morning, gravy can be cooked at night.

Art can also be mixed in eating and serving food. In fact, cooking is a kind of art. That is why it is also called 'Culinary Art'.

Catering etiquette

Modern society has called it a 'dining manor'. This is a matter of how to eat food.

Catering etiquette shows how civilized we are. Because food is the basis of life. When it comes to eating, you need to know how to eat.

Let's put the same food on our plate that sucks us. It tastes good. Let's put as much food on the plate as we need.

Put a little rice on the plate, little lentils, a little nuts, a little, vegetables, a few pieces of meat.

Catering: How to prepare a balanced plate?

How to eat, how much to do, how to do it determines our health status.

So while eating, let's include the same dish on our plate, which is indispensable for health. Is required Is suitable It is digestible. Is nutritious. Is pure

Include as many fruits and vegetables in the diet as possible. Fill half of the plate with such vegetables and fruits. That is, you should give high priority to fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Wheat, barley, brown rice fall under whole grains. It has less effect on blood sugar and insulin. Therefore, such food should fill a quarter of the plate.

Fish, pulses, and okra are good sources of protein. It can be eaten well with salads or vegetables. While red meat should be eaten sparingly. It can increase the amount of cholesterol in the body and even bacon and sausage hurt health, so you should avoid eating such foods.

Olive, olive oil, soybean, sunflower, almond oil are among the healthy oils. Consumption of such oils has a positive effect on the body. Therefore, when buying oil, such healthy vegetable oil should be used. Hydrogenated oils should be avoided. This is because it contains excessive amounts of trans fat, which is considered harmful to the body. Remember, no food is a healthy tax because it is low or zeroes fat.

Sweet foods should be avoided. Milk and milk products should be consumed only once a day. And you should drink at least one glass of fruit juice a day.

No matter how much you eat, it is important to be active in digesting it. The more active a person is, the healthier he is. So, stay active, live a healthy life.

It is important to know what kind of carbohydrates are more in our diet than to think about the number of carbohydrates in any food. This is because the carbohydrates found in potatoes, fruits, whole grains, pulses, etc., called the king of vegetables, are much healthier than other carbohydrate foods.

Sweet drinks are forbidden on the plate of healthy food. This is because such beverages are low in nutrients and high in calories.

A plate prepared for a healthy meal encourages vegetable oil. And, there is no limit to the consumption of fats in such oils prepared from healthy sources.

A plate of healthy food is not categorized based on calories and results. It also does not define how many calories to consume per day. A plate of healthy food suggests including only a proportionate amount of food on the plate. It is not based on calories. Because people need different calories and nutrients depending on their age, gender, body size, and activity.

Alcohol should not be consumed on a plate with healthy food. Consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol is considered to be beneficial for health. But it is not included in the plate of healthy food.


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