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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

If a child has a brain tumor, what are the symptoms?

 If a child has a brain tumor, what are the symptoms?

I wish that children would not get 'brain tumor'. Because after having a brain tumor, the risk is very high for them. One is that the treatment is not easy, the other is less chance of recovery.

I have a complaint to God, why send a child with such a tumor at birth?

However, contrary to our wishes, there are many cases of tumor in children. Especially this problem has come from birth. Why is this happening? It cannot be answered exactly. Because there have been countless researches on cancer so far. However, such a great achievement has not been achieved.

Usually, the most common cause of tumor is a malfunction of Jin. Why is gin bad? The exact reason for this has not been discovered. However, there is a problem when Jin does not develop as it should in general. Gin also has its own 'coding'. Sometimes abnormal cells develop due to mismatched coding. The same cell can grow and become a tumor. And, it can take the form of cancer.

Another thing is that it is said that such a disease is passed on to one's generation by inheritance. But, if that is the case, one person has four children. Only four people do not have tumors. Maybe in one person. Why not the other three?

There is no single concrete reason or answer for this tumor to develop and become cancer. Various things may have influenced it. First a tumor was visible. Now different sub-types (sub-types) of the same started appearing. Some are cured by the same treatment, some are not.

Increased risk of tumors in children

A child's brain tumor is more risky than an adult's. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, the child cannot express what is happening to him. The child does not say that the head is aching, the eyes are getting weak, and the hearing ability is decreasing.

If there is a child under the age of one year, the speech will not come at all. Other children also do not get the melomeso to express the bad changes that are happening in their body. That is why when they are brought to the hospital, the problem becomes complicated. The tumor has grown.

Small head, big tumor. Complex treatment, weak body. It is difficult for the child's body to tolerate tumor surgery. Again, what has been seen so far is that the tumor on the child's head is in a very awkward place. Basically three types of tumors are seen in them, which are very bad tumors.

Now the tumor is surgically removed. However, if cancer has already occurred, further treatment is uncomfortable. It is difficult to give them chemotherapy, even radiotherapy.

Are there any symptoms of brain tumor in children?

All diseases have symptoms, but how many are known, and how many are not known. Similarly, some symptoms are compatible with other diseases. So the symptoms can sometimes be confusing.

If there is any problem in the brain or the brain, the child cannot hold its head up. We keep the head upright on the strength of the neck and turn it around. However, if there is a problem in the brain, the head can be tilted. Slowly the throat can't take it. Children become weak and small.

Likewise, the child's head may grow. We don't pay much attention to how a small child's head is growing. If it is growing unnaturally, there may be a problem.

Similarly, another clear symptom is that the baby's palate is open when it is small. It is sticky or flexible. It should be covered later. Generally, the palate should start covering when the baby is three months old, and the rostrum should be completely covered by one-and-a-half years. If an infant's palate does not cover or remains open, it should be suspected that they have a head problem. Initiatives should be taken for testing and treatment.

It is important for parents to be aware of whether their child is normal or not. Why are they crying? Why are they not accepting to eat milk? Why are they not seen as normal?

What is the treatment?

Abroad, especially in developed countries, the health of the baby is checked during pregnancy. It is also seen in the mother's womb whether there is a tumor or not. If there is a tumor, what kind is it? The first or second stage tumors can be treated with surgery. Therefore, the baby's tumor is surgically removed while remaining in the mother's womb. However, if it has reached the third and fourth stage, the doctor gives advice to the parents to avoid giving birth to the baby.

However, we do not have such technology or system. Therefore, some diseases are detected only after birth. That too only after the symptoms started to appear. By the time symptoms begin to appear, treatment may be too late.

Let's say we have a brain tumor in an infant or child, the treatment is very uncomfortable and risky. It cannot be said that good results will come even after treatment.

Then what to do to prevent such a problem in the child? There is no exact answer to this either. We have also mentioned above that, despite many research studies, the root cause of cancer has not been found. However, risk factors can be reduced.

For example, if the mother smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol, or takes drugs during pregnancy, it seems that such problems are more common in their children. So you should stay away from these things as much as possible during pregnancy. Also, is the baby or child growing naturally, growing or not? Parents should take careful care of this. Any abnormal situation in the child should be immediately alerted.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Five standards, which show that a child is developing correctly

 Five standards, which show that a child is developing correctly

The dimensions of the child's development are mainly of five types. Anil Ojha says.

He says, 'The first basis to see whether a child's development has taken place in the right way or not is his physical development. At what age does the child sit, at what age does it start walking etc. A child had to start walking in one year. There was no problem when I started walking after two or four months. However, if he does not start walking even after that, the parents should be aware that his development has not taken place properly.

The development of another language is equally important. Children start speaking from the age of one year. Ojha says that if they give examples of mother, father or any other word, it should be understood that their language has developed well. He says, "If a child does not speak even until the age of two, and even when speaking, they do not make clear examples of words, then it should be understood that their language development has not been done properly."

According to Ojha, a child's social and emotional development should also be accompanied by age. Like a one-year-old child should be loved by the mother rather than kissing the child on the cheek. I had to clap instead of clapping.

If a child uses his hands, fingers, wrists and muscles to grasp something, it is called 'fine motor skill'. Through these skills, children learn to coordinate their eyes, hands, fingers and wrists. This is important for two- to five-year-old children, says Ojha. This skill should be developed at the age of 2 to 5 years. With its help, children learn to hold things, write, understand etc.'

The intellectual development of a child according to age is equally important. A one-year-old child starts looking for hidden things. If he shows curiosity about something, it should be understood that his intellectual development is also going well. However, Ojha said that if these five skills are not developed in a child, then his development is considered to be delayed.

What should be the weight and height according to the child's age?

If the weight and height of the children are according to their age, it can be understood that the child is healthy and the diet they are getting is good. Developmental pediatrician Dr. Ojha says that age and weight gain is a normal and necessary process as children grow.

He says that a child's weight at birth is 3 kg, but at 6 months, his weight doubles to 6 kg. When a child is born, its height is about 50 cm, and in one year it is 75 cm.

A 5-year-old child should weigh around 17.9 kg. He said that at this age, it is considered healthy for a child to have an average height of 42.5 inches.

If children's height and weight are not developing according to their age, then it should be understood that something is lacking somewhere. A doctor's advice should be taken for this.'' says Ojha.

Until what age does the child's physical development accelerate?

In the first year, the child's physical development is very rapid. Ojha said that physical development happens with the age of the child. However, even in a year, the speed will decrease. The child's mental development is very rapid in the first two to three years.

Special attention should be paid to the diet of the child during this age period

Special attention should be paid to the diet of children in the age group of two to three years. Proper nutrition is a solid foundation for a child's good health and development. Ojha said that children who have good nutrition can learn and grow well.

"Even if only mother's milk is enough for 6 months, from 6 months, you should start eating semi-solid foods such as pulses, jalous, fruit juice, litho." It should be taken.'

If the child is not growing properly, is under-age or abnormally large, the cause should be sought

If the child is not growing properly for its age, is small or abnormally large, it may be due to genetics. Some children look young till 11-12 years old but can grow rapidly in adulthood. Even if the child lacks nutrition, the growth and development of the child will not be done properly. Ojha said that due to some health problem, the child may look younger or older than his age.

He suggested that if children's development is not according to their age, they should seek the help of a doctor to find out the reason.

What should a single parent pay attention to when raising a child?

 What should a single parent pay attention to when raising a child?

If the husband and wife separate for some reason, the responsibility of the children falls on the shoulders of one of the parents. There are many challenges to face during single parenthood.

The rate of children living with both parents in the US is decreasing every year. About a quarter of the children live there with their mother or father. This trend is not limited to America but is growing all over the world.

The reason for this may be because the mother or father works away from the family, because of family quarrels and divorce. Experts say, single parenthood is not a positive development. Children who live with one parent are more likely to have behavioral problems.

Behavioral problems in children

Children who grow up with a single parent may have behavioral problems and difficulties with emotional self-regulation. Single parents are not able to give enough time to their children. As a result, problems such as irritability, hyperactivity and inability to concentrate may appear in the child.

It also affects the future of children who grow up with single parents

Children who grow up with a single parent receive a lower level of education than other children. Because usually the income of a single parent is not as much as two parents. Therefore, most of the single parents cannot meet the needs of the house.

Due to lack of finances, if they do not get a good education, those children will not be able to get a good income-earning job in the future. In this case, along with their childhood, their future also passes in financial deprivation.

It is beneficial for both parents to be together for the best care of the child

If both parents are together, they get more time and attention to take care of the child. It is beneficial for both the parents to bring up the child together in the physical and mental development of the child. So, whatever the reason, it is better for parents to find effective ways to strengthen their family instead of looking for reasons to stay apart.

Instead of blaming, single parents should be helped

Socially, single parents should be helped instead of being blamed. This will improve the physical and mental health of millions of children.

What is a single parent to do?

Take time for yourself. Let's take care of our children as well as take care of ourselves. Being worried can cause problems in taking care of children.

It is good to have a daily schedule for you and your child. A single parent may face more problems due to wrong lifestyle. So it is better to go according to the schedule.

During single parenthood, you can take help from relatives or someone close to you. In the beginning, you can also take help from your friends. A single parent needs to be a friend to a child. Rather than being a parent, you should listen to the child as a friend. Their problems can be identified and solved only by becoming friends.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Nightmare: A child having nightmares

Nightmare: A child having nightmares

Sometimes a terrible dream appears while sleeping. When you see such a dream, you will suddenly wake up at night and feel fear. This problem is more common in children than in adults.

Children wake up suddenly, start crying or start walking. Parents also get scared when children see such activities. If the child keeps having bad dreams and wakes up from sleep, there are reasons behind it.

If children wake up suddenly from sleep, they may have sleep problems like 'night terrors' and 'night terrors'.


Nightmare is especially common in children above the age of three. Because the age when a child starts dreaming in sleep is above three years. There are mainly two stages of sleep, non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement. In the second stage of sleep, the child has terrible dreams.

Young children dream of being chased by wild animals, if they see monsters in cartoons or movies, they see them. Older children may have terrible dreams of being beaten, people dying, missing themselves, etc. That is the Night Mayor.

In older children, stress, anxiety, anxiety and depression also cause night mayor.


Night terrors appear in the first stage of sleep. In this problem, the child wakes up suddenly at night and shouts, screams, cries, sweats, and breathes rapidly. The child does not remember what dream he suddenly woke up at night. In night terrors, the child may sometimes get up and walk.

Difference between Nightmare and Nightterror

In Night Mayor, children wake up in the morning and get scared, and in Night Terror, children suddenly wake up from sleep at night and panic, cry and scream.

A child remembers what he dreamed in Night Mayor, but he does not remember what he dreamed in Night Terror.

The reason why such a problem appears

Night terrors and night terrors in children are sleep related problems. Children also have various stresses. If he has any physical problems such as anxiety about studying, not sleeping well, such problems will appear. In addition, the problem of night terrors and night terrors is seen due to anxiety depression.


Such problems appear in children due to insomnia and stress. Therefore, if such a problem appears in the child, the parents should find out why the child is not sleeping well, what has caused him stress and manage it. This will reduce the problem.

If the problem of night mayor is seen in the child, the parents panic. But there is no special treatment for it. After managing the cause of the child's stress, this problem will be reduced.

Parents should pay special attention to the child's safety as the child wakes up from sleep and cries, screams, and walks around during night terrors. He should be put down in a safe place and sleep together as he may have an accident while standing up.

If the problem of night terrors keeps recurring, then you have to take medicine for a few months. But the problem of night mayor and some night terrors can be cured by consulting the parents.

Parents may be confused because the symptoms of night terrors and epilepsy are similar. Therefore, if the child wakes up at night and cries, screams and panics, you should find out what the problem is. In night terror, these symptoms in a child last for two to five minutes, while in epilepsy, they are seen only for two minutes.

Monday, February 20, 2023

If there is a problem in the ear, the child does not speak, what is the treatment?

If there is a problem in the ear, the child does not speak, what is the treatment?

Parents want their child to be fine in every way. To be able to walk, play, laugh, speak, see, hear. But as the newborn baby grows up, the developmental response of these things gradually begins to appear. Therefore, parents do not easily know that their baby has a hearing problem.

Monday, October 17, 2022

There will be no more labor pains: a child can be born through easy methods

There will be no more labor pains: a child can be born through easy methods

Pregnancy is the most important time in a woman's life. The experience of growing in his stomach is unique for him. But as much as the mind is happy during pregnancy, the body may be facing various pains.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Child psychology

Child psychology

Child psychology is a branch of psychology. Under which the behavior of children and their inner minds are studied. This is the result of the works of modernity. Based on its use in education, present education has been given the form of child-centered education.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Are children becoming obese?

Are children becoming obese?

In the past, parents would be satisfied if their children were obese. The children were stunned to learn that they had died. At that time, children used to play, jump and run outside the house. Junk food was not readily available. And, their bodies didn't look ugly.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Something important for children

Something important for children

Most children now live with their parents. He has missed his regular studies. It is not convenient to walk, walk and play outside the house. In such a case, the parent can be the teacher and the home can be the school for them. They can earn a living from their parents and their home.

To cope with the situation

What could be better than to be happy forever? But sometimes there are situations in life that we can't ignore.

Teaching children to cope with such situations from an early age and how to present themselves in such situations can also get them out. Because of this, they can be happy and happy for the rest of their lives.

To reuse and save

We help keep the environment healthy by reusing a variety of products. In addition, reuse teaches children to be creative and to be psychomotor. It gives them knowledge, they don't have to spend millions of rupees to apply their art skills. With this in mind, reuse is given special importance in Spanish schools.

To cook

By involving children in cooking, we can maintain a good relationship between ourselves and the child. In particular, when you put them together when preparing food, they know the importance of food and they reduce their intake of junk food. So tell them about the importance of each food while cooking.

Save money

As people get older, their financial responsibilities increase. In such a situation, if we do not manage the money properly, a big crisis may come. Therefore, it is the duty of every parent to teach children the importance of money from an early age and to teach them how to save money.

To rejoice in the soil

Most of us believe that a child can be infected by soil. That's why we don't let our children play on the ground. However, not only do soil-borne infections spread, but they also contain health-friendly bacteria that can benefit children mentally and physically. Children who play on the soil are stronger because of the health-friendly bacteria.

To increase creativity the child should be allowed to play in the soil and open environment. It strengthens the child's body and gives them the ability to do something different and creative.

Dance song

According to a study by Karlstad University, dancing can greatly improve the performance of hyperactive children. Dancing helps them to express anything through their body

Music helps them to be creative, social, and self-reliant. Dance helps children become aware of different art cultures and maintain a broader ideology.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Three common hygiene habits, which can be important for a child

Three common hygiene habits, which can be important for a child

The importance of sanitation is something we all realized during the Corona period. By maintaining hygiene and the following hygiene, we can avoid many diseases or infections. When hygiene is important, why not teach children the importance of it from an early age? Every child should be taught about hygiene as soon as he develops consciousness. So that they can go back and make complete arrangements for sanitation.

Wash your hands

Corona has taught us all about the importance of handwashing. Even after the epidemic, however, children are not given enough knowledge to clean their hands. But not just during Corona. You should also develop the habit of washing your hands regularly at other times. If children do not wash their hands before eating at times other than the corona epidemic, many types of germs can enter the stomach. Which increases the risk of diarrhea. Children should wash their hands regularly with soap or handwash for at least 30 seconds. Also, wash your hands thoroughly with water so that no soap or chemical is left on your hands. Then wipe your hands with a clean towel.

Hygiene after defecation

It is mandatory to wash hands after defecation. Which helps to kill a variety of bacteria in our hands. In addition to this, you should make it a habit to wash your hands regularly after eating and returning after eating.

Brush regularly

At the age of six to eight months, children's teeth begin to appear. These teeth are called milk teeth, which later break down and grow new teeth. But the care of these baby teeth is also very important. Teach them to brush their teeth every day. First, you have to brush your fingers. Massage their teeth and gums with your index finger. It increases blood circulation there. When children grow up, teach them to brush with their hands. To do this, first, teach them to clean the outer part of the upper teeth and then the outer part of the lower teeth. Then, teach them to clean the inside of the top and bottom teeth. Brushing for two minutes a day improves a child's oral health.

Teaching to clean the toilet

If you haven't trained your child on toilet cleaning, don't forget to teach them how to flush after using the toilet. They should be taught to bathe themselves after defecation, especially the knowledge of genital hygiene. It is important to clean the toilet along with cleaning the toilet. It is also important to clean the toilet seat with toilet paper, put used tissue in the dustbin and then wash your hands with soap or hands and learn the right way to clean your feet.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Let's listen to the child's feelings

Let's listen to the child's feelings

No child can admit that he is weak, that he has lost. However, not all children have the same abilities. You would expect them to be at the forefront of sports, but the child was not interested. Or he may not have tried. So the friend overtook him.

This time you asked them, "Are you only second or third?" Why can't you be the first? '

Does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

The child had already tried to win. At least participated in sports. This was also a positive thing. You don't have to look at his positive side. He also participated in the exam. Tried to write. Some questions could not be resolved. Even now he had tried. You should be happy with what he did.

But, you are upset that your child did not get first in the exam or did not get good marks. You think your child is weaker than others. And, he expressed this sadness to them. It does not inspire or motivate them. Instead, pressure builds.

That is, your expectations become a mental burden or pressure for children. The pressure never makes progress. Instead, it weakens the child's morale. They lose the creative ability. So you have to understand that what you expect from them is just pressure.

You did not allow the child to dress as they wished. He didn't let me go to play with my friends. When he was hungry, he refused to eat. All this puts pressure on the child. Pressure always makes them weak and discouraged.

Your child failed the exam. He could not surpass everyone in sports. So is your child vulnerable?

You think, 'Yes, they are weak.'

You made your children feel weak because you compared them to others. When you get here, you have to keep in mind that no child can be compared to anyone else. Because children are born with their own talents and abilities. They are born with no innate strength. Their interests, desires, goals are determined by the environment in which they grow up, home environment, friends, family culture, etc. This is also improving their skills.

To understand the child. Read their temperament and tendencies. What do they want What are they interested in? Create a conducive environment accordingly.

Don't think of your child as a robot, a human being who does everything remotely according to your remote. You do not create the child according to your interests, but you create the appropriate environment according to the child's interests.

Your child is human. He has also brought some weaknesses in his birth. He can make human error. Don't assume that your baby needs to be perfect. No one in the world is perfect. Even warriors who set out to conquer the world are not perfect. They also have some shortcomings, weaknesses.

So don't forget to dig into your child's shortcomings. Give the child the environment to grow according to their interests and abilities. Give them freedom. Understand their interests and desires.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

How to get a child accustomed to mobile textbooks?

How to get a child accustomed to mobile textbooks?

Nowadays children are indulging in gadgets. They have started spending more time on mobiles, laptops, and tabs than on textbooks. In it, they watch videos, play games. Thus, the ability of students to focus on digital devices is weakening. Putting them in the classroom to read and write textbooks has become challenging. Generation Z (10 to 24 years old) and Generation Alpha (under 9 years old) have been born in a world where smartphones are setting their direction.

Today's children are so addicted to the stimuli from smartphone apps and streaming platforms that their attention is distracted from the classroom. This has added a big challenge to teachers. How to impart technology as well as traditional education to students?

Please note

The development of a child's brain is a complex subject. Over the past few years, researchers around the world have expressed concern about the adverse effects of smartphones and media multi-tux on concentration.

"The obvious evidence is that technology, social media, instant access to the Internet, and smartphones are harming children," said Dr. Jim Taylor, author of Raging Generation Tech.

His evidence has not been fully substantiated, arguments can be made against him.

"We're fundamentally changing the way a child thinks and develops his or her brain," says Taylor.

Lara Shad, a seventh- and eighteenth-grade (12- to 14-year-old) child in Philadelphia, says the average teenager can concentrate for about 28 seconds.

Smartphones have affected their brain development. And, the teacher has no idea how to relieve the student from this.

Lara Shad became a teacher in 2015. She has not received any training on how to teach a child born in the digital age.

The influence of technology is beginning to be seen in the curriculum and teaching available in traditional schools. Curriculum-based digital media for children has increased the use of apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, which are full of pictures.

Erica Swift teaches sixth grade at a school in California. She says, ‘It has become very difficult for students to teach long and complex lessons. Whereas earlier students did not mind reading such a lesson. '

Today's students do not easily understand complex and long lessons. They have to be broken and taught. Some children have stopped reading long lessons.

Transferring text to a device may not be as helpful. The problem is a bit deeper than just prioritizing the screen overprint.

According to Taylor, concentration is the gateway to learning anything. Remembrance deepens understanding.

"Without the ability to concentrate, a child will not be able to produce any information," says Taylor. They are not able to remember it. This means that they cannot interpret, analyze, synthesize, and critique it and cannot come to any conclusions about the information. '

Classroom of the future

When students cannot understand or memorize a long lesson, the teacher categorizes the lesson into shorter parts. The teacher thinks that a short lesson is appropriate.

Some teachers are also focusing on increasing students' concentration. One teacher also created a clam app to help students meditate.

Some teachers go and communicate with the students wherever they are. Such as YouTube and Instagram.

Asha Choksi, vice president of global research and insight at educational publisher Pearson, cites the example of a teacher who created a video from a scientific experiment and posted it on YouTube.

He showed the same video to the students in the classroom and started trying to remind the students of the lesson.

Students can be attracted to digital platforms if they are interested. Destler praises the teacher who linked the history of Nazi propaganda to cyberbullying.

He says, "If you add today's relevant thing to the compulsory curriculum, students will try to understand it more interestingly."

Educational platforms like Flipgrid, where students can share their videos by giving presentations, teachers can help students by engaging them.

Pearson's 2018 study found that students in Generation Z prefer to watch videos rather than books. After teachers, video is the second-largest source of information for them.

If the teacher adjusts the rhythm to the student's attention, it will be easier for him to focus.

Some schools have adopted platforms such as Google Classroom, where students and parents can monitor grader upcoming assignments.

The damage done to reading skills through technology has been compensated as much as it has been done.

Computer reading

This school in Lexia has a very interesting reading method. There, students are encouraged to participate in sports.

A separate group of students is formed based on performance. Successful students are assigned a previous level offline job. Backward students are given digital practice, as long as they do not fully memorize the text.

In the field of American education technology Is a global leader. In 2018, the Edu Tech company raised जु 1.45 billion. However, companies like Flipgrid and Lexia were hit by another country.

The Edu Tech industry has spread rapidly in East Asia. Newton, like the American platform, has expanded abroad. These companies are exploiting global interest in creating digital classrooms for students.

Mixed study

Teachers are adopting technology in the classroom. However, some studies have shown that traditional classrooms can be more successful.

A 2015 study by the London School of Economics found that when schools in Birmingham, London, Leicester, and Manchester banned phones in the classroom, there was an improvement in GCSE exam scores.

William Lam, a professor of neuroscience and author of The Learning Skills Cycle, points to a 2014 study. It was learned that students who write notes in the classroom can memorize any information more than students who write on laptops.

Lame considers it dangerous to break any text into smaller sections. According to him, going from one lesson to another immediately does not develop the student's memory. When the teacher starts a lesson, the student should memorize the lesson completely.

However, some advocates of technology point out that there are shortcomings in traditional reading methods as well. Therefore, he said, it would be more effective to move forward by mixing both technology and traditional education.

Katie Davis, an associate professor at the University of Washington School of Information, says, "I've seen a lot of discussion among academics in recent years about whether reading through lectures is like a relic and will disappear like a dinosaur."

Davis acknowledges that new media and technology teach new skills. However, the lecture has its own place.

Elizabeth Hoover, chief technology officer at a public school in Alexandria, Virginia, is working to improve the quality of education.

Hoover says teachers are just as indispensable today. And face-to-face conversations with teachers are still an important part of the classroom.

Hoover takes the side of technology where it is impossible to teach a lesson offline.

Economic initiatives

Shaad also says that some teachers rely on technology only because they do not have enough offline resources.

If more financial support is provided to the school so that the teacher can focus on the backward students, then there is no need for a program like Lexia.

Philadelphia teacher Sophia Date teaches social studies in the 12th grade. She also says that it would not be appropriate to spend money on technology instead of teaching.

"Efforts are being made to promote technology in the classroom," she said. The grant-in-aid organization is paying a hefty sum for tabs or laptops. But, they are not allowed to pay the salary of a teacher for one year. '

The date makes it clear that equal access to technology is important for low-income students, but it cannot replace management change.

Let's learn to think

Technology weakens some aspects of education, but it also empowers students.

"It's believed that young people are a little bit depressed, a little bit lazy, and they're being provoked by technology," says Choksi, who is associated with Pearson.

In fact, we need to reduce the role of technology in empowering a child's learning and learning.

To satisfy any curiosity, the students first ask the teacher and wait for the answer. Now they do not have such patience. They have started using technology to satisfy their curiosity.

At present there is no solution to any problem in the textbook or practice booklet, the solution is sought on YouTube or Google.

As information becomes more ubiquitous, success no longer depends on what you know.

Instead, it depends on the ability to think with subtlety and creativity. The irony is that digital media is undermining this skill.

In digital media, children have adopted new media. Now the teacher has to update himself with this. Now the teacher has to guide the students on how to benefit from the technology. Also, the teacher must fundamentally educate the student so that he or she can succeed in a world where he or she is constantly distracted.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

child addicted to the Internet

Is your child addicted to the Internet? Do this to get rid of it.

All schools and colleges are closed due to Kovid-19. As a result, many children and adolescents have become lazy, spending hours every day on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. If your children have such a diary every day, it will definitely bring sad consequences to the family.

Of course, in the modern age, giving children access to technology cannot be considered otherwise. But with the extreme misuse of technology, young children are beginning to have a detrimental effect on the brain. So don't leave the internet open to make children happy. Remember how long your kids have been online?

Which sites do they open the most? How much time are you spending chatting on social networks including Facebook? What kind of people is coming in contact with them? Now is the time to be alert to these things.

On the other hand, are you sure that your children are looking for study materials on the Internet? Do you know if their eyes are on pornography? If we are not aware of this in time, children can get into trouble and even become addicted.

On the other hand, parents are relieved when children forget about gadgets. But such online games are becoming a kind of addiction in children. They keep thinking about the game at other times.

If they do not interact with family and society and do not get to play, they show unnatural activities that make them angry and irritable. It has been found to have a negative effect on reading and other personality development as watching the game makes one feel sad and frustrated that there has been a great loss. In such cases, parents can do the following to protect their children from Internet addiction.

View and monitor what children do online and what sites they use.

Make rules for using the Internet.

Use only when there are parents or set certain criteria.

Teach to maintain your privacy.

Make a place for children to use the internet around their eyes.

Child lock so that pornographic sites and any sites that affect children are not opened in search engines.

Provide training on the disadvantages of social media.

Prohibit posting and commenting on bad pictures.

Sitting together reading various messages etc.

Closer observation.