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Three common hygiene habits, which can be important for a child

Three common hygiene habits, which can be important for a child

The importance of sanitation is something we all realized during the Corona period. By maintaining hygiene and the following hygiene, we can avoid many diseases or infections. When hygiene is important, why not teach children the importance of it from an early age? Every child should be taught about hygiene as soon as he develops consciousness. So that they can go back and make complete arrangements for sanitation.

Wash your hands

Corona has taught us all about the importance of handwashing. Even after the epidemic, however, children are not given enough knowledge to clean their hands. But not just during Corona. You should also develop the habit of washing your hands regularly at other times. If children do not wash their hands before eating at times other than the corona epidemic, many types of germs can enter the stomach. Which increases the risk of diarrhea. Children should wash their hands regularly with soap or handwash for at least 30 seconds. Also, wash your hands thoroughly with water so that no soap or chemical is left on your hands. Then wipe your hands with a clean towel.

Hygiene after defecation

It is mandatory to wash hands after defecation. Which helps to kill a variety of bacteria in our hands. In addition to this, you should make it a habit to wash your hands regularly after eating and returning after eating.

Brush regularly

At the age of six to eight months, children's teeth begin to appear. These teeth are called milk teeth, which later break down and grow new teeth. But the care of these baby teeth is also very important. Teach them to brush their teeth every day. First, you have to brush your fingers. Massage their teeth and gums with your index finger. It increases blood circulation there. When children grow up, teach them to brush with their hands. To do this, first, teach them to clean the outer part of the upper teeth and then the outer part of the lower teeth. Then, teach them to clean the inside of the top and bottom teeth. Brushing for two minutes a day improves a child's oral health.

Teaching to clean the toilet

If you haven't trained your child on toilet cleaning, don't forget to teach them how to flush after using the toilet. They should be taught to bathe themselves after defecation, especially the knowledge of genital hygiene. It is important to clean the toilet along with cleaning the toilet. It is also important to clean the toilet seat with toilet paper, put used tissue in the dustbin and then wash your hands with soap or hands and learn the right way to clean your feet.

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