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Five causes that cause liver cancer

Five causes that cause liver cancer

The risk of liver cancer is increasing. And, one of the main reasons for this is food. In other words, a poor diet has increased the risk of liver cancer today. However, poor nutrition alone does not increase the risk. There are other causes of liver cancer.

The liver is the largest internal organ in our body. In adults, its length is 15 cm (about 6 inches). It is also the heaviest part of the body, weighing from one and a half kilos to one and a half kilos. It occurs on the right side of our abdomen.

Does it work

It does more than 500 things in the body. Its main function is to purify the blood coming from the digestive tract and circulate it throughout the body. The liver also converts blood into energy. This is why the medicine we take is also transmitted to the body. However, we do not pay much attention to how to protect such an important liver.

How does liver cancer occur?

1. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a disease called liver cirrhosis, which can turn into cancer.

2. Hepatitis B and C can cause the liver to weaken quickly, which can lead to cancer.

3. A person undergoing dialysis is more likely to get liver cancer due to an infection.

4. Diabetes can lead to a disease called non-alcoholic fatty liver, which can lead to cancer.

5 Obesity causes fat to build up in the liver. It also increases the risk of cancer.

How to know

Frequent pain in the upper right part of the abdomen is a symptom of liver cancer.

- Loss of appetite, sudden weight loss can also be a symptom of liver cancer.

- Water starts to freeze in the stomach due to liver cancer.

- Yellowness increases in the body due to liver cancer.

- Fever comes regularly. It does not heal even after months of treatment.

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