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Child psychology

Child psychology

Child psychology is a branch of psychology. Under which the behavior of children and their inner minds are studied. This is the result of the works of modernity. Based on its use in education, present education has been given the form of child-centered education.

These are new innovations in the field of education, which constantly try to meet the real needs of the students. It is called a branch of psychology because it includes psychological principles, standards, and ideas. So let us know what is child psychology.

It is a concept aimed at the all-around development of the child. The purpose of its construction is to develop the mental, physical, social, culture of the children. It works by taking the mental development of the students as the focal point.

Its focal point is the child and under this, all aspects related to the behavior of children and their personalities are studied. It serves to expose all the psychological facts related to the benefit of children.

In child psychology, each stage of the students (pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence) is studied closely. So that proper direction can be given to their development.

Definition of Child Psychology

According to Crow and Crow, “It is a psychological study, in which the study of children from pregnancy to adolescence is done.”

According to Thomson, “It serves to provide a new direction to everyone and works to give it a proper form. So that the direction of development can be given proper shape.

Characteristics of Child Psychology | Characteristics of Child Psychology

Its focal point is the child.

Under this, the behavior of children is studied based on the psychological method.

It serves to provide proper direction to the development of the students.

Child psychology is a branch of psychology. Which is developed and used more in modern times.

Under this, knowing the changes taking place in the behavior of children, various schemes are made to give them the right direction.

Principles of Child Psychology | principles of child psychology

1) Psychoanalytic Theory – This theory has been propounded by psychologist Sigmund Freud. According to them, a person works to increase his abilities according to his needs. This theory is a well-known psychological theory of modern times.

2) Behaviorist Theory – This theory was propounded by psychologists John Dollar and PJ Neer. According to this theory, the mood of the children can be easily understood based on the behavior of the children. That is, their need and the conflict going on in their mind and brains can be easily recognized.

3) Cognitive theory – This theory was propounded by the psychologist Gestalt. According to this theory, based on the changes taking place in the intelligence and knowledge of the children, their behavior also keeps on changing.

What are the uses of child psychology education?

To achieve the real objectives of modern education and to make education effective, it has become very necessary to include child psychology in education. It plays an active role in the selection of curriculum, schedule, school schedules, co-curricular material, etc. This is also the reason for the changes taking place in modern education.

The reason for making education child-centered is to provide education to the students according to their interests. So that they can develop their intellectual development according to their capacity. All this has been possible only because of the child's psychological method.

What are the benefits of child psychology?

It serves to provide proper direction to the undesirable changes happening in the behavior of the students. So that the process of development happening in them can be accelerated. It plays an important role in the development and character building of the nation.

The work of creating social needs and real goals of education and providing proper direction and speed to the mental, intellectual development of the students is done under it.


According to the modern changing social perspective, there is a continuous change in the behavior and mood of the students. Rather, it has become necessary to adopt child psychology and implement it in education to show them the right direction and accelerate the pace of their development. So that their personality can be made impressive.

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10 tips to understand child psychology

Understanding the psychology of the child is the responsibility of the parents Understanding the psychology of the child has always been a difficult task for the parents. Understanding the psychology of children requires a very fine investigation. The eminent Psychologist Sigmund Freud said that children are initially influenced by natural desires, but gradually adopt a realistic attitude according to the values ​​and habits of their parents. As a mother or father, it is most important and important for you to understand the psychology of your child, meaning its psychology. Not every parent can be a psychologist, but it is also the responsibility of the parents to understand the psychology of their child. Although for this you do not need to read big books of psychology, by observing and analyzing the small habits and antics of your child, you can know the psychology of the child. The advantage of this would be that you can detect any psychological disorder in your child before it is born and stop it before it takes a bad form. What your child likes and doesn't like, what makes him happy and what makes him angry, simple things like these will tell you about your child's mood. Based on the findings of eminent psychologists, analysts, and research, HindiHaat is telling you through 10 simple tips how you can understand your child's psychology and turn his life in the right direction in his childhood.

1. Keep an Eye and Observe

Observation is the simplest and best way to know your child's psychology. Show interest in what the child does and says. Observe the mood and expressions of your baby while he eats, sleeps, and plays. Keep in mind that your child is unique and has a personality, a dignity. Therefore, never compare one of your children with your other child. This will create tension as well as an inferiority complex in him. Ask yourself what does your child likes to do the most? How does he react when he doesn't feel like eating a vegetable, going to bed early, or doing homework? How much does he interact with other children and people, and how long does it take? Doesn't he like things?

2. Pay attention, do not divide the attention – Pay Attention Do not divide the attention given to children by any other work. When you do any other work focusing on the child, then you lose the opportunity to understand the child from within. Plan at least one activity in a day in which you give full time to your child. By doing this, the child feels that that time is only his and he starts opening up to you more.

3. Spend Quality Time With Your Child – Spend Quality Time

In today's busy lifestyle, parents do many things together and their child is also involved in many of these things. If you want to understand your children, you have to make time for them. No matter how busy you are, there is no substitute for giving time to children. The time given to sit with them at lunchtime and drop off and pick up from school is not enough at all. You also have to play with them and talk to them so that you can understand them better. Talking with them will let you know what is going on in their school and what is going on in their life. To understand the psychology of a child, you have to ask them, which is their favorite TV show? What do they like and what don't. Just talking is not enough. When your children are doing something, sit quietly near them observe them, and try to understand their personalities by taking out what is going on inside their minds.

4. Do not blame, find the reason – Find Reasons It has been proved by much psychological research that the behavior and behavior of the child develop according to the environment around him. To understand the child, first of all, understand the environment around him. Research also suggests that the environment of the neighborhood, as well as the home, affects the development of the child's brain and his cognitive skills related to language and knowledge. How the people who come in contact with the child behave with him, it affects the psychology of the child. If your child has started becoming aggressive and has reduced social interaction with people, then you should analyze the environment around him and the environment at home and school and find out who is forcing him to do so. Is. Don't blame your child.

5. Understand the Function of the Child's Brain – Understand Brain Functioning Renowned child psychologist, child psychologist Daniel J. According to Seagal Daniel J. Seagal, by understanding the functioning of the child's brain, you can lay the foundation for a healthy social and emotional life of your child. Parents often understand the psychology of their child but do not know how their child's brain is functioning. The mind of the child is shaped according to his experiences from childhood till now and based on this he gives his reaction in different situations. If for some reason the child's experiences have been bad, then it will result that the child starts reacting negatively to the things related to those experiences. For this, the child will have to go through good and positive experiences and opportunities, otherwise, his overall development will be affected badly.

6. Listen to the child's story – Listen to Their Story

It is easy to talk to children but it is more important to listen and understand their words. To understand the psychology of the child, first, start talking to him and then try to understand him by listening. Keep in mind that children cannot express themselves clearly, but by listening to their words, try to identify the feelings hidden in their words. You focus on how your child emphasizes a word. Try to understand with what emotion the child is trying to say a word. Or did not panic while speaking any word or sentence or event. When the child speaks, pay attention to body language and eye contact. Also, note how he uses his hands while speaking and what is his body posture. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that out of the things you speak to the child, what he listens to and reacts attentively. Also, ask questions to the child, but keep in mind that does not ask any question so much or with such intensity that he starts shying away from answering.

7. Understand Children's Expression – Read the Expressions Children express anything in many ways like adults, but adults often do not pay attention to other ways of expression of children. If your children like to draw, write or act, then motivate and encourage them. Don't let their imagination be a hindrance and get them to join a drawing class or acting class. At home you ask them to maintain, save their artwork and give them different topics to express their imagination. The more your child writes or draws, the more expressive he will become. Take the time to check out their artwork and suggest them, but be careful that your suggestions don't try to inject your imagination or ideas into theirs. Let their thoughts and imagination remain original.

8. Ask the Right Question – Launch Right Question

If you want your child to talk openly to you, then ask your child the right questions. To make the conversation with the children long and complete, you should ask them such questions, which they can answer easily and easily. Keep in mind that the more spontaneous the conversation, the longer and more meaningful it will be. The questions should be such that you can get the correct answer from them. For example, if you ask a child whether he likes a certain song or not, his answer will be yes or no. You better ask him why does he like a certain song? The child will speak more about this question and his answer will also increase his analytical power. Similarly, instead of which sport does he like, ask how he plays his favorite sport? Answer the questions of the children logically, avoiding their questions will destroy their curiosity.

9. Think like a child – Be Child to Understand the Child To recognize children, it is necessary to think like a child many times. Empathy and empathy from children are also necessary to understand the child better. For this, understand their feelings and try to know what is going on in their mind. Speak in their language, think about how you would have expected to talk to your parents if you were a child in this situation. Never keep the excuse in your mind that they are children and do not understand anything.

10. Understand the EQ of the child – Know the Emotional quotient of Kids Sometimes the feelings and emotions of children are taken lightly. It is assumed that they will forget everything when they grow up. According to psychological research, this is wrong. The things that a child faces in childhood, when he grows up, then have a deep impact on his life. Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient Emotional Quotient is the ability of a person to express and control his emotions. Every child is unique, then he may be overly talkative or maybe shy. As a parent, it is your responsibility to understand the EQ of your child and groom him into a personality that is mentally healthy, emotional, and intelligent.


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