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Doctor's suggestion: Ear problems can be complicated, let's not neglect

Doctor's suggestion: Ear problems can be complicated, let's not neglect

In addition to the various health problems that come in winter, there are also many problems in the nose, ears, and throat. Doctors say that cold causes allergies in the throat, cough, runny nose, nasal congestion, and dry ears.

Since nose, ear, and throat diseases are interrelated, it is very important to avoid cold in winter. Excerpts from a conversation with Doctor, about the nose, ear, and throat problems, precautions, and treatment methods:

What are the overall problems with the nose, ears, and throat?

The general public in Nepal knows very little about the treatment of nose, ear, and throat diseases. Allergy problems are seen in many people. Emergencies include problems such as nosebleeds, complications caused by infections of the inner ear, and cancer of the mouth and thyroid gland.

There are many problems in the ears during cold weather and rainy season, what is the reason for this?

Inside the eardrum is a ventilation tube called a eustachian tube. This tube is open at the neck. If there is a throat infection, the infection can spread through the tube and reach the ear. It is also the cause of ear infections in many people.

The most common ear problem is ear infections. There are two types of ear infections, one is bone-eating and the other is a ruptured ear canal. If there is a problem in the middle part of the ear, it will affect the mesh. If antibiotics do not work, and long-term cure for osteoporosis is surgery. The nature of the disease depends on the type of operation to be performed to remove the ear canal or to remove the disease by scraping the bone behind the ear. Sometimes germs accumulate in the bone behind the ear, causing recurrent infections.

There are different symptoms and effects of osteoporosis. It gets a little more complicated. But just because there is a problem with the type of bone erosion does not mean that it can be taken lightly. After a long time, it is also likely to cause a lot of complications.

How good is the habit of ear piercing?

Do not put oil or other objects in the ears. That too can lead to a new infection. When you try to clean the ear by yourself, there is a problem of cracking the ear mesh. So he didn't do anything like pierce his ears.

How to diagnose deafness?

Some people have had problems with hearing loss since childhood. The problem of ear ripening is also seen when the mother is breastfeeding the baby. Infections of the tonsils and adenoids of the throat can also cause problems for the baby. If you have a severe bacterial infection, you may have more problems. In this case, the usual antibiotics may not work.

Those with ear problems did not allow water to enter their ears. Care should be taken while bathing and swimming. The ears should be kept dry. At the beginning of the treatment is to put a little in the ear or give antibiotics. Even so, if the torn mesh of the ear is not removed, the operation has to be done. And deafness should be tested in children. This is called screening. It can be used to find out what children's hearing ability is.

If the child cannot hear clearly, it can be treated in time. If it is delayed to do so, there will be problems in their reading, speaking, etc.

Is there a complete recovery after the operation or is there a possibility of recurrence of the problem?

There are usually two types of operation. It is a very complex type of mutilation or bone scraping which is usually done by making it completely unconscious. In addition to this, the method of improving the hearing ability of the ear can also be done together.

Because of the proximity of the head and the ear, it can be a bit riskier if the ear infection spreads to the head. There are also risks such as meningitis, which can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Is there any option other than operation?

Recurrent non-bone infections can lead to osteoporosis. Another thing is that after a recurrent infection, he should take antibiotics frequently, which can lead to other long-term problems. Ear veins can be a problem. In some cases, it may even increase the risk of death.

If the ear infection is frequent, it should be treated in time by seeing the doctors related to nose-ear-throat. If you are not able to get treatment financially, you are getting free treatment in various health camps, but it is better to emphasize that. The government should also help such patients.

How expensive is an ear operation?

The operation to change only the ear mesh is done in government hospitals for Rs 3,000. An operation to scrape the whole bone also costs Rs 5,000. To some, that is too big. It can also be done for free. The current concept of social security insurance can be free.

It is also found that many people do not take ear problems seriously. In this, it is necessary to spread public awareness. Patients come with a long history. I don't think they are very serious about it.

What are the common problems in the nose?

Most problems are caused by allergies. Problems such as the runny nose and runny nose are common. This type of problem also occurs when the bone in the nose is crooked. There are two types of bones in the nose, in the middle of the nose there is a partition of the two. The problem is that the partition is crooked and the nose is closed.

Most people have a slightly crooked nose, so not everyone has allergies.

But if the bone is very crooked, then the operation has to be done. Problems such as nasal congestion after the operation are also reduced. Another is bleeding from the nose. This is also a common problem, it is also caused by allergies. It can be avoided by avoiding colds and not eating too much cold food.

What causes a sore throat?

Problems such as allergies, frequent coughing, and sore throat due to gastritis are common in many people. Problems such as dry cough are more common in winter. To avoid this, you should drink hot water, use a mask and avoid dust.

People who speak loudly and for a long time, who misuse the voice, are also more likely to have problems with the larynx. There is also a lot of growth of meat, water bubbles, and thyroid cancer. If you get lumps in the throat, you should come to the hospital immediately and get tested.

What do you suggest to avoid nose, ear, and throat problems?

First of all, since it is wintertime, you should take measures like avoiding cold and using masks when meeting each other who are flu-infected.

Similarly, oil should not be put in the ear, it should not be pierced and if anything happens, you should go to the hospital immediately. If there is any problem with the throat, you should go to the hospital immediately and seek the advice of a doctor. It is best to eat as little as possible sour, spicy, greasy, and starchy foods.

How many cups of tea and coffee a day is better?

It is rare to find a person who does not drink tea or coffee. Some people do not drink tea or coffee in cold weather. But not everyone knows the benefits of drinking the right amount of tea and coffee and the disadvantages of consuming too much.

For a long time, various studies have been done on the advantages/disadvantages of coffee and tea consumption. Researchers in China have recently conducted a similar study. The study, conducted by researchers at Tianjin Medical University in China, found that drinking coffee and tea reduced the risk of stroke and dementia.

The researchers took 10 to 14 years to complete the study. The study involved 360,000 people. Studies show that daily consumption of tea or coffee reduces the risk of stroke and dementia.

Researchers say that people who drink at least 2 to 3 cups of coffee, 3 to 5 cups of tea, or 4 to 6 cups of both tea and coffee a day have a lower risk of stroke and dementia.

"Our findings show that moderate consumption of both coffee and tea reduces the risk of stroke and dementia," said the study author.

Drinking only tea or coffee reduces both risks. However, studies have shown that drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee or tea daily is most effective. Studies show that people who drink 3 cups of coffee or tea a day have a 28 percent lower risk of dementia and a 32 percent lower risk of stroke than non-drinkers.

The study was based on data collected by some 500,000 UK biobanks in the UK between 2006 and 2020. In this process, the health condition of people between the ages of 50 and 74 who were told about coffee or tea consumption was looked at.

Previous research has shown that coffee is beneficial for brain health.

A study based on data from the UK Biobank this year found that drinking a maximum of three cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of heart disease, stroke, and premature death. Similarly, drinking 3 cups of coffee daily also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's.

But excessive coffee consumption is not good for health. According to a study published in Nutritional Neuroscience in June, people who drink more than 6 cups of coffee a day have an increased risk of dementia and brain damage.


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