Thursday, January 13, 2022

Omicron infection of the upper respiratory tract

Omicron infection of the upper respiratory tract

The omicron variant of the coronavirus is said to be more contagious than the previous delta variant. Although the Omicron variant reduces the complexity of human health, the rate of infection is said to be qualitatively spread.

Dr. Sameer Kumar Adhikari, Joint Spokesperson, Ministry of Health and Population, said that like other variants of the Omicron variant, the symptoms are similar in humans. As a result, the proportion of complications increases, 'he said.

Compared to other variants, this variant is spreading at a faster rate. Ministry spokesperson Dr. Sangeeta Kaushal Mishra said Omikron would cause infection in the upper respiratory tract. "Other variants used to cause infections in the lower respiratory tract or lungs," she said.

He says further studies are being conducted on the effects of Omicron. Corona infections have been confirmed in 10 million worldwide in the last week. According to the World Health Organization, the cause of so many infections is the Omicron variant.

Omicron can infect both those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. Studies so far have shown that those who are not vaccinated can be more difficult to get infected. There is even a risk of death for those who have not been vaccinated. Public health expert Dr. Sagar Raj Bhandari said that the Omicron variant can infect the throat of a person.

He reported symptoms such as sore throat, itching, and breathing problems. The Omicron variant also causes symptoms such as high fever, mild fever, and severe cold.

Survival measures

To avoid this, you need to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, as well as by public health standards, such as not overcrowding, using a sanitizer, and washing your hands frequently with soap and water. To use the mask correctly and maintain a physical distance of one meter between one person and another.

To prevent such infections, the government has been vaccinating everyone over the age of 12 against corona for over a year. So far, 76.5 percent of the target population in Nepal has been vaccinated with the first dose and 56.9 percent with the full dose.

Similarly, 50.2 percent of the total population has been vaccinated first and 37.3 percent have been fully vaccinated. The government has shut down programs such as meetings and seminars attended by more than 25 people until January 30 due to the increasing incidence of the coronavirus.

The trend of transition rate is increasing

The transition rate trend has also increased. The infection rate, which was 2.6 percent on December 6, has reached 18.6 percent. Similarly, the infection rate was only 12.7 percent on December 10 and 9.2 percent on December 10.

The overall transition rate was 4.2 percent on January 7, 4.3 percent on January 7, 4.5 percent on January 7, 6.5 percent on January 7, and 7.1 percent on December 10. A total of 2,444 people were infected in the test of 15,033 people on December 10. There are 1,446 infections and 7,855 active infections on December 10 and 1,167 infections and 6,755 active infections on December 10.

Preparations for Omicron variant prevention

The government has learned from previous experiences and is now keeping the hospital on high alert to prevent a possible third wave. According to ministry spokesperson Dr. Mishra, the hospital has oxygen, intensive care unit (ICU), high dependency unit (HDU), ventilator, isolation, and health workers in place to prevent possible risk of omikron variant. According to him, there are 2,797 ICUs, 1,008 ventilators, and 3,846 HDUs.

Similarly, there are 13 thousand 939 oxygen cylinders and 693 oxygen concentrators. Similarly, 19 out of 25 oxygen tanks and 87 out of 107 oxygen plants have come into operation. There are 2,494 isolation beds, 324 HDUs, 445 intensive care units, and 254 ventilators in the Kathmandu Valley.

He said the ministry had stepped up testing with antigen kits as well as increased monitoring to detect omicron variants in the community. A few days ago, when 1,146 positive samples were screened for S-gene, 250 samples were found to be S-gene negative and those that were found to be negative were confirmed to be Omicron variant in 24 of the Molecular Genetic Study (Gene Sequencing). So far, 27 omicron variants have been found.

‘Increasing the S-gene negative means increasing the omicron variant’, Dr. Mishra said, "We are conducting contract tracing of all the infected people who have been diagnosed with S-Gene negative."

What is the condition of the hospitals in the valley?

Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that corona infections are spreading rapidly. With this in mind, a meeting of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Coordination Committee was held on Sunday. The meeting decided to close the school till December 31 and make Corona vaccination card mandatory when going to public places.

At the same time, panic has spread among the general public.

Against this background, we made on-site visits to some of the hospitals in the capital, where separate wards have been set up for the treatment of corona patients - Teku Hospital, Veer Hospital, and Civil Hospital.

Some patients are being treated in the coved ward of the hospital. Also, the pressure in the fever clinic has increased a lot.

When the Shukraraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases Hospital, the only communicable disease hospital in Nepal, arrived on Monday, nine patients were admitted to the ICU and HDU wards. Of them, 3 were admitted to ICU and 6 to HDU, said Nawaraj Gautam, information officer of the hospital.

According to him, the number of patients coming to the fever clinic has been increasing in recent days, but the number of patients who have to stay in the ward after admission is low. The fever clinic, which was closed after the second wave of corona subsided, was started last Friday, said Gautam.

According to the hospital, up to 20/25 people have been suffering from the symptoms since Friday. Gautam said that he was in the third week of April last year.

In the last one or two days, the number of patients in the corona ward at Veer Hospital has been increasing. As many as 29 patients were being treated in the Covid ward till Monday afternoon. In the last 24 hours, six corona-infected patients have been added to the ward, said Karam Rana, chief of the hospital's medical report branch. According to him, only 2 people were infected with a corona in the previous 24 hours.

Although the number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing day by day, doctors say that the number of patients with the serious condition is relatively low this time. Although the virus is not considered weak, Gautam stressed that the number of patients coming to the hospital has been low so far.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Sher Bahadur again says that this wave will have less effect than the previous two waves. Many have been vaccinated and have developed the ability to fight against corona. Pun said. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Trump's government.

A crowd of people getting vaccinated

On the other hand, after the government made the corona vaccination card mandatory in the public sector, the number of people getting the corona vaccine in government hospitals has started increasing.

The hospital administration has stated that the number of people getting the corona vaccine has increased in hospitals like Veer Hospital, Civil, and Shukraraj Tropical. According to Teku Hospital Information Officer Gautam, Johnson & Johnson vaccinations are now being given to those who go abroad.

As of Sunday, Johnson was only available for vaccinations, but since Monday, the number of people receiving Vrocel and Covisild vaccines has increased. According to Gautam, this is due to the government's policy.

According to him, more than 1,200 people were vaccinated at Teku Hospital on Monday alone. According to Gautam, Johnson and Verosel were worn by many of them. 


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