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Don't drink alcohol under the pretext of cold, it can cause nerve damage

Don't drink alcohol under the pretext of cold, it can cause nerve damage

The human spinal cord is made up of many bones. There is a black disc in the middle of each bone. A type of fluid disc is like nauni ghee. If there is a broken arm or leg due to an accident or if there is a problem in moving the bone, the disc protrudes from between the two bones and squeezes the nerve. In common parlance, this is called an intervertebral disc prolapse.

When the nerve is squeezed, it causes pain in the body and gradually spreads to the legs and feet. Not only accidents but also the problem of nerve entrapment is seen more when there is no exercise in the winter season.

Cold weather can lead to many health problems. Not enough water is consumed in cold weather. Which seems to be a problem of dehydration. Similarly, lack of exercise can lead to nerve problems and other muscle problems, as well as digestive problems. Among them, doctors suggest taking care of your regular lifestyle to prevent nerve-related problems.

Without regular exercise, the body's senses do not become active. The risk of pollution also increases when urban people go out for exercise in the morning and evening when they have free time. Therefore, since there is more accommodation than walking in cold weather, there is no necessary activity. Like other senses, the activity of the heart is slowing down in cold weather. Colds also increase the risk of chest infections. In this case, what to do to get rid of nerve-related problems?

Senior Neuro Surgeon and Head of Neurology Department of Veer Hospital, Dr. Rajeev Jha says that nerve-related problems are more prevalent in cold due to lack of physical exercise.

Dr. Jha says, ‘In winter, the muscles of our body get stiff, stiffening means tightening of the muscles. Then the nerves are squeezed by the muscles. ' This causes the throat to become stiff. Many people come to the hospital because their throat is hard or crooked due to cold. It makes the body feel pain. But it is a problem that returns to normal within a week.

If someone has a problem including a sore throat, such a problem is repeated again and again. It can be cured by physiotherapy. However, in some cases, some of the problems related to the nerves seen in cold weather can be seen as a long-term risk.

How to solve the problem?

Dr. Jha suggests some methods which can reduce the nerve-related problems comparatively even when the practice is less in cold weather.

Foods should be very nutritious and easily digested. Some use cigarettes and alcohol as an excuse to get cold. Although it makes the body feel a little hot at that time, it also causes more problems in the nerves and other parts of the body.

The second thing is how to keep the body moving at home even if you do not go out to practice. People who work hard have to walk at least 4-5 hours a day.

People cannot exercise freely in cold weather like other times. Those who cannot walk in the morning can practice in the afternoon if possible. You should also walk at home or to the office. Do it up and down at least 8/10 times daily. It also happens when you walk on the same floor 8/10 times. But this is not appropriate in the case of old age.

Along with physical exercise, people also need to balance their nutrition. Some people eat less in the name of nutrition. That's not right, eat as much as you can and exercise.

What is the problem in children after Covid?

As of last Friday, 74 children had been diagnosed with MISC at Kanti Children's Hospital. According to the hospital, 17 children have died at Kanti Children's Hospital alone from MISC, a deadly disease that can affect children and other family members within three to five weeks. Most of them died due to serious problems in the heart, kidney, brain, and lungs as they were not brought to the hospital on time without knowing the symptoms of the disease, the hospital said.

At present, there is a growing number of patients in hospitals, including Kanti, suffering from multisystemic inflammatory syndrome, which can seriously affect a child's heart, kidneys, and brain. If left untreated, there is a risk of death and long-term problems.

However, the current MISC is not entirely similar to Kawasaki, so British pediatricians have dubbed it 'Incomplete Kawasaki'. This problem is also seen in newborns now.

The cause of the problem is not yet known, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But it has been found to have serious effects on children with corona infections.

Increased MISC patients

Grandi Hospital pediatrician Dr. Sanjay Raj Thapa says that in the last one week alone, 10 MISC patients have been treated at Grandi Hospital. He said that the number of patients suffering from fever, diarrhea, and diarrhea has increased in recent times.

Dr. According to Thapa, if such children are not treated in time, there is a risk of long-term effects on the heart, kidneys, lungs, and brain, and even death. So if a child has covidia and still has symptoms such as fever and body aches, he urges them to take her to the hospital for immediate treatment.

If this problem is not treated in time, expensive drugs like IVIG and steroids will have to be used and it can cost millions of rupees. Thapa explains. He says the drug was administered to five patients last week. It has been found to affect the heart of all those who use this drug.

Seasonal flu is also a problem for children

Doctors say that children who have been living in a clean home environment for a long time are more likely to suffer from colds and seasonal fevers due to the unhealthy environment and the company of many. On the other hand, the number of children suffering from seasonal flu is also increasing in the hospital.

Doctors say that the number of sick children in Kanti Children's Hospital and other government hospitals has increased recently. Pediatrician Dr. Thapa said that after the opening of the school, the unfavorable environment for the children and even the parents going to work regularly brought the seasonal flu virus and the children may have become very sick. At present, the pressure of the sick child in the hospital has increased up to 10 times. Thapa explains.


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