Saturday, August 15, 2020

child addicted to the Internet

Is your child addicted to the Internet? Do this to get rid of it.

All schools and colleges are closed due to Kovid-19. As a result, many children and adolescents have become lazy, spending hours every day on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. If your children have such a diary every day, it will definitely bring sad consequences to the family.

Of course, in the modern age, giving children access to technology cannot be considered otherwise. But with the extreme misuse of technology, young children are beginning to have a detrimental effect on the brain. So don't leave the internet open to make children happy. Remember how long your kids have been online?

Which sites do they open the most? How much time are you spending chatting on social networks including Facebook? What kind of people is coming in contact with them? Now is the time to be alert to these things.

On the other hand, are you sure that your children are looking for study materials on the Internet? Do you know if their eyes are on pornography? If we are not aware of this in time, children can get into trouble and even become addicted.

On the other hand, parents are relieved when children forget about gadgets. But such online games are becoming a kind of addiction in children. They keep thinking about the game at other times.

If they do not interact with family and society and do not get to play, they show unnatural activities that make them angry and irritable. It has been found to have a negative effect on reading and other personality development as watching the game makes one feel sad and frustrated that there has been a great loss. In such cases, parents can do the following to protect their children from Internet addiction.

View and monitor what children do online and what sites they use.

Make rules for using the Internet.

Use only when there are parents or set certain criteria.

Teach to maintain your privacy.

Make a place for children to use the internet around their eyes.

Child lock so that pornographic sites and any sites that affect children are not opened in search engines.

Provide training on the disadvantages of social media.

Prohibit posting and commenting on bad pictures.

Sitting together reading various messages etc.

Closer observation.

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