Saturday, August 1, 2020

Eventually, Microsoft bought the TikTok

Eventually, Microsoft bought the TikTok

TikTok, which has long been embroiled in controversy over user data security, has agreed to take over US ownership. After a month-long discussion, Tiktak's parent company ByteDance has come to this kind of conclusion.

TikTok had earlier said it could sell its stake in the US company to prevent possible sanctions. But US President Donald Trump was not ready. He was planning to ban tickets in the United States from today.

But at the last minute, Tiktak is ready to give his full share to the United States. It is said that an agreement has been reached between Microsoft and BitDance for five billion US dollars.

According to the news agency Reuters, Microsoft will now be responsible for the data of Tiktak users. User data will be stored on Microsoft's servers. In other words, with the new agreement, ByteDance has thrown away its Chinese cloak.

However, neither Tiktak nor Microsoft has released any official information about the agreement. After India, the US is the second largest market for tickets.

The number of monthly active users of TickTock in the United States is 80 million. The agreement with Microsoft will provide great protection for Tiktak, which has lost two major markets in a row.

But with that comes a serious question. After Huawei, Tiktak is another example of how far the United States can go to kill or obstruct successful technology companies outside its poles.

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Now WhatsApp's group chat can always be 'muted'

 WhatsApp has been working on a new update for some time now. Version is expected to be released soon as a new update.

The company also includes a new feature to make users happy with group chat. It will add a feature called 'Mute Always' within the group chat.

This means that users will be able to turn off group chat notifications permanently. Earlier, group chat had the facility to be muted for one hour, eight hours and one year.

By expanding that, the company is now going to bring a facility that can be closed forever.

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