Thursday, August 27, 2020

Jeff Bezos became the first rich man in world history with a fortune of 200 billion

Jeff Bezos became the first rich man in world history with a fortune of  200 billion

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, has amassed more wealth than ever before. In nearly four decades of Forbes calculations, Bezos has crossed a milestone that has never been seen before.

Bezos' net worth rose to  4.9 billion as Amazon's stock fell 2 percent on Wednesday afternoon. The 56-year-old is the richest man in the world with more than 200 billion in assets.

As of 1:50 a.m. Wednesday, the assets of Amazon's founder and CEO had reached 204.6 billion (Rs. 241.90 billion). That's  90 billion more than Bill Gates, the world's second-richest man. Bill Gates currently has a net worth of  116.1 billion.

According to Forbes, Bezos has managed to make a new fortune even when it comes to matching inflation. Bill Gates became the first person with a fortune of one hundred billion dollars.

By the time Microsoft reached its peak, Gates had amassed a fortune of 100 billion. At present, it is worth about  158 billion. Due to the epidemic of coronavirus, consumer habits have changed a lot.

The direct benefit of which has been collected by Amazon. Its stock has risen 80 percent since the beginning of the year. As a result, Bezos's net worth, which was  115 billion a year as of last January, has skyrocketed.

The 11 percent stake in Amazon has played a 90 percent role in increasing his wealth. Bezos also owns Washington Post, aerospace company Blue Origin and other private investments. Bezos had the world's most expensive divorce last year alone.

He agreed to give his ex-wife a 25 percent stake in Amazon. The stock is currently valued at  63 billion. Bezos' ex-wife Mackenzie Scott, who donated  1.7 billion to charity, is now the 14th richest person in the world and the second richest woman.

In the first place is Francisco is Bettencourt Meyers. Bezos is not the only player to leap into the ocean of wealth in the boat of technology. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg set a record of 100 billion on Tuesday alone.

He amassed  3.4 billion in a single day from his stock on Facebook, bringing his net worth to рей 103.1 billion. The wealth of his property was not limited to that. On Wednesday afternoon alone, his net worth rose to  109.1 billion.

At the same time, the number of rich people with assets of one hundred billion dollars has reached a lot so far. Bezos, Gates, Bernard Arnaut, and the newly crowned Mark Zuckerberg have also been added. Arnaut now has 115 billion in assets.

Bezos has donated, 2.6 million worth of 7,548 shares of his stock to a non-profit organization, setting a new record of  200 billion. Bezos's net worth now stands at  205 billion (Rs 243.89 billion), including inflation.

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