Sunday, August 23, 2020

The brain-computer interface

The brain-computer interface, through which the brain will now directly control the electronic device

It may seem strange to you that in the future you will be able to control any device including mobile, computer, laptop directly from your mind without touching it. Of course, you may have seen Dr. Octopus in the movie. In the film, there are many hands of Dr. Octos's machine.

Dr. Octopus controls the hands of these machines with his brain. You may not believe that all this is possible even in real life.

But it is really possible. Brain-computer interface technology now makes it possible to control electronic devices.

After all, what is this brain-computer interface?

Today we are going to tell you what is this brain-computer interface and how it works. You will also find information on its usefulness.

The brain-computer interface is easy to understand if it is a kind of machine or a kind of system. Which connects our brain to the computer and sends the brain's instructions to the computer.

We can even recognize it by another name NCI. Whose full name is Neural Control Interface? To make it easier to understand, such a machine or system, through which the information of our brain can be displayed on the screen of a computer or electronic device. In fact, the system allows you to communicate or give instructions directly to the commuter.

Knowing this, you must have found it interesting and unique. Now let's talk about how it works. To understand the brain interface commuter interface, let's take an example from real life.

Most people know how our brains work. If you know that, you can easily understand this brain-computer. In particular, our brain uses electric pulses to exchange information and instructions with different parts of the body.

This is what we can think with the help of electric pulse and signal. Can work We can dream In this way our brain can do different kinds of things.

Similarly, if you have a general knowledge of computers, the computer also works on the basis of electric signals. From which the computer works based on the instructions we give you.

The electrical signals that work on a computer are zero and one digit in binary form. Now the thing to understand here is that the commuter also works from the electric signal and the brain also uses a kind of electric signal.

Now, in this case, we can make a connection between the two. This means that if we can transmit the kind of electrical signal emanating from our brain to a computer through a system or machine, then the computer can understand the language of our brain.

How much fun would it be to have this very interesting topic in real life? Scientists have completed various tests. The first test was performed on a monkey.

In which some pins were attached to the monkey's head and it was connected with a wire. In this test, the monkey was found to be able to control the robotic arm.

This is exactly what you are looking for in a Doctor Octopus movie. He can move the hands as he pleases without speaking the hands of the machine attached to it.

Now the brain-computer interface technology has become not just a fictional story of the film, but a real-life experiment. In the days to come, this technology will definitely be developed to a more advanced level.

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