Tuesday, August 4, 2020

This way you can easily understand the CPU and GPU in computers and smartphones

This way you can easily understand the CPU and GPU in computers and smartphones

The CPU, or central processing unit, is considered the brain of the computer. The graphics processing unit (GPU) can be considered as the soul of the computer. Over the past decade, GPUs have broken with the limitations of computers.

GPUs have helped AI flourish globally. GPUs have become an important part of today's modern supercomputing. It is connecting to a new hyperscale data center. GPU, popular among gamers, has become an accelerator to speed up everything from networking to AI.

GPU has brought an advancement in gaming. It is also bringing pro graphics advancement to desktops, PCs and new generation laptops.

GPUs are no longer limited to PCs. It is based on the old idea of ​​parallel computing. This is what makes the GPU even more powerful.

The question of what exactly is a GPU may come to the minds of many. Imagine you have the latest computer with a Core i7 processor and you do not have a separate graphics card.

But your friend has an old useless Core i3 laptop and your friend has used a new graphics card with high end. When you two play GTA Five games together on your computer, you see the performance of the game is weak on your own and good on your friend's computer.

The brain of a computer is the CPU, to run it you have to use the latest processor. But you can't play the game well. Your friend is able to play this game with fun even on a useless old processor. Seeing this will surely make your mind wander.

Now you understand the importance of GPU by coming here. GPU is a full word graphics processing unit. The CPU is the central processing unit. When you look at these two things superficially, you may feel that these two things are the same.

So these are both small chips. But the way these two are designed, the way they work and what they do, that's what makes them different and special.

The processor on your phone or laptop is a general purpose processor. That does everything. You can do whatever you want to do any calculations, watch movies, listen to songs, browse the internet, etc.

Because it is a general purpose processor. But when it comes to GPU, it is a special purpose processor. Who only looks at graphics with the help of parallel computing.

There are two types of GPUs. One is an integrated GPU and the other is a dedicated GPU. An integrated GPU is a separate component within a single processor. Which handles graphics separately.

A dedicated GPU is something you can keep separate for laptops and computers. For example, GTX 1080, RX 460 are dedicated GPUs. But for integrated Intel's SD graphics, Intel.

Iris Graphics, Intel Iris Pro Graphics. If you use a Qualcomm processor on your smartphone or tablet, you can get an Adreno GPU on it. If you are using Exynos processor, you can get Mali GPU.

If you use an iPhone, there is a Power VR GPU. Integrated GPU is a part of the chip, which works on graphics.

Now the question may arise in you that what is really in the graphics? For which we have to install a separate system. The reason behind this is that we use parallel computing for graphics.

For example, if you are playing GTA Five, the road, car, house, tree, cloud, people are all graphics characters in your game. As you play the game, the computer should process all these things as soon as possible and bring them in front of you.

Since all these objects seen in the scene are not dependent on each other, it uses parallel computing. One part of your GPU handles vehicles, another handles people, another handles roads and another handles other things. All of these things are processed together to create a single scene in your game.

But one CPU can't do all this work. So if you have a dedicated GPU, your gaming performance is very good. In addition, if you are working on video rendering, video processing and image processing, rendering is done in blocks.

There you can split the video into smaller pieces and compute them all in parallel. This way you can improve your work performance if you have a dedicated GPU.

 When it comes to integrated GPU, you can't compare Snapdragon 430 with Snapdragon 615. Snapdragon 615 is an octacore processor based on Cortex A53. Its maximum frequency is 1.7 GHz.

The Snapdragon 430 is also an octacore processor based on the Cortex A53. Its maximum frequency is 1.4 GHz. At such times you think 615 is strong. But remove this illusion. 430 is very powerful for gaming.

Because it has 505 GPU of Adreno and in 615 you get only 405 GPU of Adreno. When it comes to performance based on normal CPU, 615 works well in CPU.

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