Thursday, August 13, 2020

Binod - Twitter

After all, who is 'Binod', how did he come to be trending on social media?

'Binod' has been trending on social media including Twitter for the last few days. Now you may be wondering, is humor also a trending topic?

But for a while now the word has been on the list of top trending on Twitter. #Binod (hashtag in humor) There have been tens of thousands of tweets so far. Now it is being talked about everywhere.

Famous companies are now sharing their posts using the same trending. There are many mimes coming on Twitter and Facebook linking to humor.

The word is now appearing everywhere in social media posts, mimes, and in the comment section of any post. But some of us don't know who this trending 'joke' is and how it suddenly became trending.

Vinod's full name is Vinod Tharu. It has a YouTube channel, but no videos. Her YouTube activity is also limited. He goes to other people's videos and writes his name 'Binod'.

Recently, a YouTube channel called Slay Point made a video. In which the comments coming on the YouTube channels were roasted about how meaningless they can be. The faces of Abhuday Mohan and Gautami Kawale seen in the video go to comment on the YouTube channel.

That comment was nothing but the name 'Binod'. Suddenly, the video they made went viral. And it was the users of social media who made it trending by writing 'Vinod' in social media posts and comments.

Thus, a flood of posts and comments with hashtag jokes started coming and this name became trending. It didn't take long for the joke to go viral.

The word became so viral that even brands like Swiggy, Tinder, Netflix, Paytm started posting it with the same viral name.

Similarly, a Twitter user by the name of Gabbar Singh asks Fintech startup company Paytm that he can keep humor by changing the username of Twitter. Paytm immediately accepts the request and immediately jokes about its username.

Famous streaming platforms Disney Plus Hotstar also started mimes with this name.

Swiggy, a food ordering app, was celebrating its anniversary. And he tweeted, "We think the first person to call us tonight at 12 o'clock will be Vinod."

Similarly, Netflix India has written a tweet in praise of Arman saying that he has been commenting on every one of his tweets for the last one year. Airtel India tweeted to its followers asking them to start talking and comment on the response they receive every time they receive a call.

Amazon Prime Video India also joined the trending. Not only that, but the Mumbai Police also got involved in it. Linking to Binod, spreading online security awareness, he tweeted, "Dear Vinod, we hope your name is not your online password."

It's going viral right now, change the password right away! '

Similarly, many brands, celebrities, police were all posting on the hashtag Vinod. This trend of India gradually spread to Nepal as well.

Even Nepali brands and users are having fun using this word to the fullest.

Corona's epidemic thus made a meaningful comment to a user who was under a kind of stress, a fast way of conveying meaningful messages and entertainment.

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