Saturday, August 29, 2020

Know useful settings, forgetting Gmail-Facebook password works

Know useful settings, forgetting Gmail-Facebook password works

Nowadays people are working on an official laptop or desktop from work from home. If you are using an office laptop or PC, you must delete your data and password before returning it.

If you go to browser settings, you will see that many of your passwords have been saved. Which needs to be deleted.

If you work in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,, or any other browser, they ask you to save the password of every website you need to log in. So if you have saved all those passwords, there is a risk of theft.

How many passwords are saved?

When you log in to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Gmail or any other email ID, you will be asked to save the password. Similarly, other types of websites or platforms, in which you log in with a password, are also asked.

In this way, your e-commerce, Facebook, Twitter, etc., many passwords are saved. If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can see the saved passwords by going to the Passwords section within its settings. You can also delete the password saved in this way.

Follow these steps to see the password

First,,, go to Google Chrome Set.

Now go to the password section or go to the search settings above and search by typing the password.

Click on the arrow next to the password.

Now scroll down, there you will see a list of all saved passwords.

All passwords will appear as dots. You can see your password by clicking on the eye button in front of it.

After clicking on the I button you have to enter the system password Otherwise anyone can see the password from here.

If you have forgotten a password, it may be useful for you.
At the same time, it has its downsides. If anyone knows the computer's system password, your passwords may be stolen from here.

How to secure a password in the browser

When you're working on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,, or any other browser, there are a few things to keep in mind. From which you can keep your password secure.

Always keep your laptop, PC password strong. Use numbers, alphabets,, and special characters for that.

Even so, the browser will ask you to save the password. Only save items that are not in danger of being stolen.

Turn Off Offer to Save Password or Auto Sign In by going to Password from Google Chrome settings. You can also use the Master Password for Chrome extension for Chrome's safety.

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