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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Know useful settings, forgetting Gmail-Facebook password works

Know useful settings, forgetting Gmail-Facebook password works

Nowadays people are working on an official laptop or desktop from work from home. If you are using an office laptop or PC, you must delete your data and password before returning it.

If you go to browser settings, you will see that many of your passwords have been saved. Which needs to be deleted.

If you work in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,, or any other browser, they ask you to save the password of every website you need to log in. So if you have saved all those passwords, there is a risk of theft.

How many passwords are saved?

When you log in to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Gmail or any other email ID, you will be asked to save the password. Similarly, other types of websites or platforms, in which you log in with a password, are also asked.

In this way, your e-commerce, Facebook, Twitter, etc., many passwords are saved. If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can see the saved passwords by going to the Passwords section within its settings. You can also delete the password saved in this way.

Follow these steps to see the password

First,,, go to Google Chrome Set.

Now go to the password section or go to the search settings above and search by typing the password.

Click on the arrow next to the password.

Now scroll down, there you will see a list of all saved passwords.

All passwords will appear as dots. You can see your password by clicking on the eye button in front of it.

After clicking on the I button you have to enter the system password Otherwise anyone can see the password from here.

If you have forgotten a password, it may be useful for you.
At the same time, it has its downsides. If anyone knows the computer's system password, your passwords may be stolen from here.

How to secure a password in the browser

When you're working on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,, or any other browser, there are a few things to keep in mind. From which you can keep your password secure.

Always keep your laptop, PC password strong. Use numbers, alphabets,, and special characters for that.

Even so, the browser will ask you to save the password. Only save items that are not in danger of being stolen.

Turn Off Offer to Save Password or Auto Sign In by going to Password from Google Chrome settings. You can also use the Master Password for Chrome extension for Chrome's safety.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Biggest record ever on YouTube

Became the biggest record ever on YouTube, when the whole world became a fan of the video

Such a record is rare, the first time a song or video is uploaded to YouTube, the whole world becomes a fan of it. But now this has been proven true.

This is a new record in the history of YouTube, which no one has been able to set yet. Yes, a new video has been uploaded to YouTube.

Which received so many views in the first 24 hours of uploading that it became a huge new world record. Of course, when you read this news, its views will be added even more.

Video record 100 million views in 24 hours

According to the information received, Korean pop band BTS has uploaded the music video of this latest track Dynamite on YouTube. The video of K-Pop, which is becoming very popular among the youth of the world, has set a unique record of collecting 100 million views in just 20 hours.

As of this writing on Wednesday, the song has been viewed more than 208.1 million times. What is memorable here is that before this, the record of the most viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours was in the name of Black Pink. The How You Like That video received 86.3 million views in 24 hours.

Korean pop singers are very popular among young people

Korean pop bands are very popular among young people all over the world. The songs of these Korean brands are very popular among the youth. According to sources, the Korean pop band BTS's new song Dynamite was showing this possibility even before it became a hit. However, only a few days ago, a teaser video of this song was shared.

This teaser has already crossed 62.6 million views on YouTube. The video of the song has received more than 208.1 million views. Which is still running in number one trend in many countries of the world.

While preparing this news, the view of this song which is number one trending even in Nepal will definitely be added as soon as you read it.

At the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, BTS was seen presenting dance numbers on TV for the first time. Which will be on air on August 30.

Friday, August 14, 2020

'Master Mind' - hacking Twitter!

 17-year-old 'Master Mind' shocks the world by hacking Twitter!

U.S. prosecutors on Saturday charged three people with involvement in a recent Twitter hacking case. The timetable of the hack has also been made public in a court document issued by the Ministry of Justice.

The document also details how US investigators tracked down the suspected hackers. According to court documents, the entire hacking activity started on May 3.

A teenage clerk from Tampa, Florida (who had been living in California) gained access to a portion of Twitter's network on May 3.

But what happened between May 3 and July 15 is still unclear. However, Clark initially failed to gain access to the Twitter admin tool used to kill the account.

But on the second day of the Twitter hack, according to the New York Times, Clerk initially had access to Twitter's internal slack workspace, not Twitter.

New York Times reporters quoted a hacker community source as saying that the hacker had found the login details of a Twitter tech support tool. From there, he broke into a slack channel of the company.

On the day of the hack, a picture of the tool, which controls all Twitter accounts, was leaked online by Twitter employees. However, the login details of the tool were not enough to access the back end of Twitter.

According to Twitter's blog post, Twitter's administrative back-end is protected by two-factor authentication. How long it took the clerk to do all this work is still unclear.

But according to Twitter researchers, the hacker used a "phone spare phishing attack" to trick Twitter employees into accessing their accounts and break two-factor authentication.

All of this happened on July 15. It was the same day that the company that hacked Twitter made it public.

Shortly afterwards, the clerk, who reached out to OG Users' Discard Channel from Kirk # 5270 ID, talked to two people and asked for help in monetizing Twitter's access, according to an FBI chat.

OG Users Discard Channel is a special forum where hackers buy and sell social media accounts. Through the channel, the clerk claimed that Fazeli (22 years old) who used Rolex # 037 ID and Separd (19 years old) who used Angius # 0001 ID were Twitter employees.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

The clerk also sold access to various short-form Twitter accounts to Separd. 

The clerk thus reassured both of them about their access level. The trio then agreed to post an ad to promote the clerk's ability to hack Twitter accounts on the OGUser Forum.

Many people are believed to have bought access to their Twitter accounts after the ads were posted. A record message posted on YouTube by a U.S. Attorney's Office official states that investigators are monitoring several users involved in the hack.

 One of the three parties had posted a cryptocurrency scam message on July 15 by purchasing access to the celebrity's authentic Twitter account.

Such messages were seen on the accounts of celebrities including Barack Obama, Joy Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Apple, Uber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Michael Bloomberg, Floyd Mayweather.

In which users were requested to send Bitcoin to different addresses. According to court documents, 12.83 bitcoins, or about १७ 117,000, were found in the hacker's operating wallet in the scam.

In the course of the investigation, the cryptocurrency exchange company Coinbase intervened in the matter and stopped trading at the scam address on the day of the hack. In the end, the मर 280,000 that went into the scammers' accounts was saved.

By then, the subject was known to be hacked. Twitter staff blocked the clerk from tweeting on his official Twitter account.

According to the investigation, the clerk had access to Twitter's admin tool and communicated with 130 accounts. In 45 of them he had reset the password and in 36 he had access to secret messages.

On the second day of the hack, Twitter went to the administration and filed a criminal complaint against the hack. The FBI and the Secret Service then launched an investigation.

According to court documents, the FBI obtained users' details and chat logs from Discord using data and news shared on social media.

The FBI used a copy of the OG user's forum database, which was leaked last April, as some hacker ads were also posted on OG users. The database contained details of users registered in the forum, including email and IP addresses, as well as personal messages.

The FBI was collecting data from Coinbase with the help of the Internal Revenue Service and the address of Bitcoin where the hackers were involved. After studying the data from these sources, the FBI was able to track the identities of the hackers in all three directions. It was linked to email and IP address.

For example, the FBI tracked down Fazelli after he linked his discarded username to an OGUser. This was an operational security upset mistake of Fazeli.

Similarly, Fazeli also made many mistakes in hiding his identity. Initially, he used the address [email protected] to register on the OG Users Forum, but later he used the address [email protected] to hack a Twitter account called Foreign.

He used the same two email addresses in his Coinbase account. Which was later certified by his driver's license.

In addition, Fazeli used a home connection to access all three sites. The three services Discard, Coinbase and OG user's connection log showed his home IP address.

Another person, Separd, had a similar weakness. He had infiltrated the OG user with an ID named Cheiwan. According to investigators, on the day of the hack, Separd was able to access his discarded account with the help of an advertisement posted on the OG user's site.

After that, the researchers got the confirmation from the leaked database of OG user. There, Cheyenne was buying video games from a Bitcoin username, and fortunately on the day Twitter was hacked, Separd was connected to the same address.

Like Faizelli, Separd also uses the actual driver's license to manage the accounts at Coinbase to authenticate his various accounts. However, the FBI has not linked the clerk to the Kirk hashtag 5270 Discarded User.

But according to details released by various US government sources on Saturday, Clark appears to be the man. Hillsburg State Attorney Andrew Warren claimed that the 17-year-old Tampa teen clerk who was arrested on Saturday was the mastermind of the hack.

In a press release issued from the northern district of California, the administration told the state attorney that the clerk was a juvenile. The hacker, who was arrested by Florida, revealed his name was Graham Evan Clerk.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Binod - Twitter

After all, who is 'Binod', how did he come to be trending on social media?

'Binod' has been trending on social media including Twitter for the last few days. Now you may be wondering, is humor also a trending topic?

But for a while now the word has been on the list of top trending on Twitter. #Binod (hashtag in humor) There have been tens of thousands of tweets so far. Now it is being talked about everywhere.

Famous companies are now sharing their posts using the same trending. There are many mimes coming on Twitter and Facebook linking to humor.

The word is now appearing everywhere in social media posts, mimes, and in the comment section of any post. But some of us don't know who this trending 'joke' is and how it suddenly became trending.

Vinod's full name is Vinod Tharu. It has a YouTube channel, but no videos. Her YouTube activity is also limited. He goes to other people's videos and writes his name 'Binod'.

Recently, a YouTube channel called Slay Point made a video. In which the comments coming on the YouTube channels were roasted about how meaningless they can be. The faces of Abhuday Mohan and Gautami Kawale seen in the video go to comment on the YouTube channel.

That comment was nothing but the name 'Binod'. Suddenly, the video they made went viral. And it was the users of social media who made it trending by writing 'Vinod' in social media posts and comments.

Thus, a flood of posts and comments with hashtag jokes started coming and this name became trending. It didn't take long for the joke to go viral.

The word became so viral that even brands like Swiggy, Tinder, Netflix, Paytm started posting it with the same viral name.

Similarly, a Twitter user by the name of Gabbar Singh asks Fintech startup company Paytm that he can keep humor by changing the username of Twitter. Paytm immediately accepts the request and immediately jokes about its username.

Famous streaming platforms Disney Plus Hotstar also started mimes with this name.

Swiggy, a food ordering app, was celebrating its anniversary. And he tweeted, "We think the first person to call us tonight at 12 o'clock will be Vinod."

Similarly, Netflix India has written a tweet in praise of Arman saying that he has been commenting on every one of his tweets for the last one year. Airtel India tweeted to its followers asking them to start talking and comment on the response they receive every time they receive a call.

Amazon Prime Video India also joined the trending. Not only that, but the Mumbai Police also got involved in it. Linking to Binod, spreading online security awareness, he tweeted, "Dear Vinod, we hope your name is not your online password."

It's going viral right now, change the password right away! '

Similarly, many brands, celebrities, police were all posting on the hashtag Vinod. This trend of India gradually spread to Nepal as well.

Even Nepali brands and users are having fun using this word to the fullest.

Corona's epidemic thus made a meaningful comment to a user who was under a kind of stress, a fast way of conveying meaningful messages and entertainment.