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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Biggest record ever on YouTube

Became the biggest record ever on YouTube, when the whole world became a fan of the video

Such a record is rare, the first time a song or video is uploaded to YouTube, the whole world becomes a fan of it. But now this has been proven true.

This is a new record in the history of YouTube, which no one has been able to set yet. Yes, a new video has been uploaded to YouTube.

Which received so many views in the first 24 hours of uploading that it became a huge new world record. Of course, when you read this news, its views will be added even more.

Video record 100 million views in 24 hours

According to the information received, Korean pop band BTS has uploaded the music video of this latest track Dynamite on YouTube. The video of K-Pop, which is becoming very popular among the youth of the world, has set a unique record of collecting 100 million views in just 20 hours.

As of this writing on Wednesday, the song has been viewed more than 208.1 million times. What is memorable here is that before this, the record of the most viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours was in the name of Black Pink. The How You Like That video received 86.3 million views in 24 hours.

Korean pop singers are very popular among young people

Korean pop bands are very popular among young people all over the world. The songs of these Korean brands are very popular among the youth. According to sources, the Korean pop band BTS's new song Dynamite was showing this possibility even before it became a hit. However, only a few days ago, a teaser video of this song was shared.

This teaser has already crossed 62.6 million views on YouTube. The video of the song has received more than 208.1 million views. Which is still running in number one trend in many countries of the world.

While preparing this news, the view of this song which is number one trending even in Nepal will definitely be added as soon as you read it.

At the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, BTS was seen presenting dance numbers on TV for the first time. Which will be on air on August 30.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Which country holds BTS' biggest fan base?

Which country in the world has the strongest BTS fans?
BTS seems to have more fans here than at home in Korea.

According to data published last November by social media marketing platform SocialBikers, the Philippines has the best ARMY anywhere.
Of the 5,130,000 members on BTS's official Facebook page, 124,787 are from the Philippines, 24.24% of all, and 8.29% of Vietnamese fans.

BTS is a group that owes much of its success to the big legends of its fans under their belt.
We all know that they are usually trending on social media because their fans, ARMY, are campaigning unceasingly.
Sure they are all over the world, but where are most of them?
To give a somewhat indirect answer, the country that has the most BTS fans is the Philippines.
For some reason, although the visual data is no longer on Twitter, it does show a lower ranking.

Most,  BTS countries in the world according to Twitter:- 

1 Philippines,  2 South Korea, 3 Thailand, 4 Vietnam, 5 Indonesia, 6 Malaysia, 7 Brazil, 8 USA, 9 Taiwan, and
10 Mexico

Friday, May 15, 2020

Who is your ultimate bias in BTS?

Every K-pop fan knows who their favorite BTS member is, but who's the best member of the Bangton Boys? Not only the talented KOP singers, dancers, and rappers, but also the hottest people of K-Pop, the seven-member boy band of Big Hit Entertainment. We know that it is difficult to choose who your BTS bias is, so think wisely before ranking BTS members from best to worst.

This BTS profile is a list of BTS members with stage names, real names, pictures, birthdays and locations (leader, rapper, singer, dancer, scene, etc.). Current BTS members include Jimin, Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Wei and Jungkook.

Since BTS appeared on the scene in 2013, the Bangton Boys have been winning the hearts of fans around the world. Just like all boys do with a team, each member has a unique personality that sets him apart from the rest. By the time we finish here, you will know who you are most associated with.

Maybe you are calm and responsible. If you want to help with work and enjoy activities such as playing video games and big movies, Junkcock may be your perfect match. If you say that you play the guitar and you like the animated shows, it is more and more obvious that this is your BTS member.

You can always be the darling of the way as people melt from your puppy eyes. If you are over-competitive and a little warm-hearted, Jamin feels the same to you.

On the other hand, people around you are likely to come from another planet because of your strange behavior. If you march on the beat of your own Dholakia, we may consider V to be your best man.

The crowd was cheering, and the stage lights were on. It's Showtime.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The most beautiful solo song of MOTS-7 BTS

As the first South Korean team to stand out among us, BTS did its best to maintain it.

Every album is no exception to its predecessor, so the group's fourth full studio tour, "Map of the Soul: Seven", reached number twenty on iTunes' top song chart. Twenty titles in all - 5 of them released on their 2019 EP, "Map of the Soul: Personal".

Tot and Primal, "Mots: 7" is a very self-referential tribute. Now in its seventh year, the Septum has a consistently affiliate degree angle with each other, and every member of the cluster - RMP, Suga and J-Hope; And Singers Jin, Jimin, Wei Dynasty and Jungkook - Whatever their artist's work is, everyone gets the gist of the same address here.

BTS closed out the album with hits from "Mots: Persona", as well as his collaboration with Impeccable Sheeran (gentle ballad "Make It Right") and Halsey (bright bop "Boy With Love"). But the most influential RM bowler in these "old" numbers is "Intro: Personality".

With washed peaks and noisy backgrounds, chord instrumental lines take the observer back to the retro age (Beastie Boys), as BTS leaders hate every Korean and Englishman.

Wherever you talk about madness and anxiety, new tracks begin with Suga's "Interlude: Shadow".

The entire band performed alongside South African Australian pop singer Troy Sivan opposite Sugar, RM and J-Hope's "Stairway the Bombers".

The metronomic precision of Jungkook's falsetto before the smash kick in Dole Delivers gives it a new atmosphere, which the character says: "People we square measure. Gee's lighting pop "Moon" speaks to her fans ("You're My Earth / And I'm You"), once Wei's brooding "Inner Child" became very difficult.

In "My Time", Jungkook is growing up on BTS, and Jamin's "Filter" wants to draw attention to the Latin ("Your unresolved face ... please see") On me) "Elsewhere, Vee and Jamin describe their friendly relationship with a hearty couple of" friends ":" Seoul is exceptionally bright / I really have another new world ... sooner

"His latest Onomatopia Disc track by Rap Line (in the spirit of 2018's" Dudeng "):" Lying / lying is often true / all over this place /

A person with complete morality / absolute judgment or fun. "

The power ballad "00:00 (Zero O'Clock)", encourages listeners of "Mots: 7", everyone, regardless of UN agency, they start a new day. RM and Sugga have left the poem highly respected. With the haunting and aggressive ballads "We square measure bullet proof: The Eternal", BTS fulfills his dream: "We measure only seven, but all of you." Our. "J-Hops" Answer Tar: Ahem "BTS BTS with samples from their 2013 album" Cool Cool Four Faculties.

In fact, Square measures many tracks with antimatic, stadium-ready quality. During the double, 1 and close-track remixes with the lead single "On" Cluster, Sia addresses the chorus in her familiar usage.

What is BTS and what is the Army?

ARMY or A.R.M.Y () is the official follower name of BTS.
It was officially established on July 9, 2013, when the primary practice ceased.
BTS (Korean: R 소년단; RR: Bangatan Sonnyandan), a seven-member South Korean boy band shaped in the 2010 South Korean capital.

Septet is co-writing and producing their products in abundance.
Originally a hip hop cluster, his musical style has a good variety of genres.
His songs usually focus on personal and social commentary, themes of mood, the difficulties of school-age youth, loss, traveling with him, and individualism.
The selections of his work represent literature and psychological thought and contain another cosmic story.
The cluster has hosted many world tours.
"ARMY" means "Adorable Representative MC for Youth" and "Army" for military, body armor and area unit of those 2 things.
As always, name followers surely mean that fans can always be next to BTS.
BTS and the mirror images of almost every alternator in the A.R.M.Y field unit suffer from each other.
The image of A.R.M.Y is expressed as a door on his approach, which BTS is waiting for another door and BTS to host after the re-establishment door opens.
The second feat began from December 19, 2014 to January 16, 2015.
The benefits of membership as a political candidate include a card, special product, event book, board game show twice a month.
Events, monthly birthday party videos, free passes for fan-making, first purchase margins, official fan club updates, special 1st decisions for concerts and events.
Thread Achievement started from February 2016 to March 4, 2016.
Benefits of becoming a Political Candidate Member Card, ARMY.ZIP Event Book, Reservation for Domestic and Foreign Concerts, Pre-Reservation for BTS, Exclusive Goods, Public Speaking, Special Events to Modify.