Saturday, May 16, 2020

Which country holds BTS' biggest fan base?

Which country in the world has the strongest BTS fans?
BTS seems to have more fans here than at home in Korea.

According to data published last November by social media marketing platform SocialBikers, the Philippines has the best ARMY anywhere.
Of the 5,130,000 members on BTS's official Facebook page, 124,787 are from the Philippines, 24.24% of all, and 8.29% of Vietnamese fans.

BTS is a group that owes much of its success to the big legends of its fans under their belt.
We all know that they are usually trending on social media because their fans, ARMY, are campaigning unceasingly.
Sure they are all over the world, but where are most of them?
To give a somewhat indirect answer, the country that has the most BTS fans is the Philippines.
For some reason, although the visual data is no longer on Twitter, it does show a lower ranking.

Most,  BTS countries in the world according to Twitter:- 

1 Philippines,  2 South Korea, 3 Thailand, 4 Vietnam, 5 Indonesia, 6 Malaysia, 7 Brazil, 8 USA, 9 Taiwan, and
10 Mexico

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