Sunday, May 31, 2020

Robot journalist at Microsoft now!

Microsoft is going to hire an automated robot journalist by removing the journalists working on its MSN website.

At present, Microsoft has hired journalists to collect news from various media outlets, select headlines and pictures and publish them on Microsoft's website. But now Microsoft will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to select and publish news by removing all contract journalists.

Microsoft said the new experiment was part of an assessment of its business.

"Like all other companies, we regularly evaluate our business," Microsoft said in a statement. This will help in increasing investment in some areas and re-employment of employees. '

Microsoft, like other technology companies, pays various news agencies for the purpose of publishing on its website. But in order for news agencies to decide which news to put on their websites, Microsoft has hired journalists under contract.

With Microsoft's decision to hire the robot as a journalist, at least 50 contract journalists working on the MSN website will be laid off by the end of June. However, the team of full-time journalists will remain the same. On the other hand, contract journalists who are about to be fired have said that it is unethical to think about displacing people from machines. Stating that it would be difficult for robots to adapt to strict editorial guidelines, they claimed that it risked seeing irrelevant news on Microsoft's news site.

A journalist who was about to lose his job at Microsoft said, "I used to spend time reading about how artificial intelligence is grabbing people's jobs. But now it's my turn. '

Remember that various communication and technology companies around the world have started to use robot journalism to cut costs. Google has launched a project to study the potential of robot journalism. '

Information Technology: Key Lockdown Friend

The world's human race has been hit by the coronavirus, which has spread like a global epidemic. The number of infected people is increasing by thousands every day. The Covid-19 vaccine, which has spread to more than 200 countries around the world, has not yet been developed. Scientists have suggested that the immediate solution to this is to 'lockdown' or live in solitude.

The government of Nepal has also adopted a policy of lockdown saying that one can be safe from this virus without contacting anyone. Following the decision of the government, all Nepalis have been living in lockdown for a month and a half. In such a situation, information technology is playing a significant role in making people's daily routine easier and simpler than the prevention of COVID-19. Information technology is helping to do all kinds of work in solitude.

Proper use of information technology is the main option for lockdown time. The use of information technology has made it easier for the Government of Nepal to provide information to the general public on what to do to prevent the virus, what to look for, and what the symptoms are. The Ministry of Health and Population of the Government of Nepal has launched a mobile app called 'Hamro Swasthya' which provides complete information about the corona virus. The app is designed to identify an infected person and find a nearby hospital for an infected person. In the app, a firm has been created to survey whether a person has corona or not. If the person fills in the form and finds symptoms similar to corona, the person will be contacted and tested.

Five within your province. The state has also created an app. This makes it easier to communicate information about the corona, to identify infected people, and to treat them. Nepal Police has updated the app called 'Nepal Police' to make it easier for the prevention of COVID-19. The app is in operation to report any lockdown violation, blackmail during lockdown, if you or anyone in the neighborhood has symptoms of Covid-19, or if you need to report being in self-quarantine, and if there are any problems.

This has made it easier to fully implement the lockdown, control the black market, and identify and treat those infected with COVID-19. The Consumer Rights Management Information System (CRSIS) has been launched under the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection to take action against those who lodge complaints and grievances online to prevent shortage of essential services and control the black market during lockouts.

Similarly, various IT companies have developed various apps and software to facilitate the prevention of Covid-19. The Prime Minister has been holding discussions with the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing from time to time to get information about the status of implementation of the strategies formulated for the prevention and control of COVID-19.
Similarly, the Government of Nepal will provide licensed zoom software to all local levels to facilitate online meetings at all levels.

Nepal Telecom and Ncell are informing about the symptoms of Covid-19 in the ring tone by providing information on how to avoid it. He also started a system to check if a person has any symptoms over the phone there are one. 

People are fighting against Kovid-19 by conducting information activities using information technology in solitary confinement at home. In addition, various schools and universities have started teaching activities online. It has also been decided to run the online classroom under the direction of the Ministry of Education, Vice Chancellor, Dean and departmental discussions.

Online learning platforms such as e-Library, Khan Academy, Class Central, Fate, CK Telv, British Council, Dearwalk Learning Center, EDX, Coollabs, Midas E-Class as well as YouTube and some video streaming platforms have provided various online courses.

For students who find it difficult to spend their days at home but want to study, digital education is a good opportunity to make good use of time and build knowledge. All kinds of books are available online. Because of this, online is the only option for people who are trying to read but can't afford to buy a book.

As the corona outbreak spreads, everyone is living in lockdown. No one came out except the most urgent. Apart from government hospitals, other private hospitals have not even treated people when they are sick. Cold and fever patients are no different than those seen by private hospitals.

In such a situation, information technology has provided a solution to these problems. We have various websites, apps including Doctor, Doctor On Call. They provide advice to patients based on what they ask, tell, and prescribe medication based on their symptoms. Some of these apps / websites are also treating patients through video calls. There are also online portals related to medicine that deliver the medicine requested by the patient to the home through online, go home online and collect blood sputum for lab test and send the report online.

Thus, it has become possible to provide health services through the use of information technology during lockouts. The only way to survive from Kovid-19, the companion information technology of solitude, is to fully implement lockdown. At present, people are doing everything from solitude.

The most embarrassing thing for a social being like a human being is to live in solitude. However, the use of information technology has brought people closer to social distance even though they are physically isolated. Along with spending time on various social networks, various companies and websites are offering free online trainings, and young people are gaining knowledge and skills according to their interests through classes.