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The smallest province of Nepal

Province No. 2 ( The smallest province of Nepal)

Province No. 2 (Proposed Name: Madhesh or Mithila-Bhojpura) Nepali / Maithili: State No. 2) is a province in the southeastern part of Nepal, created after the adoption of the Constitution of Nepal. It is the second most populous province in Nepal, and the smallest province by area. It falls under Province No. 1 in the east, the Bagmati region in the north and India in the south. It covers an area of ​​9,661 km2 (3,730 sq mi) with a population of 5,404,145 according to the 2011 census of Nepal, which is Nepal's most densely populated province. 

The Koshi River and Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve formerly serve as a regional boundary boundary between Province No. 2 and Province No. 1. And the border line between Chitwan National Park and Parsa National Park (formerly Wildlife Reserve) serves as a regional boundary between the province. Number 2 and Province No. 3 to the west.

The province has eight districts, from the Saptari district in the east to the Parsa district in the west. Most of the province's population speaks Maithili, Bhojpuri, Bajajik and Nepali.

The capital city, the sub-metropolitan city of Janakpur, also known as Janakpurdham, is a religious and cultural tourist destination. It is also believed that Mithila was the capital of the Videha dynasty that ruled the region in ancient times. 

Rajbiraj, Nepal's first urban planning municipality, is the oldest municipality in the Terai Belt of Nepal. The city is believed to have been named after the ancient Rajdevi Temple of the 1700s. Metropolitan City Birganj is an economically important industrial center and the only metropolitan city in the province. 

According to the 17 January 2018 Cabinet Meeting, Janakpur was declared as the Provisional Capital of Province No. 2. Mohammed Lalbaab is the current Chief Minister of Routh Grass. 


Around the area: 

Sunsari District in Eastern Province No. 1.
Chitwan district in the Bagmati region to the west.
Udaipur District of Makwanpur District and Sindhouli District of Baghmati Region and Province No. 1 in the North.
South of India.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the province covers an area of ​​approximately 9,661 km2 (3,730 sq mi). The total area of ​​Nepal is 147,181 km2 (56,827 sq mi). With a total population of 5,404,145, it is the second most populous province in Nepal. 
The province lies on the flat plains of Terai, and the Chure (Churia) or Shivalik hills fall to the north of the province's natural boundaries. The southern part of India has an international border with India. The Koshi River consists of eight consecutive districts (parallel), which serve as a natural boundary with Province No. 1 on the east coast. The Koshi River, the Bagmati River, the Kamala River, the Lakhandei River and the Bishnumati River are the major rivers of the province.

Government and administration

Main article: Provincial No. 2 Government and Provincial Assembly of Province No. 2
While the governor is the head of the province, the chief minister is the head of the provincial government. Chief Justice of the Janakpur High Court is the head of the judiciary.  The current Governor, Chief Minister and Chief Justice of India is Tilak Pariyar (Governor), Mohamed Lal Babu Raut (Chief Minister) and Uday Prakash Chappagain.  The province consists of 10 representative provincial assembly constituencies and 32 delegates. 

Similar to other provinces in Nepal, Province No. 2 is a bicameral legislature. The tenure of the Provincial Assembly is five years. The Provincial Assembly of Province No. 2 is temporarily housed in the District Education Office of Janakpur. 

Administrative subdivision

Province No. two is split into eight districts, that area unit listed below. a neighborhood is ruled by the top of the district coordination committee and therefore the district body officer. Districts area unit enclosed in municipalities or rural municipalities. Municipalities embody one metropolitan town, 3 sub-metropolitan cities and seventy three municipalities. There area unit fifty nine rural municipalities within the state.


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