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A Simple Formula to Relieve Stress

Why is there stress?

What does stress do? 

What can be done to manage it properly?

This is a matter for serious consideration in the present context. Because of the complexity of the situation now, there is a real risk of stress. When stress is not managed properly, it becomes a mental disorder and causes physical and mental problems. Such as depression, anxiety to high blood pressure.

But external factors alone do not cause stress. Just like other people's behavior, situation, etc. do not create stress alone. Stress is also caused by our internal causes. Internal factors include lifestyle, way of working, diet, thinking more, analyzing more, self-criticism, pessimistic thinking, finding perfection in everything, thinking hard and comparing oneself with others.

External factors include factors affecting the body (sound, light, temperature and habitat), social factors, institutional factors and special events in life (births, deaths, marriages, accidents, family breakdowns and disease states).

Causes of stress, Family problems, Excessive use of technology, Workplace environment, The state of the disease, Time limit at work, Risk of going to work, Hint, Insomnia or excessive sleep, Decreased mental concentration, Depression, Headache, To be lonely, Anger, To be afraid, Stress management strategies, To work according to the situation and environment, Change the way you think, Move forward leaving the situation that you cannot change

The following can be done to manage stress.

Leave some time for yourself, Stay away from stressful factors, Control stressful situations and communicate properly, Do regular exercise and yoga, Eating a balanced diet, Forgetting bad things and forgiving those who do, Learn the skills you need, Be friendly and intimate with everyone, Seek solutions to problems, Analyze your good work and try to make it more perfect, To plan the actions that can be taken, Avoid alcohol and be happy as much as possible, Saving some of your earnings for future necessary work as well as healing through regular meditation, Controlling thinking, Engage in household and garden chores, Doing your favorite thing like listening to songs, watching movies, reading books etc., Don't smoke and stay calm, Having fun with family and relatives, Get 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night or sleep as needed, Be grateful for what you have and always consider yourself dear and manage time well, Trying or understanding what others need to do, Getting the right information from the right place and giving it in the right place, Reduce worrying about anything, Be happy with what you have and work hard, To make annual work schedule and also to make alternative arrangements, Always enjoy life, experience and be happy

Corona, which originated all over the world, may have caused various visible and invisible stresses here. Mental health can be improved by relieving stress by applying the above mentioned essential methods in your life. Mental health is important. Physical, social and emotional health is only good if mental health is maintained.

Golden formulas for stress management

Courage to say 'no': In most cases we can't make concrete decisions. We think people shouldn't have to do what they can. It is better to do what you can than to do what you can, and you should do what you can, but if you do what you can or don't do, then your faith in us is likely to decline. This is the subject that takes place in the brain.

A state of self-pity is created by saying, "I told Flanno to do this, but I couldn't." Unwanted hangovers run through the mind. Therefore, one should have the courage to say 'I can't' if there is a possible and immediate action that can be done and if it is not possible or if it is not possible.

When you keep someone entangled or entangled, you get entangled and entangled with the same subject. This habit helps us to stay open, free and clean. This nature makes us develop the habit of not keeping any stale subject in mind. When the mind is healed, then we too can flow smoothly in life like Ganga.

Make a list of things you find important

The race of many subjects continues in the brain. If we keep our minds fixed on all these things, we will be trapped in the circle of unnecessary mental stress. Stress is the result of the mind rushing towards many things. We can never do many things at once. Therefore, the work that should not be done or is in front of the eyes should be planned to do the work immediately.

Making a list of things that need to be done or are important does not mean that you have to miss out on important things. Another thing is that when those important works are included in our list, we can move towards editing them without any hesitation.

Prioritization of work

When we make a list of things that we think are important, then we have to prioritize them. Just as we pay our electricity and water bills while sitting in a line, so we keep our work in line and perform our duties on a priority basis, so that our conscience begins to respect our loyalty to a discipline.

Self-esteem is a big thing. If you are disciplined, you build new things, you get rewards or gifts, then the first thing to be thankful or happy about is your intuition, your conscience. When you finish one of the most important and prioritized topics, you just have to start another. Even when there is confusion about which work to do first, stress increases and the work done cannot be successful.

Analysis of elapsed time

Our minds cannot remain the same. It is very difficult to keep the mind calm without any subject, person or object, because the nature of the mind is to search for the subject. Only on the day when the mind can be detoxified can we attain the state of ultimate peace. Of course, making the mind subject less is like crushing a stone, but providing it with good subjects is not so difficult. What kind of people do we spend our time with? What kind of work are we doing? Or are we just wasting time?

Spending time in unnecessary eating, walking, sitting, meditating, indulging in indulgence has led to unnecessary surprises and tens of thousands! Or, what more can be done to make time more systematic and productive? You have to keep analyzing such questions. From this, a calm mind can be developed by making maximum use of it by avoiding wastage of time. Proper time management gives us great strength in simple living.

The art of spending time in solitude

The habit of spending time in daily solitude is one of the major mental and physical therapies. We are alienated from our nature, power and association due to the intercourse of many people, their thoughts, their urges, etc. throughout the day or every day. The more we distance ourselves, the more complicated our life becomes.

Man's life cannot be truly meaningful unless he finds the meso of peace, strength and innumerable possibilities within himself. The only way for a person to be loved and reach the pinnacle of success is by developing originality within oneself.

But, that self-identification is not possible from the outside crowd. Therefore, at least once a day, in the morning or in the evening, after all the work is done, sitting in a quiet place where the wind blows as quietly as possible, looking at yourself in silence, you can finally feel that you are there. I have met everyone but if I can't meet myself, then the rush of life has no meaning.

Spending time in solitude also means the practice of focusing the mind on one's subjects. Silence is necessary for the realization of immense peace of mind, including the search for one's identity, power and potential. Nowadays, when people are very busy, they are missing out on who they are and what they need to do.

And in order to alleviate the tension and unrest caused by external noise, crowds and unnecessary competition, it is necessary to sit in solitude, to be subject less and to experience unlimited peace through introspection. It makes us really energetic.

Edge off unnecessary items

We think that if there is more, it will bring happiness and peace. But, this is one hundred percent illusion, because the smaller the amount of material happiness and peace, the greater. The basic necessities of life are everything, except that they are a burden. When we value desire more than we need, we accumulate a lot of unwanted things.

When the collection of unnecessary items increases, and it becomes a hassle to manage. As we mentioned earlier, the fewer items in the bag, the less the burden and the greater the happiness. Cleanliness is not possible unless unnecessary items are removed. When only the essentials are left in place of the unwanted ones, the unnecessary stress is reduced. Simplicity is also the name of a lifestyle that gives importance only to needs.

Satsang with energetic people

Satsang is very important for life. Sat means truth and Sang means with. Satsang is the repeated contact with the truth or with the right thing. To put it more clearly, satsang is the association, discussion and interaction with a person who accepts the truth, has a holy thought, seeks the welfare of all and values ​​only the good.

Meeting such people gives you guidance in life and increases your peace of mind. The ability to accept life's joys and sorrows in a balanced way also increases. Sometimes some of the things we think about can be just fantasies and the path can be wrong. If we have discussions and discussions with people with energetic and constructive character, we can get the necessary advice, suggestions and even help. If we are in a state of indecision on any issue, we can give a clear direction.

Sometimes playing with things in the mind causes stress, mental complexity also increases and a state of 'what to do, how to do' is created. In that situation, even when mature, cheerful and energetic people get emotional and restless, happiness comes and gets rid of complexity.

Psychology has also said that immense peace can be achieved by placing mental turmoil in front of mature and energetic people. When you live with an energetic person, many frustrations go away and you get the energy to fight the problem with a clear vision.

Choose one instead of two

The root cause of mental anguish is the placement of many options in the brain. We have a habit of making many choices. The more options the mind plays, the more complicated life becomes. When you work hard, you get the opportunity to invest all your energy in it. Therefore, experts say that the habit of making one instead of two is a precious formula of simple life.

Two motorcycles, two houses, two cars, two jobs, two lands, two people, etc., we should try to make them all one. Doing so not only reduces the attachment to additional items or alternatives, it also reduces the time, energy and interest required for that. When attachment decreases, the amount of peace of mind also increases.

The art of living in the present

Our minds are often distracted by memories of yesterday and tomorrow. Either our minds have memories of yesterday, or tomorrow's worries. In the pursuit of both, we tend to forget our present. We have life, we have time, we have power, we have everything. But, under the pretext of remembering the past and worrying about the future, we have forgotten where we are and what we are doing. It complicates life, because the challenges are present. The work before us is the truth, the time before us is the truth.

The Gita says to pay attention to the current. According to the Gita, whatever happens is good, whatever happens is good and what is happening is also good, so it is useless to worry. There is never sorrow in the present. Even if there is sorrow, it can be done only by connecting it with tomorrow and yesterday, otherwise it will not happen. The disease that connects the present with the future is the root of life's complexity.

The reason why people do not try to make today beautiful is because all their attention and effort is to be active in yesterday and tomorrow. Therefore, to live in the present is to be simple. The power, the time, the wealth, the prestige and the satisfaction that we have today is the truth. Yesterday's talk is dead, tomorrow's talk is in the womb of mystery, but Deepak Chopra has also said that it is a present gift. Therefore, scholars are of the opinion that a simple and healthy life can be developed by living in the present.

A little is enough

There are those who say that people become lazy and the path of progress is blocked due to the saying 'Santosham Param Sukham', but this does not mean sitting idle with one's hands tied without working. Satisfaction means that you should do what you can, not give up trying, try to inflate as much as possible and accept the results unconditionally. He has suffered the most today because of people's dissatisfaction, because his dissatisfaction will never be filled.

Therefore, those who consider what they have received to be sufficient do not have to endure unnecessary stress and complications. Due to the dissatisfaction in the mind, greed, deceit, conspiracy, trickery, violence and unrestrained environment will develop in the society. Therefore, everything provided by time is enough for me because I have to think that it is the result of my hard work. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that a person with a lifestyle devoid of the idea that it is enough is always simple and calm. The smaller the material, the more satisfying and pleasing it is.

Continuous activism

‘Udyamen hi siddhyanti karyani na manorathai:’ that is, works can never be completed without hard work, industry and labor. Just as our heart beats to the last stage of life, so does our breathing, so life must continue to be active. Just as the water of a flowing river is clean, so the health, contentment, and wealth of an active person are all clean and beautiful. No one has the right to eat without working.

The water of the river is clean, because the river is constantly flowing, it is active but the water of the pond is dirty, it cannot be drunk, because it is inactive and that is why garbage starts to accumulate there. The life of an inactive person is as impure, dirty and useless as a pond.

Freedom from addiction

No one is happier in life than the one who has beautiful habits, has a sacred culture. He is happiest without money or prestige. People who become victims of alcohol, cigarettes and drug addiction may not have health even if they have millions. There is no peace and happiness without health. Therefore, beautiful culture is the property of billions, but it is not the property of decay. It will always remain so.

If there are bad addictions, then only disruptions are seen everywhere because of them. How can a life full of obstacles, many worries and fears be made simple? How can the water of the river and the color of the sky be as pure? Therefore, one cannot live a simple life without being free from bad habits.

Retail savings

A Western scholar has also highly recommended the habit of saving retail money. He says that the habit of regularly saving small notes or dollars like one rupee, two rupees by looking at his wallet and purse every evening in a khutruke will save him better money than he thought and that will help him to cover small needs.

There is a lot of hassle and stress even when you have a lot of money in your purse or wallet, but when you put that stressful money in one place, the stress is lessened immediately, the purse is cleaned and you save inadvertently. In this way, the purse and goji cleaning campaign reduces unnecessary stress and also saves.

Thus, we discussed many aspects of simple life. In addition, there are many ways we can streamline and simplify life by removing unnecessary things from life. The above are simple but specific formulas for a simple life. Apart from this, we can understand other specific formulas if we consider them carefully.

In general, things like JJ provide strength in removing the complexities of life, reducing stress, increasing health and peace, and moving forward without burdens, in fact, he can be considered the source of a simple life. Hopefully, we will all get the energy to move forward in a simple and beautiful life by memorizing those formulas. With Chitwan Post.

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