Saturday, May 30, 2020

Actor Tom preparing for a film shoot in space

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is preparing to fly in space to make a film. According to NASA, it is being prepared.

The head of NASA has given information about this on Tuesday. His film is said to be about the International Space Station. It is said that the space agency is working with Cruise for this. A NASA spokesman said the cruise would go into space and stay. In addition, very expensive laboratories will be deployed in it. The lab will also be orbiting the Earth. The astronaut team has been working on it since 2000. But some high-paying tourists have been barred for years.

Some films have already been shot on Space Station. The IMAX Documentary in 2002 was one of them. Which was narrated by Cruz. The science fiction film 'Apology of Fear' made in 2012 is another of them. Cruz will be the first actor to act in space.

According to NASA, this will be the first 'Narrative Feature Film' to be shot in outer space. But it is not clear when Cruz will fly into space and who will be added to his spaceflight. But Boeing has been working in the United States for years to develop the spacecraft's capabilities. SpaceX had earlier stated that it was working with a third party company.

Also, NASA will not bear the cost of Space X or Boeing. The project will cost 22,500 a day. The International Space Station was built as a partnership between dozens of countries. But the United States and Russia are its primary operators. It also has a US-owned testing laboratory. Where astronauts do scientific and professional research.

Tom Cruise, NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX preparing to shoot a picture in space

Tom Cruise is in development with SpaceX and NASA, becoming the first star to shoot an action-adventure film in outer space.Reported by Deadline, the film is not part of the Mission: Impossible franchise, where Cruise performed several high-octane maneuvers involving gravity, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and a helicopter walking out.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein confirmed the existence of the project in a tweet, saying the project could be shot at the International Space Station. Located 250 miles above the Earth, the space station is the center of research and many advanced experiments. If Tom Cruise goes into space, you should expect him to be fully trained to become an astronaut, which is no easy task.

After screening, therapy, etc., the actual evaluation process takes 2 years.

Although not very long in terms of film, Tom Cruise is 57 years old, yet such a wonderfully ready place can be challenging - at least on paper. John Glenn is the oldest astronaut who entered space at age 77, but after many years of extensive training in military careers and space travel. With Elon Musk vocal about the concept of commercialization of his spacecraft, it is interesting to see what steps the actor takes to eliminate the possibility of space flight for In order to learn to travel outside, you would think that the physical aspects of astronaut training by NASA is essential for an astronaut.

The following is an excerpt from NASA's official website regarding selection and training:

As part of the astronaut candidate training program, applicants must complete military water survival before launching the flight syllabus and qualify for the SCUBA to prepare them for aerospace training.

They must swim 3 meters of a 25-meter pool non-stop, and then swim a 3-meter pool in flight suits and tennis shoes with no time limit. They must wear water in the flight suit and drink continuously for 10 minutes. Candidates are also educated on the issues of elite. The (hyperbaric) and lower (hypobaric) chambers learn to deal with atmospheric pressure and emergencies associated with these conditions. Most of these measures must be completed for health and safety purposes and to increase the chances of success for the product.

On top of the training, there is also the actual filming material. Do you need a crew to go into space? Would a filming rig be installed in the space station if there were no crew? True astronauts must follow health and safety parameters to avoid danger. Would the project be even better without a fully regulated environment? There must be many obstacles to such an aspirational film. The risk to the aerospace industry is also significant for both NASA and SpaceX. If this project is successful, it will cement Mr.

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