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Are children becoming obese?

Are children becoming obese?

In the past, parents would be satisfied if their children were obese. The children were stunned to learn that they had died. At that time, children used to play, jump and run outside the house. Junk food was not readily available. And, their bodies didn't look ugly.

Now, obesity in children is becoming a headache for parents. Babies are abnormally fat. Their bodies look ugly. They also tend to be sluggish and weak.

Normal obesity is not a problem. But, abnormally growing obesity causes disease. Now children live in one place and eat junk food. Their sleeping and waking schedule is also not certain. That is why they are obese.

What happens if the problem of obesity is increasing in today's children?

In the present situation, this has become a matter of headache for the couple. Obesity not only makes the body ugly, but it also causes many diseases. Various studies have shown that childhood obesity can lead to long-term health problems.

According to a European study, many couples are now raising only one child. The entire attention of the parents and the family is focused on the child. The child needs to be cared for and fed more than necessary. This puts the child at risk for obesity. In Europe, growing obesity in children has become a headache for parents. Children in Italy, Spain, and Cyprus are three times more likely to be obese than in northern Europe.

How long will obesity last in childhood? In general, 70 percent of children are less likely to be obese in adulthood. One-third of children remain obese until adolescence. According to a survey of school children, 1 out of every 10 children suffers from obesity. This is due to the rapidly changing lifestyle and eating habits.

A child with obesity has a 35 percent higher risk of developing heart disease. Obese children have an increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and heart attack.

If a child becomes obese during childhood, he or she will suffer the consequences for the rest of his or her life. Obesity-related diseases such as diabetes can be a victim. According to a survey published in the Beatrice Medical Journal Lancet, obesity increases the risk of uterine cancer. There is also a risk of gallbladder, anus, uterus, thyroid, and blood cancers. Being overweight also increases the risk of liver, rectal, testicular, and breast cancer. According to researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, obesity is the leading cause of death.

According to a study published in Nutrition and Diabetes, the main causes of obesity in children are their diet and their habit of watching TV, and the role of parents is also important in this. Lack of exercise compared to food also causes obesity.

Three postures, which help increase the child's concentration

Preparations are underway to open schools in Kathmandu and other parts of the country from September 20. Some have decided to continue the online class. But one possible problem that plagues many is what if a child refuses to go to a school that has been open for a long time? Naturally, I have not been able to go to school properly for almost a year and a half. In such a situation, how to get the student accustomed to the physical education of the school?

Children's minds are fickle. Therefore, due to the lack of concentration required for study, children are not able to concentrate and work hard. If you think that concentration and inner capacity cannot be changed, then you are wrong. Through yoga asanas and pranayama, one can contribute to increasing one's intelligence, ability to remember, and concentration. There are easy but effective yoga poses for children, the practice of which enhances these abilities of children. You can teach your children the following yoga asanas.

1. Achieve concentration through pranayama

Pranayama is very useful to increase concentration. To do this, first sit on the floor in a knowledge posture. That is, keep your hips and spine straight and your hands on your knees. Put something in front of you and focus on it. Take long, deep breaths. Inhale slowly and then release. Do this method for at least three to five minutes.

If you get distracted, try to focus on it again. Take a deep breath. Regular practice of this yoga pose increases the concentration in children. Apart from this, the ability to remember also increases with the practice of this asana and the restless mind becomes calm.

2. Focus with the help of fingers

This posture is very easy to use. To do this, place a spoon on the floor and sit in the same position as before, keeping the spine straight. Now spread your right hand forward, close the fist and slowly move the finger back to the old position.

Slowly move your hand in front of you and focus on that hand. Slowly bring the finger closer to the eye. In the meantime, you need to move forward without distracting yourself.

When the finger is brought too close to the eye, the picture becomes blurred. Try to move the finger slowly in this way. Do this at least 10 times. This will improve your concentration power very quickly.

3. Tree sitting for concentration

Stand up straight on the floor to do this asana. Keep a small gap between your legs. Lift one leg and slowly bring it to a halt. Balance with the other leg by placing one leg on the thigh. In this position, raise both your hands and keep them straight and join them in the salutation position. In the meantime, look ahead and take a deep breath. As long as you can stay in this position. Now slowly bring your hands down and then stand up straight and do the same with the other leg.

Meditation: The perfect way to prevent mental illness

Family, career, income, competition have made us restless. This has created tension in our minds. Life has become burdensome. We are tormented by jealousy, anxiety, fear, and sadness.

We are afraid of our future. We regret our past. Let's say we are restless, impatient.

That is why we are afflicted with many diseases. Anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all products of this mental disorder.

Today we are seeing psychiatrists, psychologists, and cardiologists. Not only that, but we are also worried about the lack of finances and conflicts in the relationship.

Such stress affects our minds and brain. When the mind and brain are unhealthy, it causes many diseases in the body.

Studies show that this kind of unstable mentality makes both our body and mind sick. The result is high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, digestive problems, and muscle aches.

It is said that it is possible to fight with an external enemy, it is difficult to fight with oneself. We cannot fight the disorder within ourselves. It is difficult for us to deal with and overcome the disorder within ourselves. Some try to escape with inner anguish, anxiety, fear, worry, sadness. But, where to run? Running away is not the answer.

The best way we can deal with these disorders is to manage them.

Meditation method

Over the last few years, people have been attracted to mindfulness to control emotions and stress. Meditation is very beneficial to the body and the brain.

Once we learn to meditate, we have the solution to every problem. Meditation helps us in two ways.

It keeps us mentally calm. Moreover, meditation brings us to the point where we receive God's love and bliss. During meditation, our worldly problems remain the same. But through meditation, we become so absorbed in the remembrance of God and His joy that we have no idea about our problems and sufferings. Despite worldly stress and pressure, our thinking, thinking, and emotions are balanced. You can easily control stress. In this way, we learn the way to live life through meditation in which we overcome our worldly stress. It is through this knowledge that we succeed in paving the way for happiness, peace, and joy.


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