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Is there a natural way to control high blood pressure?

Is there a natural way to control high blood pressure?

Senior Cardiologist Dr. Rajendra Koju says, ‘Depending on the condition of high blood pressure, it is decided whether to take medicine or change the lifestyle to control it. However, after taking the medicine, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. '

According to him, the first thing to do is to find out the cause of high blood pressure. Just like blood pressure is caused by various other diseases, it is also cured automatically after the related health problem is cured. About 10 percent of such causes of high blood pressure.

The remaining 90 percent of blood pressure may be due to our bad behavior and behavior. For example, taking too much anxiety, smoking, eating too much salt, and obesity cause high blood pressure. After the onset of high blood pressure, it should be brought under control only by taking regular medication. It cannot be eradicated by improving the lifestyle.

Even if you have to take medicine, you have to pay special attention to your lifestyle. So we can reduce high blood pressure with natural methods. We can also protect ourselves from the risk of high blood pressure. For this, there are some minimum conditions, which must be followed.

Low salt content

Our food is high in salt. We are consuming salt through vegetables, pickles, pulses, etc. Its amount should be reduced. One of the best ways to reduce salt intake is to include salads and boiled vegetables in your diet. Also, it is better to consume fruits than other salty and sour foods and junk food.

Prohibit processed foods

We now have many food options, most of which are processed foods. Packaged foods are also a cause of high blood pressure.

Balanced diet

To control high blood pressure, one must be careful in eating. In this case, a balanced diet is essential. Also digestible. Eat all day with all the nutrients that the body needs.

Fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet. Reduce the amount of meat, dairy products, etc. Let's include salads, green leafy vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, fresh soups, etc. in our daily diet.

Don't eat sugary, oily foods. It is better to eat chicken or fish instead of red meat.

The amount of fiber in food should be increased. Fiber does not control high blood pressure. But, it keeps your digestive system active. Helps you stay healthy. Vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, contain fiber. Fruits, nuts, etc. are also rich in fiber.

Most foods are low in omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils). Fish should be consumed for its supply. However, boiled fish is more effective than boiled fish.

There are also fish oil tablets for omega-three fatty acids. However, a doctor should be consulted before taking this type of tablet.

The amount of potassium in the diet should also be increased to control high blood pressure. Too much potassium can be harmful. So you should take a balanced amount of potassium. Potassium is found in lamb, banana, bean, onion, orange, etc.

Physician consultation

Some home remedies that are found in our kitchen also help control high blood pressure. If you want to take such medicine, you have to decide how and how much to take in consultation with your doctor. For example, garlic, turmeric, ginger, etc. contain magnesium and chromium. These elements can be taken in consultation with a doctor if needed.


Reducing stress can be difficult. Because even though we don't want to take stress, we are getting stress. Stress control is about managing stress. Stress happens to everyone but how to deal with it? This is the main thing. We are stressed in our daily life for many reasons, but taking stress is not the solution to any problem. Stress does not solve any problem. So why stress?

Taking things in stride and trying not to focus too much on the problem. Let's have fun while working.

There are several natural ways to enjoy the body that can be used to reduce stress.

Pranayama, meditation is a method that plays an effective role in stress management. This kind of practice calms the mind. Makes you happy

The process of taking long breaths and exhaling is also a good way to manage stress. Similarly, let's exercise regularly. Exercising indiscriminately is not good. Instead, make it a habit to walk for an hour in the morning.

What not to do

Cigarette smoking raises high blood pressure. The nicotine in it stimulates.

Drinks like coffee and soda are also a cause of high blood pressure. Because it contains more caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system.

Like cigarettes, alcoholic beverages increase high blood pressure. Alcohol must be avoided to control high blood pressure.

Weight control

Weight is determined by body height. If you are overweight accordingly, you must control it. Excess weight also helps increase high blood pressure. Weight can be controlled by changing the diet or by doing physical labor.

How deadly is the overuse of antibiotics?

Antibiotics are chemical substances that can kill only the bacteria in the body. Antibiotics are drugs that can kill certain elements in the cells of bacteria.

Simply put, antibiotics are drugs that can kill certain bacteria in the body.

When to use?

Antibiotics should be used only when it is determined that the physical problem is caused by bacteria.

When antibiotics are used indiscriminately, bacteria develop the ability to fight them. Due to which the effect of the medicine does not remain in our bodies. When the bacteria change their cells, antibiotics don't work for us and the problem gets worse.

The full dose should be taken after using antibiotics. Otherwise bacteria attack in another form.

Antibiotics are not the only cure for the disease. After taking antibiotics, it destroys the infected bacteria in the body. Depending on the type of bacteria, antibiotics should be used. Its quantity, duration, time should all be taken care of.

However, in any case, you take antibiotics. This type of use increases the body's defenses against bacteria. Changes cells. This is called 'drug resistance'.

This is a big complication. When the bacteria in the body change their cells, the effect of the drug decreases. The disease flares up again. And, that gets even louder.

We are not aware of the use of antibiotics. After taking antibiotics, a certain dose must be completed. But, we buy drugs indiscriminately. Use arbitrarily. Once your problem is cured, we leave without completing the dose of medicine.

Another important thing is that antibiotics should be started as soon as it is determined that the problem is caused by bacteria. If this is not done, the bacteria will change their cells, which we do not have the medical ability to fight.

When antibiotics are developed, it is estimated how long they can work in the body. The amount of the drug in the body is checked.

That is why you should take antibiotics as prescribed by the doctors because the body cannot get the number of antibiotics below or above that time. When the body does not get the medicine it needs, it may lose its ability to do the job or kill the bacteria.

So if you take antibiotics once a day, you have to take them twice or thrice a day.

Advantages and disadvantages of antibiotics

Antibiotics, also known as 'magic bullets', are a miraculous gift in the medical field. Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. Such antibiotics can cause any bacterial infection. It can shorten the long-term treatment and cure it in a short time.

Since it can be used in various diseases, the benefits of antibiotics are many.

But if it is not used properly, it can be very useless. Moreover, it is seen to have a great impact on future generations. E.g.,

Do not take antibiotics on time

Do not complete the dose

Also, when using antibiotics, affects some of the cells in the body, so it has a lot of side effects.

Side effects caused by antibiotics

- Diarrhea, direction

- Affecting the kidneys

- Effect on the ears


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