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Why is the habit of staying up late at night bad for heart health?


Why is the habit of staying up late at night bad for heart health?

Good sleep is important for good health. Only when you get a good night's sleep can your body relax. If you don't get enough sleep every night or don't get enough sleep, it can affect your health.

Sleep deprivation can affect the heart. Not sleeping late at night increases the risk of heart disease. Not sleeping at the right time every day or not sleeping late at night also increases the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Problems that can occur when staying up late at night

Effects of staying up late at night for heart health

Sleeping less than 8 hours a night is not considered beneficial for both body and health. People who stay up late at night and do not get enough sleep are at risk of serious heart problems. Such people can also have serious diseases such as blood pressure, heart attack. There are also problems such as low blood pressure and difficulty breathing. In addition, the disadvantages of staying up late at night and getting less sleep are as follows.

1. Risk of high blood pressure

Getting up late at night puts you at risk for high blood pressure. Normally, blood pressure drops during sleep, but when you stay up late at night, blood pressure stays high in the body. In this case, there is a risk of prolonged high blood pressure in the body.

2. Risk of heart attack

Not getting enough sleep increases a person's risk of a heart attack. People who stay up late at night or don't get enough sleep have a higher risk of a heart attack. This is because waking up late at night can lead to high blood pressure and diabetes, which are considered to be the biggest causes of a heart attack.

3. Risk of heart failure

Lack of adequate sleep can lead to heart disease as well as other serious heart diseases. Staying up late at night is considered serious for heart health. Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy heart. People who stay up late or are sleepless at night have an increased risk of heart failure.

4. Less sleep can increase CRP or active protein

Staying up late at night or getting less sleep can lead to serious heart problems. If you don't get enough sleep, you feel stressed and in pain. Increased CRP or C (reactive protein) in the body can lead to serious heart disease, which can lead to serious problems such as heart attack, so adequate sleep is important to keep the heart and body healthy.

How bad is the liver?

The liver does more than 500 things in our body. It is also the largest internal organ in the body, measuring about 6 inches in length. Weight varies from one and a half kilos to one and a half kilos. It is on the upper right side of our abdomen.

The work of the college is innumerable. However, its main function is to purify the blood coming from the digestive tract and circulate it throughout the body. The liver also converts blood into energy. It also breaks down the medicine we take and transmits it to the body.

Liver damage, which is so important for physical health, occurs when our diet and lifestyle become unfavorable. Our bad lifestyle has a direct effect on the liver. By the age of 40, on average, the liver system has deteriorated by up to 20 percent. However, if there is too much disorder in the body, the liver gets damaged.

Alcohol and tobacco and an unhealthy diet are the most common causes of liver disease. There are many diseases of the liver, including liver failure, liver cancer, liver abscesses, fatty liver, and liver cirrhosis.

Due to liver damage

1. Too much sweet food is not good for the liver. The liver converts sugars and sugars into fats. When we eat a lot of sugary foods, the liver gets stressed. And, excess fat accumulates in the liver. It damages the liver.

2. Prolonged or high doses of painkillers and paracetamol can also damage the liver.

3. Alcohol is the enemy of the liver. When we drink alcohol, more toxins accumulate in the body. It can damage the liver.

4. Taking supplements, especially vitamin A, without consulting a doctor can damage the liver.

5. Sleeping less or getting less sleep is also not good for the liver. When you sleep less, the liver is not able to process the fat completely, as a result, the fat accumulates in the liver.

6. Beverages such as Coke and Fanta use artificial sugars and dyes. This causes a burden on the liver. Dye chemicals damage the liver.

7. Consumption of junk food like burgers and sandwiches also reduces the function of the liver.

8. Cigarette smoking and smoking directly damage the liver. Cigarettes contain some toxic chemicals, which reach the liver and destroy its cells.

These foods, which purify the liver

According to experts, some foods help cleanse the liver. If you include this food in your diet regularly, your liver will be cleansed.


Garlic contains selenium, which helps cleanse the liver of harmful toxins.


It contains glucose and fructose, which are needed to keep the liver healthy.


It contains beta carotene, which keeps the liver healthy.


Lemon contains citric acid. It is also very useful for keeping the liver healthy.


The antioxidant free radicals in potato chips protect the liver.

After all

In the end, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which cleanse the liver of toxins.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which prevents inflammation of the liver.


Turmeric contains curcumin, which helps maintain a healthy liver system.


Apples contain pectin and flavonoids, which remove toxins from the liver.


The sulfur in the banda helps to remove the waste from the liver.

Are children becoming obese?

In the past, parents would be satisfied if their children were obese. The children were stunned to learn that they had died. At that time, children used to play, jump and run outside the house. Junk food was not readily available. And, their bodies didn't look ugly.

Obesity in children is now becoming a headache for parents. Babies are abnormally fat. Their bodies look ugly. They also tend to be sluggish and weak.

Normal obesity is not a problem. But, abnormally growing obesity causes disease. Now children live in one place and eat junk food. Their sleeping and waking schedule is also not certain. That is why they are obese.

What happens if the problem of obesity is increasing in today's children?

In the present situation, this has become a matter of headache for the couple. Obesity not only makes the body ugly, but it also causes many diseases. Various studies have shown that childhood obesity can lead to long-term health problems.

According to a study in Europe, many couples are now raising only one child. The entire attention of the parents and the family is focused on the child. The child needs to be cared for and fed more than necessary. This puts the child at risk for obesity. In Europe, growing obesity in children has become a headache for parents. Children in Italy, Spain, and Cyprus are three times more likely to be obese than in northern Europe.

How long will obesity last in childhood? In general, 70 percent of children are less likely to be obese in adulthood. One-third of children remain obese until adolescence. According to a survey of school children, 1 out of every 10 children suffers from obesity. This is due to the rapidly changing lifestyle and eating habits.

A child with obesity has a 35 percent higher risk of developing heart disease. Obese children have an increased risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and heart attack.

If a child becomes obese during childhood, he or she will suffer the consequences for the rest of his or her life. Obesity-related diseases such as diabetes can be a victim. According to a survey published in the Beatrice Medical Journal Lancet, obesity increases the risk of uterine cancer. There is also a risk of cancer of the gallbladder, anus, uterus, thyroid, and blood. Being overweight also increases the risk of liver, rectal, testicular, and breast cancer. According to researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, obesity is the leading cause of death.

According to a study published in Nutrition and Diabetes, the main cause of obesity in children is their diet and their habit of watching TV, and the role of parents is also important in this. Lack of exercise compared to food also causes obesity.


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