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Such health examination should be done according to age

Such health examination should be done according to age

We do not have a tendency to get regular health check-ups. Many have also fallen ill because of poor access to hospitals or health care. Some are experiencing physical problems. The hospital is visited only after a serious illness.

From birth to 1 year of age

Thyroid tests should be done to find out if the newborn's physical and mental level is right. If the child is completely healthy, no medical tests are required.

Between the ages of 2 and 3

When a child is 2 years old, they start eating certain foods. Eating can cause stomach worms. Or bacteria. A stool test can be done to find out if a child in that age group has bacteria in their stomach.

At the age of 4 to 5 years

Is the child's height, thickness, weight increasing properly or not? You have to know about it. You also need to know about the health of the baby's eyes and teeth. If so, a general medical checkup can be done. It can be used to find out if the child's mental and physical condition is right.

At the age of 10 to 14 years

Regular checkups can be done at this age. From that, it can be known whether there is any problem with them or not.

At the age of 15 to 19 years

After entering adolescence, they show physical and mental changes. This is also the time when the organs of the body develop and grow more. At this age, they have to be mentally correct. Also, an X-ray, lipid profile test, blood sugar, or thyroid test should be done. Adolescents should be informed about their sexual health as menstruation starts at this time.

Between the ages of 20 and 39

Even at this age, some physical problems can appear. Especially women can have problems with menstruation. They should have a PCOD test to find out if they are menstruating at the right time. If pregnant, blood sugar, thyroid, urine test, thalassemia, hemoglobin, and HIV test can be done.

40 to 50 years of age

Different types of problems can appear at this age. For example, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, colostrum. Therefore, regular health check-ups should be done. Obesity should be controlled, the diet should be controlled.

Over 50 years of age

After the age of 50, you may suffer from some chronic diseases. Problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, colostrum, asthma can appear. Therefore, such diseases should be tested regularly. Pranayama and yoga should be given more importance as physical weakness will also increase after 50 years.

How often is the medicine for which disease effective?

When we sleep, our blood pressure drops by 10 to 20 percent. However, high blood pressure generally does not decrease in people over the age of 55. That is why sleeping at night increases the risk of stroke or heart attack. A recent study in Spain found that people who took medication for high blood pressure before going to bed at night had a 33 percent lower risk of heart attack or stroke. According to researchers, lowering high blood pressure at night can relax our arteries. Therefore, it is effective when the medicine for high blood pressure is taken at night before going to bed.

High cluster

Cholesterol production in the liver is higher at night than during the day. So it is more effective to take cholesterol medicine before going to bed at night.


From 10 pm to 2 pm, our stomach produces the most acid. If you are taking H2, an acid-reducing medicine, take it 30 minutes before meals. This helps in controlling the acid that builds up at night.


This type of patient has problems like pain, swelling at different times. According to a study by a French researcher, the medicine for osteoarthritis should be taken six hours before the pain. So if it hurts a lot in the middle of the day, take medicine in the morning. If you have more pain at night, you should take medicine in the middle of the night.


Sleep deprivation after taking antihistamine tablets for allergies. In this case, taking the medicine during the day may make it difficult to work. So allergy medicine should be taken at night.


Even if you take anti-depressant medication to relieve depression and anxiety, you will feel sleepy. Therefore, it is better to take this medicine before going to bed at night.

7 Benefits and Uses of Ghee Kumari

Aloe vera is a well-known name in the field of cosmetics and health. It is a plant of the cactus species, which thrives in hot and dry climates. It is widely cultivated in the southern border areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. It has been used to make Ayurvedic medicine for many years. Aloe vera gel helps us protect from the sun and heal wounds. Its benefits are mentioned below.

Benefits of Ghee Kumari

A night cream can be made using its gentle gel without oil. You can use Ghee Kumari gel to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Which can prevent the problem of hair loss. This is why it is also called the miracle tree. Using it in daily life can bring us the following benefits.

- To control diabetes

- Freedom from heartburn

- To keep the mouth clean

- Solve the problem of constipation

- Freedom from nutrients

Diabetes control

Daily consumption of two teaspoons of aloe vera juice helps in lowering the blood sugar level. You can also consume it with any juice or water. But Ghee Kumari juice should be prepared from fresh fruits.

Freedom from heartburn

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a digestive problem. Which can cause a lot of heartburn. A 2010 study suggested that if you have frequent recurrences, drink 1 to 3 servings of aloe vera juice about half an hour earlier. This will help in relieving the problem of GERD.


According to a 2014 study published in the Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences, Santo Ghee Kumari is the most effective alternative to the chemical mouthwash available on the market.

To get relief from constipation

Ghee Kumari has laxative properties. It also helps to cleanse the stomach and prevent constipation. It also contains a lot of fiber. Which helps in the better digestion of food. If you have frequent constipation problems, consume two teaspoons of aloe vera juice daily, it improves the digestive system. You can also make juice from fresh aloe vera leaves at home.

Liver function

Your overall health is based on the function of your liver. Ghee Kumari juice is a good way for liver health. If your body gets enough nutrition and water, the liver also works well.

Skin and hair care

Ghee Kumari Gel is effective for cleansing the skin and protecting the hair. Rich in 96 percent water and amino acids, this transparent gel contains vitamins A, B, C, and E. This provides essential nutrition for hair. In this way, aloe vera reduces hair loss and hair growth.


Aloe vera juice is rich in nutrients. It contains important vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, E, and folic acid. You can make up for the lack of nutrients by including them in your diet. Consuming the right amount of aloe vera will help you stay healthy.

Is it necessary to take medicine for life after high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is seen as a common problem by many today. But despite suffering from this problem, people are hesitant to take its medicine due to some confusion. Some people have the misconception that high blood pressure medication can cause other problems.

They do not take medication for fear of causing other problems, such as kidney and heart problems. But is it real? About the confusion and reality seen about high blood pressure, senior cardiologist Dr. We have some questions with Rajendra Koju.

Can high blood pressure be controlled without medication or by making lifestyle changes?

The first step is to find out what causes high blood pressure. Just like blood pressure is caused by various other diseases, it is also cured automatically after the related health problem is cured. About 10 percent of such causes of high blood pressure.

The remaining 90 percent of blood pressure may be due to our bad behavior and behavior. For example, high blood pressure is caused by worrying too much, smoking, eating too much salt, and obesity. After the onset of high blood pressure, it should be brought under control only by taking regular medicine. It cannot be eradicated by improving the lifestyle.

In which case should I take medicine for high blood pressure?

Generally, if the blood pressure reaches the upper 160 and the lower 110, the medicine has to be taken. If it is only below 90 or 100 and above 140, there is no compulsion to take medicine. It happens when you improve your lifestyle and diet. Eat less salt and eat more vegetables. This will reduce the mercury by 10 millimeters.

It is said that you should not give up after starting the medicine, should you take the medicine for life once you start the medicine?

Taking high blood pressure medication is no longer just a way to control your blood pressure. Medicines are used to control blood pressure. If you stop taking the medicine one day, it will increase again. If it increases again, you should take medicine to reduce it. If for some reason the blood pressure rises only temporarily, it can be left in the middle.

What are the serious side effects of high blood pressure?

If blood pressure is ignored, it can affect other organs as well. Some people may have problems such as swollen feet, dry cough, and decreased sexual desire in men. If there is medicine, there is another medicine instead

What are the precautions to take after starting high blood pressure medication?

The most important thing is to check your blood pressure from time to time. I had to focus on living. If you have gained weight as much as possible, you should reduce it and reduce smoking. If there are any side effects of the medicine, the medicine may have to be changed. The side effects of the medicine can also be seen as a problem when not taking the medicine. Therefore, the heart and kidneys should be checked from time to time to see if they are affected. The most important thing is to reduce anxiety.

At what time is it appropriate to take medicine for high blood pressure?

Especially high blood pressure medicine is given in the morning. Many people are given morning medicine because they forget it or for some other reason. But depending on the problem of the person, there is also medicine to be taken in the afternoon and evening or at night.

There is a general belief that you should take only the medicine prescribed by the doctor for high blood pressure.

There is no strict rule that you should eat from the same company. For the patient, the medicine is given according to the type of effort. Now the medicine of Nepali company is also very good. If someone is already taking Indian medicine, they may have to take a lot of Indian medicine.

What happens if I forget to take medicine?

Generally, every blood pressure medication needs to be taken regularly. Since the normal effect of a medicine is only for 24 hours, if you forget to take the medicine for one day, it can increase your blood pressure and cause other effects. So don't forget to take this medicine.

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